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  1. These countries also invest in facilities and high quality youth coaching.
  2. I remember walking through Waverley during the time they were setting up for filming. Walked past the sign for the coffee shop in that scene a few times and honestly thought it was just for some new pop-up coffee shop. Did anyone take a look at the first episode of Superman and Lois? Thought it was quite promising.
  3. I was more making the point that he didn’t just decide to waltz on into the Musselburgh technical area as your match report infers as you have given no context whatsoever as to what actually caused the ‘kerfuffle’ as you put it. Just providing that context.
  4. What actually happened was a bottle was thrown onto the pitch from the Musselburgh technical area while Penicuik were celebrating their third (you can see it in the footage of the goal) which led to the Musselburgh manager being booked. The Penicuik committee member you refer to approached the Musselburgh area to try and diffuse the situation as some shouts were exchanged between the Musselburgh technical area and Penicuik committee.
  5. As far as I was made aware whilst I was streaming it, there was only one issue which occurred in between Penicuik’s first two goals, which was the streaming software crashing - indeed I apologised during the stream for that. Other than that, all reports I’ve had were that the stream was fine so unfortunately not sure what I can do to fix it these ‘freezes’. There is a setting on the stream to switch the latency which helps improve buffering which might be an option next time you check out one of our streams. Hopefully it hasn’t put you off watching one of them again. Could I also ask in future if there is a problem to drop me a message - it’ll help me fix any issues quicker. Also did you see Penicuik’s third goal? Players seemed to have enough faith to pass the ball at that point. A lot of work went into the pitch after Saturday to ensure it was even playable last night, as it has all season while the club seem to make improvements to the pitch. The amount of rain it’s had on it in the last few weeks has made it difficult to carry out these improvements.
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