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  1. So hard to comment if you don’t see it. Have to go from others’ comments, results and what you know of players from past experience. What’s up with Hopkirk? Not playing much. Injured before Xmas? Is he just rusty? How does he do tracking back? This can only limit his goal scoring potential and last year he was “the man” goals wise. Why are we sold on 3 at the back? I was expecting more rotation. Are we just going to hit the wall one of these games and the legs just won’t move. Got to admire the players efforts. I’m assuming Hibs wouldn’t let Yeats be run into a brick wall. Not surprising really. Bryden in same boat I’m guessing. I wonder if any other teams in the division are going for greater rotation, would be good to know to compare results. Still think Halleran worth a go and Brown was getting good reviews - think he may have been injured. We got a massive squad by our own standards but not using it. Suppose some are very young. Interesting times
  2. Is that 10 listed? if we aren’t going to have full scale rotation and put out a B team maybe mcguigan, hopkirk and tapping (if fit) could give some freshness. Sounds like hopkirk not it great form but still might be worth it. Some of our covid-inflated squad are kids but how must Halleran feel? It’s not looking good if the squad are on their knees and you ain’t getting a start (again, assuming he’s fit)
  3. If he signs in next week or so, fair enough but can they allow him to hum and haw for the next couple of months then take a job in England, leaving Celtic high and dry. Being slapped down by howe’s agent wasn’t a good look. Surely the club has to bigger than one man, even if times have changed. Maybe part of him wants the job but is worried about upheaval, goldfish bowl, family etc but do Celtic want a manager who comes semi- reluctantly. What if they draw a couple of league games early doors and rangers are right out of the traps. How will folks take to that if he has taken ages to commit? Maybe he will sign in next week or so. Is there a plan B?
  4. Right now probably playable but it is a, hmm, hmm, stiff one. old firm colts should be in charge at the met office - we would get better weather if that was the case
  5. Game off for wind, 18 game season, sorted? I see our game at Stranraer brought forward to next Thursday, because they are in the cup. that makes it (from Killie game) 6 matches in 13 days. What fun
  6. Yeah good luck to him. Looked like he had a bit of nouse but lacked confidence/drive or something I’m looking forward with mixture of trepidation and fascination to see how we play 4 games in 8 days, 5 games in 11 days from Saturday. Luckily all but 1 at home. Although we seem to be set mid table, anything is possible. 2 approaches occur to me - pick 2-3 games and field strongest xi in these games and kiddies in other couple of games OR pick n mix throughout adding a couple of non-regulars each game, rest couple of starters each game. SURELY we can’t try to play close to same team throughout - that would be a case for the RSPCA
  7. 3 games played. 2nd in league also played 3, won 3 will bottom of league 2 try to wriggle out of a play off? would others in league 2 support whoever is bottom? civil war if they do?
  8. Many years ago when I was 8 years old I asked kenny dalglish for his autograph. He said no. He was only joking but when you’re 8 you don’t get dry adult humour do you? He went on to do the autograph so okay in the end
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