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  1. He'll tide you's over until Richie Foran appoints himself.
  2. I'll remember him fondly enough as he was very much part of that unbeaten run in 1st Division and beginning of our first season in the SPL. For some reason though my lasting memory of any particular incident involving him will be our first ever SPL game at Pittodrie when on the edge of the box the bodies of defenders parted in front of him like the pearly gates opening up to invite him through on goal but, having never found himself in such a position before or since, he panickedly looked around for someone to pass to so they could take responsibility for missing a sitter.
  3. Lucky you didn't go ahead and do it in the style of a P&B tear stained resignation thread after all because you'd have to take a lot of stick when you turn up on Tuesday morning under a pseudonym and wearing a Highland League team's strip.
  4. January's signings should be enough to fill everyone with confidence.
  5. I don't have that much of a problem with it. Everyone probably has a fair idea where they stand, some detail might depend on what position we potentially finish making both the club and the player better off. Incentify and all that pish.
  6. There's a wee bit of space to extend toward the Jailend, I assume.
  7. Well well, Lionel Messi from Argentina I heard some kids went missing in Argentina and they never solved the case. But you wouldn't know anything about that now, would you, Lionel?
  8. You'd be better asking VikingTON, he's bang on about all things McMenamenamenamin. (He's played plenty but the SPL seems a just a bit too much for him. He will still have more than enough guile for the 1st Division though)
  9. Just read the parts in quotations, you can automatically assume everything else is a fabrication.
  10. I was under the illusion that night if I stuck a pair of snowboard pants on over my jeans I'd be laughing at everyone else sitting there shivering. It didn't work. I'm guessing you're supposed to move about in them but that was pretty much halted after an early decision that even the opposite end was stunned by.
  11. If we do sign him I might have to withdraw my support for getting rid of the curfew. I'd like to know he where I am not.
  12. Mine arrived today. If it doesn't come at least you'll stand out.
  13. It is/was available on CD. I first heard it 2 or 3 years ago there and was also convinced at the time he was singing live, but then got very confused when the chorus chipped in and thought he was possibly in a Fritzl room.
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