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  1. Not sure if I read this on here or heard it suggested elsewhere, but could there be an idea to retain the Junior Cup but change its purpose? In the East you currently have the Alex Jack Cup, in the South you have the Alba Cup, the winners of these then play off for the South and East Shield, the winner entering the Scottish Cup. Rather than set up an equivalent cup in the new West setup, could you merge the Junior Cup, Alex Jack Cup and Alba Cup and limit it to all sides not participating in the Scottish Cup? It gives ‘inter-region’ cup ties and the winners could still qualify for the Scottish Cup for the following season? It can be played on Scottish Cup dates much like the Alex Jack is now. Keep the Junior Cup name but it now IS literally a Junior Cup in relation to the Scottish Cup. Just an idea, not sure if it would get much traction.
  2. Fair enough, had a few people having digs about the highlights this season so perhaps a bit touchy on the subject.
  3. For @8MileBU, the GoPro footage needed to be converted before it could be edited as due to the match going to extra time it hadn’t processed properly. When I posted my comment I’d only been able to see the footage in 1/4 quality. I never said there was no footage of it. If you’d read the Penicuik Twitter - seeing as you were on there - you’d have seen that I’d tweeted explaining the footage would have to be uploaded separately due to the issues. I post every angle I can every single week and I’ve included a number of incidents in the highlights such as Penicuik having the ball over the line before they opened the scoring, Bo’ness’ offside goal being on as well as the penalty award so I like to think I’m fair. Having been shouted at by one of your coaches to make sure I included the offside incident, I’ll say to you the same response. ‘It’ll be in there, but you can get your own cameraman if you want to make sure.’
  4. Not the best quality (having a few issues with the GoPro, but having looked at it, Tansey was clearly pulled back.
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