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  1. I liked one of her songs that SOPHIE and Diplo produced but I haven't listened to it in years and am well aware a woman of Madonna's age shouldn't be making tunes that sound like that.
  2. There is a lore explanation for this, I think. That the Empire disarmed the Clones at the end of the Clone Wars and just hired cheap human replacements that clearly have no training.
  3. Vogue is a classic. Also directly responsible for Lady Gaga, imo.
  4. It’s fine but it doesn’t have the depth or subtlety of the British one. Also think the longevity of it ruins a lot of what both shows were trying to do. There’s individual moments of it that are class though.
  5. Feeling the exact same myself. Quite enjoyed the lockdown myself at first as it was an excuse to blast through a lot of stuff and generally have some time to myself but finding it a struggle and have this fucking weird anxiety about things returning to 'normal' even if I am looking forward to being able to go back to the pub and having the fitba back etc. I hope you're figuring things out and losing some of that anxiety but you're definitely not the only one. Usually try to avoid writing about this or reading the thread in general as I find it can lead to me spiralling or dwelling on things I don't want to. I've just felt this constant malaise for the last few months and lockdown ending is just gonna lead to it being worse, I think. I love Glasgow for a lot of reasons and feel like it's my home but I've seen most of the people close to me move away or drift apart which has led to a constant feeling of loneliness that I can't seem to shake. I've found myself relying heavily on my cousin and a couple of mates who have recently had children or have their own struggles which leaves them absent for long stretches which means they aren't readily available which leads to me feeling even more like a burden on their time. I guess I'm just not really sure of the solution or if I am then I'm not sure how much time and effort it's going to take. I've been applying for jobs down south where I know a few people and feel that the 'fresh start' will be mentally good for me but every time I engage with the job market I just become more aware of how saturated it is and is going to be with the effects of covid hitting. I've been far luckier than most in that I've landed a decent entry level civil service job so I don't have to worry about providing for myself. There's people I chat to occasionally on social media that I want to reach out to but there's always something stopping me cause even though we live in an online society it still feels weird to ask someone you speak to online if they fancy a pint. Very strange. As sad as it is, P&B has been a godsend over lockdown. Enjoy chatting shite to the biys on here. There's just a confluence of factors that are hitting me hard atm. I've lost some friends I was close to and can't see others anymore due to geography. I'm not really enjoying myself or feel as comfortable as I used to in a city I consider my home. Lockdown has brought a lot of stuff into sharper relief that I was aware of but had avoided confronting and I don't know where I'm going or what I want to do. Last December's election has also hit hard and reinforced a lot of inherent pessimism I have about things getting better. I've tried getting back involved in politics around independence and am already bummed out. Tl;dr/ to summarise the rambles. I'm at a loose end atm and I'm unsure where to go or how to resolve it. I'm also definitely underplaying how shite I've been feeling recently.
  6. Find out if they've got an Xbox, a copy of FIFA and two controllers.
  7. A miserable 4 for Friday. Going down. And an even worse 13 and 14 for the last two Joe Quizzes. I'm having another year off.
  8. Detournement might post a lot of shite half the time but he's the best poster at bringing this stuff out from people, imo
  9. Pub I was in on Saturday had volume on the TV. The SWG3 had a DJ playing as well although that was outdoors.
  10. Mark Fisher (RIP) wrote a lot about this and the bureaucratisation/ marketisation of education. I know a lot of people in academia and schools that feel the same as him (and you).
  11. Dinesh D'Souza is one of the dumbest men on the planet
  12. The first act of A.I. is great, the second act is weird enough to be interesting and the last act is rotten sentimental guff.
  13. Got my first win in Season 5 and course it black screens and doesn't register!
  14. That's what I was thinking yet continually get it wrong! Asked to identify two separate letters but ofc if you Googled to see what it meant after the first time!
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