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  1. https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/three-black-cats-updates-club-on-fan-ownership/ Can see where this is going with the shares handed over the the astroturf fan group that are already on the board and represent absolutely no one.
  2. Darryl Broadfoot, the ex head of comms at the SFA and the guy they wheel out to defend the SFA on anything and everything seemed to suggest on Sportsound today Tierney and Patterson may be similar to Dykes in the March squad where they are injured but will turn up and do everything they can to play. Squad announcement tomorrow afternoon apparently.
  3. Kaiserslautern v Dynamo Dresden in the 2. Bundesliga relegation playoff live on Sky Sports youtube channel at half 7.
  4. The only disappointments with that list is Crawford being in discussions with the club and it not saying 'despite having a year left on his deal Cammy Smith has been told he can find a new club'.
  5. Tickets bought from the SFA. No queues and no issues with card details which was unusual.
  6. Nice that Alan Rough finds the time to discuss club business to his pals on youtube when he's not got much to say about Low and fan ownership.
  7. I've ended up in some shitehole above a pub in Dublin but I'll be there for a few hours for a kip so not too fussed. I thought we'd get more than 2500 but glad I'm sorted for it without having to buy home end tickets.
  8. I like how Foster is making out as if he lost it only because of some disgusting sectarian remark and we're meant to just ignore his previous for attempting to leather his own teammate at St Johnstone or spending half his time on the pitch for us when we're losing flying into challenges in a complete rage. He's an angry wee guy who hopefully fucks off once the playoffs are done.
  9. We'd have a centre mid pairing of him and Reece Cole if some had their way and then we'd be wishing we had a problem like Docherty and Bannigan being too similar.
  10. "Mouhamed Niang has another year in his contract but we won’t stand in his way if he can find another Club this summer as he is at a vital stage in his development and needs gametime that we can’t promise him at Firhill" Surprised McCall wasn't considering giving him a go at right midfield tbh.
  11. Foster is in no place to not speak to anyone due to their fashion sense tbf.
  12. Turner injured, Foster trying to scrap with a fan and a complete doing. A shame Raith didn't scud Kilmarnock to just end our season tonight.
  13. Yeah same, they said in one of the statements they weren't going to take anymore money for now until things are clearer.
  14. Graham and Tiffoney rested as expected plus Bannigan and Holt on the bench.
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