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  1. My wee cousin went to stay at her pal's in Bishopbriggs with another one of their mates and someone snapped them going in and phoned the polis. You absolutely love to see it. If I had to name 5 areas in Glasgow that would snitch on their neighbours I reckon Bishopbriggs would've had a proud place as well.
  2. Does anyone know if there's a way on desktop to have the 60 minute or less games allow for confirmation of moves? I can do it on phone but not desktop which is strange. Not a menu option as far as I can see under Live Chess.
  3. I'll never forget playing Countdown in Cod 4 and there was a guy called "i punch nuns xD"
  4. This is a conversation also carrying on from the movie tropes thread but there's an arms race between internet pedants and big creators which is hampering storytelling. I don't see why it's an issue if story details leak but people are obsessed with being spoiled or predictability in plot that developers will make wholesale mental changes to finished stories which leave people with a much worse final product or introduce just baffling plot elements to try and capture that Game of Thrones sense of unpredictability. It's fine if people know what's happening as long as it's told well. I'm not the biggest fan of The Last of Us 2 but could you imagine if Naughty Dog had tried to write out Abby for instance because of that initial visceral reaction when the story details leaked online?
  5. Do you think the guidelines are too vague and should be reformed?
  6. I'm sad in a way I regularly changed accounts but I'm glad I didn't get that. I still have some long-lost friends (and Limmy!) in my friends list and oof some of the names.
  7. Aw man I might watch Justified again even tho it's only been two months.
  8. In fairness if a lot of these tropes were eliminated from movies they would be absolutely shite. Imagining a Bruce Lee movie where 40 guys immediately swarm him and shoot him. Done in 10 minutes. Or a Terminator where Arnie just snaps Sarah Connor in half like a twig the first time they clash. Then again, that would've prevented the latter day Terminators from happening so who's to say if it's a bad idea?
  9. He's fair mellowed out since sharing it though. If writing explicit sexual prose is what unlocks his inner zen then keep on keeping on, bröther.
  10. Yea, The Times provides some context. However, the declaration cites a raft of United Nations conventions which meet the “Luxembourg guidelines” on terminology used in the protection of children from sexual exploitation and abuse. The guidelines state “adolescent” is a “non-numerical” term defining “the ‘in-between” phase between childhood and adulthood, thus recognising that adolescents — who legally are still children if under 18 years of age — are in a phase of evolving capacities in which they can take partial or full responsibility for certain actions (including) sexual consent”. The IWHC also subscribes to the UN guidance on sexuality education which sets out “age appropriate” learning objectives for ages 5-8, 9-12, 12-15 and 15-18. Its campaign to reform laws limiting the right of adolescents to consent to sex is aimed at countries like Haiti and Zimbabwe that restrict sexual health services, such as contraception and treatment for sexually transmitted infections, to adolescents as old as 18 without parental consent.
  11. The concept was fine though and the way the original trilogy ends should've precluded any sort of follow up in the Milky Way. They built a good justification for continuing elsewhere and should've tried to fix what they started. There were plenty of threads that could've been salvaged from the first game.
  12. It's better than 4 but not by much. A great Game Pass addition tho as I can keep up with the series without paying anything. Think I'd have been much harsher on stuff like that or Outer Worlds if I'd had to pay 40 quid for the privilege of playing them over a weekend. Think it's stuff like that which will eventually make the difference between Xbox and Sony.
  13. No no they've actually supported it. From this article - https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/alba-candidate-margaret-lynchs-age-of-consent-claims-dangerous-says-stonewall-n09t59dpm "Lynch’s allegation was expanded upon by Stuart Campbell, the founder of the Wings Over Scotland website, a nationalist blog, who claimed “the only possible interpretation of ‘end the criminalisation of adolescents’ sexuality’ is a reduction in the age of consent to ten years old” as the World Health Organisation defines adolescents as people aged 10 to 19. Campbell claimed “there is simply no interpretation possible other than that they’re calling for a reduction in the age of consent” as the IWHC does not specify its definition of “adolescent" In a statement, an Alba spokesman said Margaret Lynch was “highlighting concerns that ILGA World – the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association are currently campaigning to eliminate all laws and policies…that limit the exercise of bodily autonomy, including laws limiting legal capacity of adolescents…to provide consent to sex” and to “end the criminalisation and stigmatization of adolescents’ sexuality. “The organisations referenced have both signed up to this demand, and both have received substantial amounts of government funding. “These are reputable organisations that make a positive impact on the lives of many in Scotland. If the organisations do not support what they have signed up to it is for them to say or provide clarification, it is not for women that attended our women’s conference to defend concerns that women have raised based on fact.”
  14. Lotta people think they're the One Good Boy in the world who deserves their treats. f**k knows how they get through life. Probably by voting Conservative every chance they get. I know The Guys and they agree with me that queue jumpers are low class so they're getting the AZ vaccine. I'm being a whiny c**t bröther because it's been 12 months and I still haven't been able to hear this at a deafening volume
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