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  1. Not going to get into an argument over all this. No club is hiding behind ‘the league made us do this’, it’s a fact that no concessions is part of the agreement between the League and Groundhop UK. This has been in place for years. It’s just relaying that it is what the clubs have been told to do. Penicuik have also advertised all season that the game was going to be on the Sunday, the fact it was Mothers Day wasn’t ideal but certainly not something the club planned! Can’t comment on what others club did or allegedly did, or how the league might react. But placing the blame on the home Clubs involved when it has been agreed for years is a bit poor. Have you asked the League why it is part of the deal?
  2. Both offsides very close. Perhaps bias but Penicuik’s looks onside to me, McGarry is in line with the box whereas Combe is outside. Likewise the Haddington one, I think it’s more difficult to tell if Tait is inline with Forbes or ahead of him from the angle. Would also argue that disallowing Penicuik’s had a bigger impact on the 90 minutes as a whole than disallowing Haddington’s.
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