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  1. Linlithgow Rose 18/19

    While I understand saying charge for the highlights, I think the problems with doing that are that you eliminate the opposition’s supporters watching them as they probably won’t pay to view (which could be a sizeable part of the audience as is) and that people also won’t necessarily pay for something they’ve had for free for years. I think Ben had the right idea with the JustGiving page for anyone who wanted to donate, I’ve done a similar thing at Penicuik this season.
  2. Football manager history

    Some of my best CM/FM memories are: CM03/04 - Taking Gretna from the 3rd Division to the Champions League before getting the sack for ruining the club’s finances, moving onto Hearts before resigning after a month due to them being shite, went to Blackburn and won the EPL, bounced around Aberdeen, Gretna (again, now relegated back to the 3rd Division), Rangers, Birmingham then ending up at Everton. Won everything for three seasons before switching to Liverpool, taking half the Everton team with me and dominating for ten years before the laptop broke. Gutted. Can still recall a few of the key players, Scott Agnew, Stephen Hughes, Jacob Rasmussen and a wee Scottish regen called Neil Thomson who scored in excess of 70 goals a season regardless of what club he was at. FM12 - Managing Scotland to the Euros, reaching the quarter finals before joining Burnley in the Championship the following November with them in relegation zone. Pulled it together and snuck into the playoffs and got promoted. Stayed up in the EPL, finishing 14th then 10th. Third season up we finished 4th and won the FA Cup. Following season we won everything including the CL. Did that for about 7 seasons in the game before resigning in January, taking two months out and moving to 20th placed Barnsley and seeing if I could keep them up. Lost out by a point on the last day and went down. Resigned and ended up at Real Madrid. Signed a few of my Burnley players, won La Liga before resigning after 18 months to go back to Burnley, and bringing all those players back before the save corrupted. Boyata was my key man in that whole save, got him for a million from City, turned into a world-class defender and captain for me. - Managing Hibs in a revamped 20 team SPL and doing 10 in a row with 3 CLs and 5 trebles.
  3. EoS Conference A chat 2018-19

  4. The Recent Match Videos Thread

  5. Friday Night Fitba

    Roughly between 150-200
  6. Friday Night Fitba

    Did you watch them? I always put in as much of the opposition as I can. Every save our keeper made is in there so strange comment?
  7. Friday Night Fitba

  8. Where’d the welfare thread go?

    On loan from Penicuik.
  9. Penicuik Athletic