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  1. you better hold her real tight rajpelt, Fat Al will eat anything.

  2. Gonna find ma baby gonna hold her tight.

  3. Fat AL is 'Not for Turning'

  4. chicken and veg for my dinner. Really nice, almost moreish but i will resist the temptation. Its called making positive choices.

  5. You really post some shite bawbag

  6. made me laugh about Hoopy but I would watch you dont get reported, I said something similar 6 months ago and one of them reported me and i got a ban..... keep winding them up, its funny :)

  7. Hes a scary stalker!

  8. f**k sake does perthshirebhell ever stop viewing your profile?

  9. St Mirren....LOL

  10. Are you deid ya cock?

  11. I see you peeking

  12. Keep speaking the truth

  13. Keep winding up Timmy, its very entertaining.

  14. We love you xx

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