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  1. Actually, I think there was an intention (at least on the part of one of the parties involved). But their circumstances have changed quite a bit. We never gave unconditional backing to the development plan, but took it stage by stage. That was always the right approach. The question all along was one of viability, whether the financing would work, whether we'd get a sustainable stadium, etc. However, we *also* warned those who thought that the Young's Farm plan going down would remove the threat to the club that this was *far* from the case, because without further investment maintaining ourselves where we are was always going to be a huge struggle. Some refused to believe that, but it has proved to be the case -- with relegation, loan costs, a dramatic drop in season tickets and unavoidable capital expenditure proving a huge challenge. We are hanging in there. We need either a fresh deal with our owners or new owners to be able to move forward from here. Let me assure you that all options are being looked at.
  2. Quite a few people have asked about the colt teams issue, given the game tonight. I've put up a statement on the trust site here: https://sonstrust.wordpress.com/2019/08/13/colt-teams-controversy/ I hope that makes our position clear, while also urging full backing for DFC at this time.
  3. To be clear and factual. There has *never* been a point at which the plans were not being engaged with, scrutinised and challenged by fans - the trust spent five years doing that (including five public events, dozens of updates on our site, regular comment in the press, direct discussion with the owners, contact with local politicians and the Council, and more). Also, the Dumbarton Reporter, in particular, was extremely diligent in its reporting, much to the annoyance of some. All this is a matter of record. Right now, the trust -- in collaboration with the club board and the C-share company -- are seeking a 'summit' with Brabco to see where we go from here. They have a controlling shareholding and want a return on their investment. We want a sustainable football club run by the people who care most for it. As I reported at the fans' forum, the search for a resolution is an urgent and active priority, alongside the operational issues. I'll say more through the trust website shortly.
  4. That's not the case. Obviously both the manager and the board would both like the budget to be bigger, but the resources are simply not there (and not for lack of trying), and everyone recognises that. Our budget is tighter than most of our competitors, for sure. The manager is his own man and operates in a highly professional way. Relations are cordial and respectful.
  5. Are you coming to our fans' Q&A tonight? C&G Systems Stadium, 7pm. Admission is free and ALL fans are invited to attend. Hope to see you there.
  6. Hi all... There will be a Sons fans' Q&A at the C&G Systems Stadium on Thurs 25th July, 7pm. More info here: https://sonstrust.wordpress.com/2019/07/17/sons-fans-forum-25th-july/ … Do come along!
  7. You're definitely not the only one!
  8. Here y'go folks... https://www.dumbartonfootballclub.com/news/?mode=view&id=4033 Big challenges lie ahead, so we really need everyone on board. G'night... I'm heading for a stiff drink!
  9. Absolutely. The reason we've invited people to renew season tickets early is that it puts money in at a time when it's most needed - and also we are looking to get more under-12s along (the fans of today and tomorrow) as we've explained. Close season is always difficult because other regular income isn't coming in, but it's the very time when we need to set budgets, do deals, get kits, repair things, etc. We absolutely understand that some people save up and can't buy a ST early. Also that it's a personal choice. But those that can and do buy now are *really* helping - thank you! If more people were buying now, we would be able to sort things more quickly. That's a simple fact. But many are choosing to wait, for whatever reason (as I said, their choice, and we respect that). So that means we have to fill the gaps from other sources, because things are tight. Manageable, but tight. So to the people who are saying, "why does this happen every season? Why can't they hurry up? I'm not paying until they do!" and so on, that's a big part of the reason, unfortunately. Moan, by all means (again, we do understand the frustrations)... but if we can stay positive and encourage support that's going to be far more helpful. Later in the summer there will be a trust AGM and fans' meeting (it IS long overdue - sincere apologies: people have been helping out in a host of other ways, but we rely on a relatively small group of people, and it's been especially demanding in recent months). That will give us a chance to talk about where to go from here. Best wishes to all, Simon (OK, that's a spate of posts from me to try to provide some info and perspective - I'll leave you in peace now!)
