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  1. Holding fire on criticising this until I see whether Westminster deliver me a PS5.
  2. Why would anyone have posted this
  3. The amount of T-posing is amazing.
  4. You're an affable old codger so you would vote for a left-leaning candidate but it would be whichever one turned up to your door canvassing for your vote Will give a vote to whichever party snaps up Andy Wightman especially if they produce a detailed cost-benefit analysis alongside a committed land reform policy. This will be cemented when said party produces a 650 page White Paper on a reform of the tax system. Go on, I'm intrigued Will talk a good game about how your vote is up for grabs but fall in line behind Sturgeon. Will briefly entertain a vote for Salmond's Successor Party after he gives a particularly barnstorming announcement speech. Will reply "wid" when someone posts a clip of Sturgeon exiting the polling station. Will vote Continuity-SNP and insist that joining NATO is what any sensible left-winger will do Will spend one solid week of posting on here informing everyone that it's clearly obvious that the real SNP party after indy is Cherry's splinter faction and that's why he's voting for them as the real power that accomplished independence. Will get confused and vote in Jackie Baillie's Labour Party under some half-baked strategy of moving into alignment with Prime Minister Hilary Benn's Labour Party down south in the hopes of a smoother transition to independence. Actually cancels independence and moves Scotland instead into Full Fiscal Autonomy. I'll create the People's Front for Scotland. Finds himself agreeing with every Greens policy but can't vote for Malthusian nutters so goes to vote for Sturgeon's Continuity SNP. Finds out they've snapped up Wightman who's been tainted with the Malthusian nutter tag. Spoils his vote. Tells everyone 10 years later he will vote for Sturgeon even though we're 7 years into Empress Mone's 1000 year reich. The m9s will briefly join meme regional parties in their respective constituencies before doing what I do which is vote for the Greens and pretend like anything we say or do actually means anything in the grander scale of things. Will all have a lost weekend where we gaslight ourselves into thinking Cat Boyd and David Jamieson's Marxist-Leninist-Jamiesist party is the true path to Scottish Enlightenment.
  5. Youuuuung girl, get out of my mind 🎶
  6. I would have no hassle in predicting anyone that posts on this forum's party pick in a post-indy Scotland.
  7. That one scene where one of them tries to do a runner is very funny.
  8. Agreed on most of that. Snow being Troy Baker when he was still figuring out what his vibe was is so funny to me.
  9. Trying to gauge the odds on whether the 'illegal' workers get to keep the money they've earned. If it's anything like the way the state treat sex workers for example then likely not!
  10. Maybe if people hadn't already been given 600 dollars you dopey c**t. Here's how you can make it plainer - "$600 is not enough. We need another $1400."
  11. Yeah, there's no chance I'm doing that. I read about the Trapezohedrons or whatever they're called and decided against that pretty rapidly. Agree on the soundtrack as well. Maybe one of the top 3 battle musics and the Barthandelus boss fight music is bombastic to the point of being nearly overblown. I would've agreed with this before I finally stuck with it. Anyone that said Vanille was the only one they liked with that voice actor is going on a list though.
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