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  1. Post of the day. The time has come tae just have fitba IMO, same as every other nation
  2. Think we need to edit this into the thread title lol
  3. Can only hope Mr Ronney knows something that I (merely looking in from the outside) don't regards west participation, Should hopefully find out more about it on the 29th at the fans meeting. I personally couldn't care less about 134 year history of SJFA. Take a look East. 3 seasons ago Broxburn and Fauldhouse were in the same division in the Superleague. 2 years ago they went down different paths with this season Broxburn enjoying some William Hill cup success and a recent last 32 tie against St Mirren whilst Fauldhouse currently sit behind Pumpherston and Livingston Utd (no disrespect to either club intended) in the current South Superleague. I fully appreciate that I deliberately picked 2 clubs to suit my argument as one club has a licence whilst the other does not. I also appreciate that it's not an exact science and the West might not look the same under similar circumstances , however if the West clubs were to move en masse I know what path I would rather take.
  4. I sound like an absolute dick !!!!! [emoji28][emoji28][emoji28][emoji28]
  5. Thoroughly enjoyed making my radio debut , cheers.
  6. Alain Kinney, Jamie Longworth and Paul McCann had 204 goals between them. Whats your point caller?
  7. Uh, these are helmets, mostly infantry. Yes, these would be German as well? That's right. Nothing from the Allied side? No, that sort of thing wouldn't interest me at all.
  8. Father Dougal: I wouldn't know Ted, you big bollocks! Father Ted: I'm sorry!? Father Dougal: I said I wouldn't know Ted, you big bollocks! Father Ted: Have you been reading those Roddy Doyle books again, Dougal!? Father Dougal: I have, yeah Ted, you big gobshite!
  9. Didn't know Jamie Donnelly was still at Ardeer, Good to see he's doing well
  10. Would imagine you would need a couple of days to go round the wee man's trophy cabinet. Well deserved
  11. Yep, from the outside looking in the Buffs were starting to look the part again, both on and off the park with the ground improvements, run in the Scottish etc. Gotta feel for the fans.
  12. Would be utter madness to get shot of Strain, madness if it's even being considered. The way they are goin on the field at present, I don't see Buffs just comin up to make up the numbers, get shot of Strain and I wouldn't be so sure
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