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  1. Yes there's definitely no excuses if we don't qualify from a group with a Premiership side and 2 Championship sides.
  2. £2500 fine each according to Ewan Murray from the Guardian on twitter. Could've been worse.
  3. They could expel us from the Scottish Cup to save Celtic the bother of doing it when we inevitably draw them yet again.
  4. Steven Saunders, Tommy Robson and Alex Jones all had contracts extended for furlough until the end of July and have since disappeared from the squad section of the website despite no released list being published so all 3 can safely be added to the outs.
  5. Never realised until reading the Clyde thread that Allan Moore is Clyde's assistant. That's enough to promote our games back to derby status.
  6. If Cardle is a squad player behind Lyons and Murray then fine, especially if the 5 subs rule gets voted in at this level. If it's with the intention of starting most weeks then I'd be concerned.
  7. It's wrong in the way you posted something and it was wrong. Hope that helps. Had she not responded the club has deniability. If she had responded advising not to do it the club has deniability and evidence of actively trying to prevent it happening. Instead she replied advising how to skirt around the rules which makes it worse. Her day job is in PR and she was involved in a private WhatsApp conversation being leaked to the media only a couple of months ago, she's many things but she's not stupid enough to think this would definitely stay private.
  8. What you said was completely wrong. Her even being involved in such conversations makes it possible for anything like this to be actionable against the club.
  9. I suspect most of the folk who will still be claiming to boycott by then had no intention of going to these games anyway.
  10. Messi is going to be really disappointed when he turns up and there's no Falkirk barns to be seen.
  11. You've just created a straw man argument for most of this post. Saying the fans have contributed massively to the situation doesn't mean any of that. To be clear Jacqui Low, Gerry Britton, the Thistle Trust puppets on the board, David Beattie, Alan Archibald, Gary Caldwell and too many players to mention are to blame for the position we find ourselves in. However all of these people were enabled by the inability of our fans to unite and force any sort of change and the fact we're stuck in purgatory in between being run by Jacqui Low and being fan owned with absolute shysters like Paul Goodwin involved as well as being in League One is probably what we deserve. If you don't think that a section of our fanbase actively supporting Jacqui Low as she ran the club into the ground first time around or supporting Archie even as we struggled in the Championship or lapping up Caldwell's nonsense at the fan Q&As while the rest of us complain online and continue to pay our money every week has contributed to the situation we find ourselves in then I'm not sure anything I can say here will change your mind. Let's put this hysterical 'they travel everywhere and pay their money' nonsense to one side. It's irrelevant and most of us do it so it's not some sort of badge of honour which absolves anyone of responsibility for the situation we find ourselves in.
  12. Individual results maybe but I'd argue having a fanbase like ours which tolerates incompetence to the level we have over the past few years has contributed massively to the situation we now find ourselves in. If the level of anger those calling for boycotts of clubs have had been directed at the people who got us into this mess then we might not be run by the likes of Britton and Low and who knows what having a decent level of competence at boardroom level could have done for our results over the past couple of years .
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