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  1. Thing is, were we though? I think our deficiencies have always been there, only masked by most of the other sides in the league being an even worse level of shite than us. Now that a few of them seem to have turned the corner, the fight is on to stay top 6, never mind top 4. Obviously we've lost the physical element of our attack, but back to middle we're pretty much as was. Missed big Dec badly last night, and Mugabi as stated previously will just not do. If big Charlie Taxi can get back fit, a central pairing of him and Gallagher could be the best option we have. Hartley was again abysmal last night on a personal performance, never mind showing any form of leadership when we started so badly. Accies on Saturday is a big game now, and my optimism levels for that are low. Robinson has some serious work to do.
  2. Looked comfortable for large swathes of that game without ever setting the heather on fire , and deservedly took the lead with a well worked goal , before conspiring to shit the nest and walk away with nothing . Poor from Carroll to dive in so soon after picking up his first booking to get himself sent off , soft or not . Not overly convinced with O'Hara , but early days and only a small , if dubious contribution so will reserve judgement for now . Poor defending at both County goals , but credit to them for executing a perfect away from home smash and grab when their opportunities arose . Brian Graham absolutely loves a goal against us , and Gardyne was offered the freedom of Fir Park to stroll forward and lay it on a plate for him . Overall a real boot in the baws to surrender the points with a late collapse , and plenty for the manager to consider going forwards with regards to selection , with the forward line stuttering , and the inexperience of our new recruits in that department obvious against a better organized defense than they have faced in the last few matches .
  3. Flying to Turkey with Thomas Cook on Sunday ( hopefully ) . Booked flights and hotel package through Travel Republic , so ATOL protected with them . I have a few days spare at the other end of my holidays before returning to work , so not overly worried if things go tits up with Cook's while we're over there , will have time for them to get alternative flights sorted , and a few extra days in the sun won't hurt . Just need the fuckers to get me there first !! On a serious note though , hope things can be sorted out for the sake of their employees .
  4. Having changed jobs and now working most Saturdays , the only game I've made so far this season was Celtic , but having also watched a re-run of Hearts on Friday I've not seen much to give me hope for the weekend . It looks like most of the incomers have flattered to deceive in the Betfred group , and being up against lower league sides could quite possibly be their level . Up against top flight opposition the wide players have fallen well short of making any impact , and their work ethic in tracking back or dropping deep to try and get involved has been questionable at best . Charlie Dunne shelling hopeful long diagonals , a la McManus of a couple of years ago , is painful to watch and with some of our consistent 7/8 out of 10 performers of last season like Tait and Gillespie dropping to 5/6 we look vulnerable against any half decent opposition . Hamilton away has rarely been a happy hunting ground for us in recent years and sadly don't see us having much joy again this time out . Foresee a narrow home win in the usual shitfest served up in this encounter I'm afraid . Prove me wrong please Motherwell .
  5. What will become of Soppy Bollocks ? How will we know if it's PATG ? . . . . Never mind Well Fans III is indeed already a thing . Fuckwits of the world unite !!
  6. Never caught the Celtic game on TV last night , only some of the Radio Scotland commentary , and it sounded like the boy Bolingoli was having an absolute 'mare . Could be the chink in the armour we need to get in behind if he plays . Would like to see us continue with the expansive style we have adopted , rather than Robinson overthinking things and trying to set up in a way purely to negate Celtic's threat . The turnover of players and guys coming from outwith the league again this season should help take the fear factor out of the equation a bit , and as long as we play the 11 players in front of us rather than the occasion and are brave on the ball , if the wide players are up for it , we can really give them a game . Would happily accept a share of the spoils after an entertaining 2-2 .
  7. Just saw the bold Div Turnbull going into the Costa at Carfin . Was tempted to get out the car , thank him for his services and the social media lol's over the last couple of days , and wish him well . Decided that being approached by some randomer in his 40's might not be high on the wishlist for the day of Scottish football's hottest talent , so I'll just say it on here instead . Cheers David boy , it's been brief but by f**k it's been enjoyable .
  8. Basically him and his partner became a talking point on Twitter a while back . She had been in the press for stalking a former friend and photoshopping pics to make it look as though they were a couple , even though the guy was in a relationship with someone else . She went as far as going to places the guy had visited ,including down to London, and posting pics on her Twitter pretending the guy had taken them while they had been away together , an altogether unhinged character . Some of the pics appeared to have the Craig fella in the background or reflections meaning he was probably complicit. He is now her actual partner and their Twitter content is a mix of weird , disturbing , and outrageously staunch .
  9. Nah , was just walking through looking a little uncomfortable at a few folk looking across , yet also seeming to kinda enjoy being recognised . I see he's back with a vengeance on Twitter , or his mental mrs is masquerading as him again . Lots of #staunch content , pics of their favourite tipple , and this . . . .
  10. Saw the bold Craig walking through Motherwell station today . Strange and awkward looking individual . Maybe didn't help that a couple of folk seemed to clock him . Fame , notoriety , and the champagne lifestyle don't come by themselves .
  11. As @Casagolda absolutely nails above , £3M is a tremendous amount for the club to bank , completes our quest to become debt free , and helps secure the club's short to mid term future . A lot of people have lost sight of that and are having very public meltdowns and digs at the club , when they have no idea of any clauses or gentleman's agreements which may have been put in place when the bold Div signed his contract extension , or how any release clause or acceptable bid amount was set . I will be gutted to see the boy go , and particularly if it does indeed end up being to another team in the same league , but I'm also comfortable that Mr Burrows et al will have done , and continue to do their utmost to get the best deals they can for our players . Still got my fingers crossed the Celtic talks fall in their arse and he heads off down south right enough .
  12. * Once a promising youngster. * Move to a 'big' club that didn't quite work out. * Dropped back down and stagnated for a while. * Motherwell see potential and offer platform to kick-start career. Very much following 'The Model'. Slightly higher profile, with the international caps than some who have come in, improved with us, and moved on to bigger things in recent years. Intrigued to see how this one pans out. Welcome Casper.
  13. Very mixed game from us . Some suspect defending along with some good passages of play in the first half, then foot off the gas in 2nd half and Livi took full advantage to get right back in it. Enjoyable game considering it was the last day with nothing at stake. Big Tam Aldred hurtling into a double-pike into row D of the Hunter and landing in the middle of the flag was decent entertainment.
  14. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/twisted-fantasist-who-admitted-terrorising-15062963 Everyone's favourite mentalist *** stalker tries to retract her admission of being a mentalist *** stalker. Buying herself time for more of the champagne lifestyle with Craigy boy before she does some bird.? ( not a euph. ). At least she had the decency to hide that coupon on the way out of court.
  15. I'm just along the road in the sprawling metropolis of Chapelhall and have a drink in Airdrie fairly often, never noticed that on tap anywhere. Which pub? Thinking maybe Harry's Bar at the Tudor.?
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