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  1. The Tories have just shot up another few points in the polls. They'll be grand for the foreseeable.
  2. Like everyone else I'm using my quarantine productively to do nothing but consume content all day. Have watched a few movies. Godzilla 7/10 I really enjoyed this. The storyline with Bryan Cranston and his family was typical Hollywood fluff but the monster stuff was great. Less is more and more blockbusters could learn from this and, imo, the criminally underrated Cloverfield which did their best to build up to the reveal of the monsters instead of hammering you over the head with a 2 hour laser battle that seems mandatory in every superhero movie these days. A lot of great shots as well. The one with the two soldiers lying on the tracks and the skydive into the city near the end are the two that come to mind. Also having the Japanese dude be the only one to say Godzilla's name the first few times was a great choice. He says it perfectly. Justice League 4/10 I'm an apologist for Zac Snyder's homoerotic (not even) subtext which is always really funny but this is dreadful in every plot point, character design, and piece of dialogue that Josh Whedon signed off on. Jason Momoa's Andrew WK Aqua Man is probably the most entertaining part of the movie and I laughed a couple of times at Ezra Miller's lines but Whedon should be tried for war crimes. As an aside, it's mental the sheer amount of talent these movies accumulate even for just bit part roles. Princess Mononoke 8/10 This is great. Feels like a commentary on capitalism or industrialisation in Japan that's just a great watch with great voice acting and a great soundtrack. Only beef was Ashitaka being a permanent DM slider. Godzilla: King of the Monsters 3/10 Felt like I was being hammered over the head in contrast to the previous entry in the series and nobody looked like they could be arsed particularly Charles Dance. Did like the final scene with Godzilla and the Japanese guy but didn't care about anything else that went on.
  3. I used to come in hammered from uni and put on one of the Jurassic Parks, skip all the exposition and get immediately to the dinosaurs wrecking shit. Haven't watched The Lost World in about 6 years but I remembered it being really funny.
  4. Tbf any respite the planet gets in the next few months will be undone when we expect growth to take off again and absolutely batter nature even more. Doesn't help that apocalyptic right wing ghouls are in charge nearly everywhere it matters.
  5. Is the correct answer (though Monument that she also did with Royksopp is an absolute banger). Coincidentally my favourite song of hers is another Royksopp production: None of Dem. Everything she's done with them is class tbf. Do It Again is a stomper. Honestly think Body Talk might be one of the best albums ever made. Wall to wall bangers.
  6. Wait till I start the “which Robyn song is the best one” divergence in this thread and post it then. There’ll be too much denunciation and vitriol going on here for anyone to notice.
  7. FInished two books and watched Justice League. Josh Whedon should be tried for war crimes.
  8. Dance in the Dark or Paparazzi for me. Give me that emotional pop banger any day. I wanted to hate this post but I can't. Great stuff. That's got zilch to do with whether they're going to actively risk their, or other people's, health to do their job. 😅 I like my job. If the govt. says I should stop doing it and my company guarantees me my full wage, I'm not going to do it. That should be obvious even to someone as smooth-brained as yersel.
  9. I don't think people want to be on a rush hour tube at the best of times. If they're on them now they're either being forced to go into work or they're legitimate psychopaths that will need to be shot for their own good.
  10. The way the press are buttering up Cuomo atm it won't be surprising if they try and get him in as Biden's replacement for November. I think the Irish racing went off before the UK but then they u-turned and recommenced the same night they shut all the bookies here. 😅
  11. Nobody who doesn't spend all day actively having sewage poured into their brain actually believes these people even constitute a notable minority.
  12. Was gonna mention it as well. Evian Christ dropped a hard house remix of it at Primavera when I went and it was pure class.
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