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  1. If we were in contention for the title I'm not sure I'd want to be sitting out the last round of fixtures tbh.
  2. Trafalgar Square will only be 10k+ if they are allowed no social distancing by that point, otherwise it'll be for 700 people according to ATAC who met with the London stakeholders earlier in the month. https://www.associationoftartanarmyclubs.com/2021/04/14/meeting-with-london-stakeholders-06-04-2021/
  3. Plays in midfield, had him on trial preseason. Ex-accies youth who was on loan at Airdrie.
  4. Not having any difficulties at all. You posted it as a matter of fact while questioning others about other generally accepted facts and are now creating a straw man argument to deflect from it.
  5. Eh? I wasn't replying to you, I was replying to the poster I quoted.
  6. It's quite something that no one can know anything for sure about where Neil Lennon lives but you can say as a matter of fact that he's ill.
  7. Not sure Jason Leitch can be trusted when he's not even capable of creating a thread on twitter.
  8. Canvassing for the election door to door was due to be allowed a week or so back but wasn't because Scotland's case rate wasn't below 50. Now it is below 50 I expect that to one of the things announced because it's far more important than anything the rest of us actually want to do.
  9. Some laugh it's the Scottish Police Federation complaining about queue jumpers after their tears and snotters about police officers not getting to jump the queue themselves. Greeting about 'armchair experts' only applies when criticising the actions of police officers it seems and excludes police unions trying to dictate public health policy.
  10. My main concern is how much McCall fucks about with the lineup with with 2 games in 3 days.
  11. We play twice before Cove or Falkirk play again. If we've any intention of challenging for the league then we really need 6 out of 6 to put a bit of pressure on them. They play each other too while we're off next weekend.
  12. Cancelled my Budapest tickets so some Hungarian can enjoy the last 16 game I was going to. I believe UEFA and the FAs share customer details to ensure no one ends up with two tickets or at least that's what they attempted to do in 2016. Not sure if the timescales involved this time around will have an impact though.
  13. Sore one for those who were adamant that UEFA wouldn't give a f**k about allocating tickets to the SFA for the SSC.
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