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  1. Going to have to listen to that podcast just to hear if he says 'hustle Jags, hustle'
  2. Highlandmagyar somehow is even more miserable in victory than defeat.
  3. He's done more than Fraser Fyvie with his Scottish Cup and FA Cup winners medals? Fair play to him if so.
  4. Breen injured and away for a scan leaving Brownlie as the only fit centre half at the club. Who can fill in there? Foster maybe?
  5. Never realised Israel's positive COVID test was Dabbur . He looked decent when we played them.
  6. Same team as Serbia game confirmed on the UEFA website.
  7. Romania get awarded the win v Norway which confirms Norway as being in pot 3 with us.
  8. I'll give it a go to replace Soccer FM in my work playlist. FYI the link from your twitter account to the apple podcast page @Div retweeted only shows a trailer and not the first episode.
  9. Armstrong is suspended. Christie plays 3 games in the same space of time all the time for Celtic, I don't think it's that big an ask to have him do the same for Scotland.
  10. Updated after tonight's results, teams in green cannot move pots. Wouldn't mind UEFA handing Romania the win over Norway and bumping Russia down into pot 3.
  11. Also just to add to this pile on France can't be drawn in a group of 6 teams because they are playing in the Nations League finals next October.
  12. Just the 4 changes for Slovakia after their 120 minutes. Hopefully the tired legs work in our favour.
  13. Last 10 home and last 10 away. Max someone could be on is 32 points - The renewal point, the 3 campaigns point, 10 points from the last 10 home games and 20 points from the last 10 away games. If you email the SSC they normally get back fairly quickly and sort it. Mine was a point out back at a renewal time and they fixed it in a couple of days.
  14. Points from games drop off once they are no longer part of the last 10 home or away games played. There's also a couple of extra points, 1 for renewing before a certain date and 1 for being a member for the last 3 campaigns before this one which won't drop off until you don't renew. It is 1 point per home game and 2 per away game. Last 10 home games are Costa Rica, Belgium, Albania, Portugal, Israel, Cyprus, Russia, Belgium, San Marino, Kazakhstan. Last 10 away games are Hungary, Peru, Mexico, Israel, Albania, Kazakhstan, San Marino, Belgium, Russia, Cyprus.
  15. I'm on 15 points and already have tickets to Hampden. I imagine there'll be a fair few in the SSC that have done the same so could see it dropping down the points than people expect.
  16. We Global have provided a break down of how each team can move up or down http://www.weglobalfootball.com/2020/11/13/uefa-world-cup-2022-qualifying-pots-update/ For Scotland to get into pot 2 they need to win both games and hope Slovakia or Russia lose both games (Slovakia at home to Scotland and away to Czech Republic, Russia are away to Turkey and Serbia) - or both of them to lose both games if one of the below doesn't happen Ireland to pick up no more than 3 points (away to Wales and home to Bulgaria) Romania and Norway to pick up no more than 4 points (Play each other then Norway are away to Austria and Romania are away to Northen Ireland) Hungary and Iceland not to pick up 6 points (Hungary are at home to Turkey and Serbia, Iceland are away to Denmark and England) Replace Russia in pot 2 to then draw Russia from pot 3 nailed on.
  17. Thistle have 13 fit outfield players and none of them are strikers. We've yet to keep a clean sheet since our keeper Sneddon and centre half McKenna got injured. Morton are 9/4 to win.
  18. The SFA will have an allocation which they'll distribute via the supporters club if you're a member and UEFA allowed one final return of tickets after COVID which they'ven ever put back on sale since which you could have a chance at getting as long as fans are allowed.
  19. https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/partick-thistle-fc-working-group-programme-notes-7th-november-2020-v-falkirk/ Looking forward to being the first carbon neutral club in the Lowland League.
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