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  1. However we did see Charles Green milk a right few tits during his time at Sevco!
  2. Cheers Snafu for proving your fellow fan talks shoite! Did he really need you running and aiding in his demise? Thicko says his club play to sell out crowds every other week........Not true!...according to your numbers. Thicko says whilst attending he regularly sees over 16000 in attendance........Not true! Average attendance is 14800 Thicko claims thats 95% attendance!.....Not True! Average 84% With friends like you who needs enemies?
  3. Ah! So I shut you up on Attendances so now you are moving on to playing budgets? Just remember you said the TEAM was regressing. Check the financial results issued at Celtics AGM. Think you might find that Celtics Playing Budget Increased from last season whereas your mobs budget was cut to the quick! where is the regression ya genius. Come back to me when you can show who's team has regressed the most. P.s. I won't hold me breath eh? Anyhoo! i'm away fur a swally! Happy New year to you and yours my good man. Same to all on the forum byraway!
  4. Think you might find that number somewhere south of a 16,000 average chum hardly a bi-weekly fullhouse. But you weren't talking about attendances anyway were you?, You were on about the teams regression. No? We have played you and pumped you this season and you are a full division below us. I think you were a tad bit closer than that last season. Who can tell the real difference as we cant go any further in front! You lot on the other hand?..............
  5. Sold out every other week? Porky pies dont count as facts you know Einstien?
  6. Who mentioned religion/Proddy? Sorry to disappoint but that ain't my style. Never has been. I likened your team to Rangers for their similarities to their Glasgow counterparts. From Romanov's "moonbeams" to your managements rough house tactics, right down to your fans venom and intimidation tactics. As for Regressing? I think we both know the answer as to who has regressed the furthest between our teams eh?
  7. That it may well be,but to be preached to by a fan of a club who emulated it's ugly big sister and spending more than it's means trying to make up ground on Celtic and thus finding itself skint and dropping right out of the division just a tad......well?....Laughable! Who has regressed the furthest Einstien?...Sheesh!
  8. Yes! of course I do! your supporters have regressed to near neanderthal stages. Your team? ....well that hasn't regressed!....It's always been shite.
  9. Really? We welcome the chase! Remember what happened to the last club who tried to best the Celtic!!!
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