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  1. Not hearing any talks of being left wing and not voting for Andy Wightman if you’re able to .
  2. In the video game Mass Effect the Quarian Council I think could override the democratic decision of the Flotilla once but then they would have to collectively resign. The mods on here should have to do the same any time they ban someone without a sufficiently good explanation.
  3. Big E has charisma in spades, comes across as a genuinely likeable and larger than life character and has always struck the right balanced tone for a massive corporation trying to grapple with a shifting consensus in the wider world so it should be a no-brainer to strap a rocket on him in a post-George Floyd world but it is the Fed so...
  4. John McCain is in no universe a relatively decent person. A horrible little hawk and it’s good that he’s dead.
  5. I agree with this. The problem is that there’s probably about 7 MSPs who want rid of the system responsible for exacerbating this and about another 30 in Westminster. This does feel like a test case for when the climate catastrophe starts to bite and it’s definitely not encouraging!
  6. It’s also extremely good in a sport as filled with chud supporters as the UFC to have the top guy repeatedly praising Allah and being an all round nice guy as he chokes out everyone who chooses to fight him
  7. He’s out for his hole, it’s about as noble as a policeman’s intentions can be.
  8. RBG will be smiling in heaven at them replacing her with another woman
  9. Having read that quoted excerpt from a Swede I get why Knausgaard finds them irritating as a people
  10. I wonder if this happened then who would still go for it. I think Sanders would. Trump would cause he definitely thinks he could talk his way out of it.
  11. Her approval ratings have only been going in one direction since Covid
  12. Would like to see Drew being the one to leather Reigns and take the Universal Championship tbh
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