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  1. This is how it's likely going to be
  2. Unfortunately it is hence why it's probably not happening for the foreseeable.
  3. Psycho Joe Scarborough is funny tbf even if he's shit at everything else he's a top notch bully. What's prompted this weird vandetta?
  4. I don't think they're imaginary, they're on the TV and everything. Good lord
  5. Let me tell you scrolling through the last 7 pages seeing oaksoft downvoting multiple posts criticising Cummings and thinking it was some belting foreshadowing for an all time meltdown only to find he's said f**k all? More disappointing than season 8 of Game of Thrones.
  6. That's the catharsis the blue-ticks were looking for, Cummings is safe.
  7. He's still insisting elsewhere that he's playing 12-dimensional chess despite Cummings going on the tele and wildly contradicting what his own wife wrote in the press.
  8. You need to log back into the Detournement account, mate
  9. lol this is just like that show In The Thick of It.
  10. Would be extraordinary if autism was the angle they went for given it's already been demonstrably proven to have started as a completely baseless bit of speculation so given we live in the banter timeline that's the narrative I'm expecting him to go with.
  11. Dominic Cummings said words to this effect according to the one (ONE) Tory I know.
  12. Need their votes to defeat progressive legislation coming from the Greens.
  13. If those people actually spread their vote around then fair enough but moaning about the SNP yet voting for them every time is quite funny. As if the party gives a shit about your personal beliefs in the party if they get your vote every time.
  14. Classic donkey brained performance from Perkin Flump this morning. It's always sad to see someone who swallowed the culture war in its entirety. Venezuela FFS. 😆
  15. Sure am glad that every blue tick who spent 5 years scaremongering about Seamus Milne ended up with Dominic Cummings instead! 🥴
  16. They are also the most consistently homoerotic blockbusters as well.
  17. I'd almost feel sorry for the blue ticks writing 300 tweet threads about the difference between being racially black and politically black if it wasn't so fucking funny. He will say the n word one day and id pol libs will be scolding anyone that double takes.
  18. She's well documented as saying she doesn't read the replies to her tweets so unless someone has specifically said "hawd on a second, this ain't it" she won't notice.
  19. This ignores the key part of the Harry Cole stuff which is that Johnson was shagging Symonds while she was in a relationship with Harry Cole and yet he still defends Johnson. Genuine cuckoldry.
  20. Well I think it is. You might be right but people were saying similar when Jo Cox was shot dead, parliament was prorogued, loads of Tories were unceremoniously sacked by Cummings, and Johnson just lied and hid his way through an election campaign. This is the problem with running a political system on norms and traditions when someone decides that actually no you can actually do what you want then it's difficult to punish them for it. Worth bearing in mind that loads of people, myself included, think it's funny to treat journalists the way Cummings did yesterday. Not saying it's right, it's just funny and it's hardly like the journo class have did much to endear themselves to the public in recent memory.
  21. Then he should resign if he's restricted from criticising the government more than the government's own MPs and the civil service. 😅
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