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  1. As long as the Moldovan authorities aren't being arsey then home end should be fine even if at 50% capacity looking at their attendance v Denmark. Crowd was 2600 and capacity at 50% would be over 5k.
  2. SSC confirm the away allocation for this is 249 tickets. With the reduced capacity due to COVID it looks like it'll be a struggle for a lot of people travelling over.
  3. Thistle website says it'll be worn next week v Dunfermline on the anniversary.
  4. It sounds like they've got the work experience boy on Open All Mics covering this. Didn't realise the Ayr goal was ruled out and can barely tell us a player's name.
  5. On at half time, scores 10mins later.
  6. You'd think BBC Scotland could check their own website which has us 4th when they are discussing us going up to 3rd.
  7. We could also be the best 2nd placed team and be in pot 2. Germany qualify as hosts so everyone will be bumped up a place.
  8. Fraser, Christie and Hanley in for Patterson, Adams and McGregor.
  9. and just Scotland's chances of being seeded....
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