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  1. It's just a flat rate of like 30 quid a month which was initially paid to those on home working contracts but was extended to everyone last year. It's going to end roughly when the Tories lift the majority of restrictions but since we're going to still allow for the vast majority of people's working hours to be done at home it's understandable that folk are going to ask why some people can continue to get extra dosh and the rest can't. Tbf, it'll probably be justified on legacy grounds or the specific wording of people's contracts but given we've already caved on office working and maybe even on a functional dress code for the office I can see enough pressure leading to another caving. Would be class if so! It's going to be an interesting time across the board as I don't think employers really have any idea about what to do going forward because the landscape has changed both because of the pandemic bringing its own necessary changes and hastening a lot of planned adaptations to the workplace that have been in the works for years. Was thinking earlier specifically re Covid over what happens when the govt declares the crisis to be over and people continue to test positive. Will there be forced closures and deep cleans for offices and the requirement to self-isolate or will they just be content to let it move through an office and trust the vaccines will prevent any serious issues?
  2. Put another goal past them Germany and let's do Trianon 2 on that rotten fash hellhole
  3. I don’t understand the sentiment behind this post unless that sentiment is either “I want to live in lockdown forever” or “I’m solely motivated by my beefs with posters on this website”
  4. We’ve got people who received home working allowances before Covid as they did 3-4 days at home and it’s so obvious that once we fully transition to 20% office working which is the agreed rate that we’re going to be bombarded with requests for the same which is totally justifiable and it’ll be interesting to see how they respond as the policy folk are none the wiser.
  5. Can confirm the boys in the office are starting to believe it’s coming home they literally never learn
  6. This is a minor plot thread from an episode of The Shield
  7. You have to believe that it’s just spinning wheels for the return of the crowds and if that doesn’t improve it then you’re simply waiting for Vince to have a massive cardiac arrest but he’d probably find a way to bury that as well
  8. Not ideal but have you connected it with a wire instead of Bluetooth? I have about 5 PS4 controllers in my house as I thought they were all fucked. Annoyingly it wasn't until I bought the 5th one (and it started playing up about an hour after using it) I discovered that a common problem is poor Bluetooth connection causing lag/the screen to go apeshit as if you're keeping your finger on a toggle button. Since using a wire they have all been fine. The new console just isnae up to snuff mate tbh! I've had bizarre errors with the console fully rejecting the TV I'm playing off of alongside weird crashes and save deletes which haven't been an issue on Series X. Been thinking for a while that Sony and Microsoft aren't built to be the dominant company tbh otherwise they get a bit too full of themselves and rip the piss with the hardware or their expectations.
  9. I've been very lapsed this season what with touring and hooring in a new city but I would be happy to do something in the organisation like collating the results. Do like just collating shite like that even if it means noting my brutal beatings on a weekly basis. Also all the best to the better half @DeeTillEhDeh. Feels like the site's taken a beating recently in good members and the loves of their lives being delivered shite news. Hopefully it all works out and you can be back on here smashing everyone to the extent that the host site's banning you for implausible muggings.
  10. As much as I appreciate his patter and generally good vibes f**k OFF ALLY with this reasonable analysis of the game everything the Croats do is shite and bullshit
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