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  1. About to see how good I can get at doing all my drinking during the happy hour promotions
  2. Aye I knew someone who thought the same and I just couldn't agree. Norm MacDonald was right about Ellis and the adaptation was far better.
  3. Useful for getting loans etc from your workplace if you have one season ticket that covers all the transport in your city. ETA: things like all day tickets etc will be easier to manage (and almost definitely cheaper) if all transport was held under the control of the local authority as well.
  4. Patrick Topping in 10 days
  5. I think it's more likely that it'll be some genteel middle class type taking little Oliver to Jordanhill that attempts to ram protestors with their Range Rover than the 77 presumably packed with thicko proles in your analogy.
  6. It's incredibly obvious right that from looking at the IB guy Mike Graham expects him to say he's a student and has to come up with a new zinger on the spot?
  7. I was thinking yesterday and I don’t know if it’s because I was younger but it has gotten more and more apparent since 2016 at least that nearly every prominent figure in the media and politics is really obviously yet proudly stupid
  8. I'm all for being able to easily buy legal vallies. It's the only time I've enjoyed playing Fallout 4.
  9. Skinny jeans presumably only cuts off circulation if you're a fat b*****d. They're perfectly comfortable for skinny legends. Feel like I'm reading the insights of a Soccer AM banter lad from 2007.
  10. No that's them that do that it's (most of) the jagging they're opposed to
  11. A podcast I listen to a lot are doing them all so it's a good excuse to finally get through them. I have been thinking a lot about them recently in the context of adaptations and I think they're good examples of what I personally want from an adaptation namely not being an exact replica. I think that's why I'm so fond of the Annihilation movie for example. Just read the source material and go wild with it, imo. I think Stalker and Roadside are the same. Apart from The Zone everything else seems changed.
  12. I would probably replay with a next gen upgrade. Feel like enough substantial time has passed to go back through. The actual combat etc hasn't aged that well but the writing is largely above most other games. It's rare to have a game where I feel you can actually debate choices that are made as opposed to the general dreadful standard of angelic good choice and cartoon evil.
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