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  1. It's much more of a pain in the arse when you get an away draw for the final and you're left with the choice of either waiting to see if your team gets through and paying over the odds for flights and accommodation at a few days notice or you have to book both potential trips and hope for the best in the semi final. I'm also not sure games played in Qatar miles away from all countries involved is a valid comparison to a similar situation happening in a European country for games involving 4 European nations.
  2. The rules are generally just don't make a c**t of yourself and double down on it but you seem to be unable to follow them either in here or the Thistle thread.
  3. If you are wanting Spain then it would need to be a March game as Spain, Croatia, Italy and Netherlands will all be in 5 team groups so they get June off to play the Nations League finals. I'd prefer to avoid all 4 for that reason, they'll be having a jolly in the summer whilst us and the pot 3 side we draw are on our arses after a long season and we may end up with another Ireland away situation.
  4. This could end up being a Peru/Mexico type squad under McLeish with a bit of give and take with some teams going away during the World Cup like Celtic and Everton going to Australia. Im assuming the money is good for the SFA to be considering a friendly that is an absolute nightmare for fans to get to if the Diyarbakir rumours are true.
  5. Bosnia P4 8pts Israel P4 8pts Scotland P3 6pts Norway P3 4pts So a win on Tuesday guarantees a home playoff. A draw could be enough depending on who finishes bottom of Bosnia's group and therefore have their results v Bosnia not taken into account.
  6. Sneddon's da now has his pals greetin' about his son not being first choice.
  7. Channel 4 bid the most for the rights to England games so they got them. If Channel 4 had been interested in the Scotland rights enough to bid more than Premier Sports they'd also be on free to air TV.
  8. This feels like the exact kind of game McCall loses, particularly when we're resting players. 3/1 on Falkirk at home is generous.
  9. Wales just need to win against Poland to stay up.
  10. With the results last night Croatia, Denmark, Netherlands and Belgium are now confirmed as pot 1 with Wales confirmed in pot 2.
  11. At no point in the past decade have I ever been asked by the SSC who I support and I go to all home games, near enough all the away games and generally fill in a whole manner of shite surveys for them when they send them out in the SSC emails. Going by the replies to that twitter thread the data was compiled back when there was 10k members and there's now 38k so even if it was a decent sample size back it's not something I'd be using to prove anything either way.
  12. The team today might give an indication if Clarke is going to call up anyone from the u21s. Can't see someone getting many, if any, minutes today if they might be on the bench v Ireland on Saturday.
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