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  1. Sneddon saving McCall's job. Probably still sign another keeper and drop him in the future.
  2. After his performance in the cup game at Pittodrie maybe he only plays well close to home?
  3. The Foundation are demonstrating they are a member led organisation by the democratically elected directors maintaining the red lines they issued less than 5 weeks ago. Members have had all that time to get in touch with the Foundation if they felt those red lines were wrong and I trust the directors to have used that time to gauge the feelings of the membership based on any correspondence they have received. Why should a legitimate fans organisation bend over backwards to accommodate the 5 unelected trustees? The red lines are already the Foundation meeting the Trust in the middle. The initial ask was for immediate elections of all trustees and that was changed to elections by May 2023 of the majority of trustees, it's up to the trustees to either meet those red lines or accept they will not have the Foundation's support. There's only one side that caused all of this and the onus is on them to fix it, not the Foundation. On a side note it's funny how often it seems to be people who aren't members of TJF that are telling them what they should be doing.
  4. They met the Jags Foundation before and couldn't commit to what the Foundation said was their red lines on issues such as democratic election of a majority of Trustees this season and then also broke the agreement they had with the Foundation about sight of each other's statements within about a couple of weeks of making it so I'm not sure: 1) Why they believe the Foundation or other supporters groups can trust them 2) What they think has changed since they last met unless they have conceded ground on the red line issues. It's easy enough to sound reasonable in a few tweets but their actions since April/May demonstrate they shouldn't be trusted and I'll be contacting the Foundation to make clear that I think they shouldn't be moving an inch from where they were at the last meeting.
  5. We've never had a Scottish Cup tie competing with Drumpchapel United playing up at Lochburn either, can't forget that. If anything the World Cup being on meaning there's no top flight football should be an opportunity for any normal football club to try to take advantage and get neutrals through the gate. Us and Kelty decided to go with £20 admission instead which killed the potential to negate any drop in attendance from the boycott. Not that I'm complaining about that of course.
  6. I think you'll need to create 2 accounts here so you'll probably need to set up an email address for your son if he doesn't have one. https://tickets.scottishfa.co.uk/PagesPublic/Home/home.aspx Then once both accounts are set up you input his account number into the family and friends section of 'Your Account' and then that means come the 7th you can buy the memberships for both of you by selecting an adult and junior membership and then when in your basket assign the junior membership to him and then select update basket before checking out. If you buy tickets for both of you on your account they'll send the email with the tickets to you so you don't need to worry about the email address you set up for your son.
  7. For SSC tickets you got a code from the SFA to use on the UEFA ticket portal to go on and buy your ticket and you couldn't get the ticket from the SSC allocation if you already got one for the same match from UEFA. SSC tickets were also non-transferable on the app so you couldn't send them on unlike tickets bought through UEFA.
  8. For the Euro 2020 all 3 games just went top down for each individual game so it started off at the points level for the number of tickets available for each game then dropped if some members didn't take their tickets. Someone can correct me if wrong but I think the Hampden games didn't drop at all unsurprisingly but the Wembley game maybe dropped down a point to 12 or 13 points. Bear in mind that was allocations of around 2k for Hampden and 2500k for Wembley. I bought Czech Republic and England through the SSC but got a UEFA ballot ticket for Croatia (may have mixed up which 1 of the 2 Hampden games I bought from the SSC and which from UEFA). A bit of pedantry here but he wouldn't be 15,000th he'd be in the same boat as the 2700 on 7 points meaning there'd be 12,400 in front of him for 10.5k tickets in this scenario. It's extremely unlikely there won't be at least a few thousand ahead of him either sorted for tickets via UEFA, sponsors etc or who don't travel to Germany. For Ireland in June we got an allocation of 2500 and that dropped down to 12 points and there was over 4500 members with 12 points or more, I get a major tournament is a bigger draw for people but Ireland is easy enough to get to, was a big derby type game and still a decent number of people who could've bought tickets didn't bother and the % of people who don't bother increases as you drop down the points.
  9. Aye they'll add the point for the package after each game is played. If we qualify, if junior is on 7 points this time next year and assuming there's similar numbers in the supporters club in each point category then he'd be in the top 15k of members out of 38k in terms of loyalty points. For an idea of allocations Wales got about 15-20% of capacity for their euro 2016 group games and the German stadia are mostly around the 50-55k capacity range other than the bigger ones in Munich, Berlin and Dortmund.
  10. I think it's one for renewing rather than joining. It must be something like that as there's 3.5k on 0 points in the supporters club or at least was at the last update prior to the renwal period.
  11. For the inital ballot that's the case but there's more ballots after the draw and then one more again after the playoffs. They then have a sales period for tickets that were allocated in the ballot but not bought for whatever reason plus any returned from sponsors or either association if they didn't sell out their allocation. I think with you both being on at least 6 points by this time next year, possibly more if that Ukraine game and the renewal point are included you'll be fine if we qualify. Away tickets have been a nightmare recently but the allocations have been low for most of them post COVID and those at the very top who go everywhere are always going to buy tickets regardless but you tend to find as soon as we get any allocations which are into the multiple thousands they drop through the points fairly quickly. Belgium away for example ended up dropping to all members and that allocation was over 4k. A major tournament will obviously mean more go but I don't think it'll be to the point where there's a lot of members struggling for tickets.
  12. Relatively painless getting the 5 match package this morning other than shelling out £300 for 2 of them just before Christmas. Assuming your youngest is starting off on 0 points then the package will have them on 5 points before the euros (and potentially 6 or 7 points if we have to go through playoffs and get home ties and you go to them). Members obviously move up and down but 5 points already puts someone above about 16k of the 38k members. The euros I believe you needed 15 points for the Hampden games and 13 points for the Wembley game and those allocations were 2-2500 due to the COVID capacity limits, if we're getting 10-15k allocations in Germany I don't see tickets being an issue for any member planning on going over once you factor in people like you were yourself who are members but don't bother with any away games. Plus you and your youngest will have as much chance as anyone in the UEFA ballot too.
  13. Yes and plenty of members will get tickets through the UEFA general sale ballot meaning they don't need tickets out of the SSC allocation and there'll be plenty who won't travel to Germany. Very few members who want to go should miss out.
  14. I'm greatly enjoying these James Cairney series of interviews where he just lets people speak and make c***s of themselves. It's like a Scottish football version of Louis Theroux.
  15. Dreadful interview by Britton on Sportsound pre-match where he wasn't challenged at all, albeit I guess whoever it was interviewing him isn't clued up on the goings on at Firhill. No mention from him he was a trustee on the PTFC Trust at the time the trust board appointed the current trustees, claimed the protest today was organised by a supporters' group, seemed to claim the pace of the share transfer is the main issue fans have with all of this and claimed the club board had no involvement in the discussions between 3BC and TJF or the Trust without mentioning the fact the club chairman is a director of 3BC.
  16. "Email us any questions" says the Trustees who already admitted in an interview they only reply to positive emails.
  17. https://12ft.io/proxy?q=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.glasgowtimes.co.uk%2Fsport%2F23146247.will-know-time-partick-thistle-insists-jacqui-low%2F "I asked the yes men I appointed to the board if I should continue and they said yes"
  18. The club don't have my contact details and still send any emails regarding the season ticket such as the free bus codes to the person I bought my season ticket with. I've given up trying to get them to fix it after a 3rd attempt so good luck to the club contacting me for permission. Good luck to the Trust too since they are relying on the club's records in order to find out who their beneficiaries are.
  19. We've conceded less goals with Nisbet on the pitch than Souttar so maybe we should play Nisbet at centre half.
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