  10. As a number of people have pointed out on here, that's simply not true. The club tells you what it can and when it can. There have been two updates on the website. The vice chairman has made a couple of brief comments to the press. As club press officer and a trust officer I come on here to say what can be said, and to explain what can't (because there are aspects of contracting and financing deals which have to be confidential, and because a running commentary just fuels more speculation among those who like to speculate or doom-monger.) To reiterate, therefore: the club chairman and board have been quite clear about the situation. Things are very tight money-wise, and have been since relegation. We listened to fans and reduced season ticket prices, but still took a big hit. There are no magic benefactors. There are capital costs which have to be managed. We had an unprecedented injury situation (no, that wasn't 'made up'). After a really difficult start we needed to change manager and bear the cost of that. As a result, the club and trust have worked hard to raise money and a few people have dipped into their pockets. Our sponsors have been very supportive. In the end we rescued the season and are now working hard to get things in place for next season, though no-one can or should pretend its easy. All of that has been said before, but I'm happy to say it again. And no, I'm not going to go into great detail because that wouldn't be appropriate. But describing that as "they don't tells us anything" is very unfair in my book. Meantime, a huge thanks to all those who've bought a brick, bought a season ticket, helped out and said a few encouraging words. We're really grateful and it makes a big difference! Sons fans are ace (well, most of them! ) Best, Simon
  11. Correct. It's slightly amazing that a few people seem to think that we would sit on our arses, not do a deal quickly if it could be done quickly, and withhold information that was shareable publicly. None of that has happened. On the contrary, everyone has been and is working very hard behind the scenes. (Sometimes people aren't available because they have paid work etc. to which they also have to attend. But, as with all small clubs, there are many people who freely give of time and money to keep things going. And we're not talking about rich people with nothing else to do here.)
  12. I'd be deighted if Jim stayed, it must have been a two year deal with break option this summer, that would fit. The board would want to put together an offer that would tempt him to stay, hence the delay in negotiations and Duffy keeping his options until he knows what is on offer. There are a always a variety of ways in which figures can be put together. That takes a little working out and to and fro, as anyone involved in doing these deals will tell you. (Good piece, Fraser. Thanks.) Simon
  13. Yes, the club certainly needs all the backing it can get right now. We can flourish, but it's going to take (and is taking) a lot of work. There should be some positive news regarding next season coming shortly -- but let me assure you that everything that can be said is being said by the club (I'm the club press officer, as well as involved from the trust, so I'm speaking of what I know here). If there was more that could be put into the public arena right now, that would happen. The board is strongly committed to working positively with supporters, sponsors etc. (Speculation is inevitable in the absence of hard news... I understand that, but much of it is way off course, and it really doesn't help anyone or anything.) The reality is that contracts and financial arrangements involve confidentiality and can end up taking more time than people would like. Everyone is working flat-out to get things over the line. Best to all, Simon
  14. Spot on. Thank you. Please be assured that the chairman and club board are fully engaged and doing all they can in seeking to ensure the current and future financial and asset security of the club. These are tough and complicated issues (to state the obvious), and the trust is also being fully engaged -- we have a trust director on the board, and I'm also closely involved as the nominated trust board rep on these issues. There is also an important conversation with the C-share (so called 'golden share') company, who have a crucial role in ensuring that our assets are not disposed in any way that imperils the club. I can't discuss all the details here, but they are being handled carefully and responsibly -- along with the need to secure a sustainable player budget. For practical reasons, the latter has taken longer than any of us (not least the manager) would have liked, but there will be news soon. In the meantime, all those of us who love this club and want to see it continue and flourish can do some very practical things: * buy season tickets and get friends and family to do so too -- which also backs the 'under-12s go free' initiative. * support the 'buy a brick scheme' and similar fundraising plans * refuse to get dragged into doom-mongering, gossip and nay-saying. * watch out for updates from the trust. Best, Simon
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