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  1. Can we pay at the gate for home league cup matches? Also does anybody know - will they be opening the terracing for all games to allow social spacing? Assuming terrace open for games involving higher league teams but I’m wondering about games with smaller attendances
  2. Lower league teams need to find a topic to go on and on and on about and ram it down their throats every 2 months for 3 years or so
  3. Watching that crouch show on bbc - they have just won the next World Cup. Oh dear
  4. The heat in the gulf and being in the middle of the english season and being more than 200 yards from Wembley and not having a draw that parts like the Red Sea in front of Moses should mean the next World Cup doesnt go to the wire
  5. Belgium just looked like one of those - good players but they will come up short - teams. Could be the end of their cycle as a high ranking team. Holland been like this in the past. Italy and germany at various times just had the knack of getting across the finishing line; winning mentality
  6. Second half Ukraine will be wearing yellow shirts and brown shorts. What a bunch of shitebags
  7. Or tell them to get better at developing players and **** off
  8. Pretty full squad now but 1 from Hibs? If not where does that leave the strategic partnership?
  9. Aren't the whole Belgian team on crutches? final will be at wembley - big advantage. Italy or Spain might do them. The worst thing any opponent can do is play a cagey game against england. When folk have a go at them their defence isn't great - Germany played a few balls right through the middle of their defence and made them look ropey. maguire was a cart horse, now he's a rusty cart horse. pickfort has been good to be fair
  10. Maybe not quite as many but Coughlin brought a few from Berwick and I think more when McVeigh brought several from Albion. Both went well in the short term. The difficulty starts 1-2 years later when he needs to sign players who aren't the low hanging fruit that is familiar contacts. Anybody who has seen us willing to try a starting XI if the season started tomorrow or a few names at least? I haven't seen us but from the vibes I'm guessing if its 4-3-3 then Crightan and a.n.other in the middle? Is Tapping the favourite for that? Full backs seemed to be those with most uniformly negative comments, mmh? Can Forbes and Wedderburn play together - both slow but able? Up front is it Thomson, Orr and a.n.other? who seems most likely? One thing that impresses in the fact that the squad is balanced. Other years I'm thinking before we kick a ball there's one area where we don't have proper cover. Recent years we have only had 2 natural wide midfielders or not much cover in central defence. This time we have cover across the positions
  11. He said in Falkirk herald interview that he would probably go with just 1 or 2 loanees - more chance of developing them than having larger number who end up not playing. Looking at the squad I’m wondering whether striker maybe option, or goalkeeper (currently only got 1 fit keeper although we played tribalism keeper last night). If we will be playing 4-4-3 we are well placed with 7 defenders and 6 midfielders. if we only take 1 or 2 on loan is it really a ‘fancy’ strategic partnership? Anyway we have done well getting the bulk of a squad together in good time to gel. Some teams got very few signed
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