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  1. It didn’t take long for the blame to settle on anyone that’s also called the Tories out for what they are.
  2. If I didn't want people to bring up the English constantly voting in Tories I would simply campaign to ensure the English stopped electing Tories
  3. Only in your warped little mind. Nah tbf it definitely has a whiff of that. Who were you actually referring to if not people who don't earn enough to fall into the income tax threshold?
  4. Or smacked her in the chops like 2 Jabs? You have to laugh on reflection that someone decided it was a good idea to get up close and pelt a former boxer. Those were some fast hands from Prescott and fair play to him.
  5. My ma bought me GTA 3 when I was that age and I basically turned out fine.
  6. This could've all been averted if, when asked, "where are all these Eastern Europeans coming from eh?" Gordon Brown had answered "Eastern Europe." The answer is in the question Gordo.
  7. Labour, and the left, can't win here so the best thing they can do is respectful silence and staying out of it. It's also what happened when Jo Cox died so would be bizarre as f**k if Labour decided to stand someone. It'll be interesting to see which cranks decide to run though. Can't imagine it being as nasty as Batley and Spen but folk will do their best to make it so.
  8. I always liked to think I was significantly younger than the average wrestling freak on the internet but the latest “controversy” with Bryce “stealing heat” from the Suzuki - Bryan match has me losing the heid. I was shouting at Nick Patrick every week as a wean. I knew who Earl Hebner was. Fucking hell.
  9. Big fan of the thread being locked so every comment suggesting his voting record meant he wasn’t a great guy could be purged only for the thread to be unlocked and everyone immediately logging on to say the same thing Great website
  10. The best Star Wars movie of the last 20 odd years revolved around a plot hole people argued about for 30 years but aye I agree
  11. Good on everyone that ends up striking here or extracts the concessions they want.
  12. I have to try this. Am always open to ned drinks.
  13. People that overly care about them are annoying. Vibes over plot holes, imo.
  14. First 40 minutes of Venom was fun then it got a bit shite when the inevitable comic book fight started. Wish they'd make it a 90 minute buddy comedy. The "coming out" scene was funny tho.
  15. You said this so people are perfectly entitled to offer examples where they think this doesn't apply. You can't claim whataboutery because you've made an extremely broad point.
  16. Going to see Venom 2 tonight. Hoping for more insane line readings from Tom Hardy, buddy comedy with Venom, bad wigs from Woody Harrelson and an Eminem song in the credits.
  17. I don’t really care about plot holes but I don’t think it’s that far-fetched for the police, or society, to not care if hundreds of people on the margins of society disappear every year.
  18. If you’re mad about Question Time in 2021 that’s definitely on you
  19. As long as Buckfast continues to be unaffected they can do what they like
  20. A big factor in that New Labour feeling was sheer exhaustion of Tory rule which has to be highlighted again and again going forward ETA: At the same time we are rapidly approaching conditions which aren't comparable to 1997.
  21. I am a big fan of cultural explanations despite being a Marxist and Blair tapping into a very specific nasty anti-establishment in the late 90s propelled him to levels of success Labour only nearly matched when people like Aaron Bastani and Ash Sarkar were rubbing shoulders with JME and Skepta while Corbyn jogged about in an Adidas tracksuit. We'll never see it again judging by the Mumford and Sonsification of popular culture.
  22. A lot of guys riffing poorly on your typo but fair play you've flexed it out
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