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  1. Agree, if they do I won’t be standing afca32 or whatever the name down voted my original post which was a neutral request for info/conversation starter - what a strange thing to do
  2. Have any league 2 clubs announced whether the will be playing God Save the King at matches this weekend?
  3. If people don’t want sex offenders at their club that’s fine by me, especially the more significant offences and where there is a lack of contrition, but val - all this about special standards for footballers, come on. It’s not teaching or the medical profession is it? football players are not role models. It’s a phrase that’s always trotted out but it’s absolute nonsense. If I asked my son whether footballers were his role models he’d wet himself laughing. it’s a great game to watch but there’s a lot to question about players morally - cynical play like injuring others, feigning injury, diving, screaming in referees faces with bulging neck veins, time wasting. Off the field it’s Betting, boozing, backhanders. please let’s put this to rest once and for all - they are not role models
  4. A query - if Arbroath stay top will there be premier league stadium requirement issues?
  5. Martingale banging on about raith and goodwillie. Really?
  6. win on saturday and he gets a little bit longer lose and he should be sacked within an hour of the final whistle a draw would be the difficult one i wonder if we are looking at options already - easier decision if there is somebody out there (sorry, i'm not available to knock on davie iron's front door) if he does get sacked then almost all the players are "his players" so i don't expect they will necessarily be pumped up to perform for a new manager. hmmm
  7. He’s in the last chance saloon now. Next 2 games are Forfar at home, Cowdenbeath away. If we can draw with Forfar and beat Cowdenbeath the he might be able to limp on for a bit but it’s worrying now. Central defence one of our less weak areas but he has changed it again today. Looks like he is thrashing about hoping for, rather than expecting, a result. Oh dear
  8. Whenever a bad run occurs shifting to a back 3 seems almost inevitable
  9. Looks like he is keeping an eye on the pie sales Best player I ever saw for the warriors. Used to go to watch the match but also to see him play, see what saves he could pull off each week. We had a few good keepers after him - ray dunlop (to hearts) and lindsay hamilton (to rangers)
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