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  1. The design Cove picked isn't available anymore so they've had to change it.
  2. Yep, Cardle screams of the 'he was shite be he should stroll the level below' talk we got about the likes of Miles Storey* when we were relegated from the Premiership. *Please no one go back and look at the quotes from here around that time in case I was one of them
  3. Moving on from the absolute shitshow of the last couple of pages that's Jones, Robson, MacKinnon and Saunders, Galasso and McIntyre going with the club in talks with Cardle. https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/player-update-4th-july-2020/
  4. That's quite a long winded way of apologising for accusing @craigkillie of making something up when he clearly hadn't.
  5. He really hasn't. https://spfltrust.org.uk/spfl-trust-announces-multimillion-pound-donation/
  6. You can be as sure as you want but it was one of the intended purposes which was an acceptable use of the funds when applying for it from the SPFL trust.
  7. https://news.stv.tv/sport/lower-league-clubs-back-october-start-amid-demotion-warning?top SPFL looking for clubs to fill in a questionnaire and get back to them by Friday to see what the clubs want to do. Article mentions it could see an expanded League One and clubs hibernating could end up being put in League Two from the 21/22 season.
  8. The Athletic's Alfredo Morelos profile starts off with this.... https://theathletic.co.uk/1651052/2020/06/21/who-really-is-alfredo-morelos/ Not quite as bad as Keith Jackson's article with every Colombian stereotype under the sun but it's just really strange.
  9. Arlo donated blood today so he got a bandana, treats and a toy for his efforts.
  10. Adidas have launched vegan versions of Continental 80s, Superstars and Sambas. Hopefully release more vegan versions going forward, I struggle to find many non leather trainers that I like that also last. https://www.jdsports.co.uk/search/adidas+vegan/
  11. I'll never understand why you don't take the hint and f**k off.
  12. 11 top flight leagues finished early. Of those 4 relegated teams - France, Belgium, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Scotland. As things stand Scotland and Bosnia & Herzegovina are the only 2 where this stands although I would think France will join them. The only reason the French teams have been successful so far in suspending relegation is because the court agreed the convention which the French league followed was only valid until June 2020 and a new set of rules needed to be drafted going forward. The French league will more than likely draft the new convention and have it voted through and therefore relegate Toulouse and Amiens. The talk of it being because the league board deciding it rather than a members' vote is a red herring. That may be the case for Belgium though, I've not looked into what's happening there.
  13. I left it late to book flights and accommodation in case I picked up other tickets on the portal when folk sold off some of their tickets. Flights for next year are far cheaper from me than what I paid for this year as are hotels so it being in 2021 works out well for me.
  14. Israel playoff to be 8th October and final v Serbia/Norway 12th November.
  15. If the dates work out this might end up saving me a fortune compared to what I'd paid out and got refunded for flights and accommodation for this year.
  16. Quite a turnaround in less than 24 hours to being snide about other posters being "legal experts" to the last page or so of this thread.
  17. For any of this to be true we'd need to care enough to defend Jacqui Low when near enough to a man most would have her our the door today if they could. Is it not the tiniest bit possible that you've overreacted here leaping to the defence of John Nelms rather than Thistle fans being so rattled about you commenting on someone they don't even like themselves?
  18. "Well, maybe you should go also then Jeff because...er...you couldn't see driving home the other night because you've...you don't even wear your glasses in...in...er...TV in case you get...you get slagged off so you just...er..you just stick to Specsavers and I'll do" Utter nonsense, get in the bin.
  19. No, we've decided not to hire a competent QC to take charge of such matters and instead let Jacqui Low represent the club in court. Don't be so fucking stupid.
  20. With the vote in the Championship being to have a 27 game season what happens if there's no agreement in League 1 and League 2 since the Championship required 8 out of 10 to vote for it in order for it to pass? Is the default forcing teams to have a 36 game season or not having a season at all?
  21. They're already allowing crowds in over in Serbia with Partizan playing Red Star in front of 25k last week so that won't help us there.
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