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  1. A lot of highland teams got home ties. And got pumped out. All teams below 4th place would be a bang average east conference A B X teams
  2. Think us and them both had players missing? Easy option ? Shame as we could have done with a home win
  3. Anybody's game on old style PS3 keep freezing? No marks or scratches on disk. Think it could be a console problem
  4. Heard a song at the scotland game last week about posh spice taht was funny and been rattling my brains trying to remember the verses anybody know the 1 im thinking off?
  5. Anybody heard of party kilts? 25 quid ish. if so anybody know what shops in edinburgh or glasgow sell them? cheers
  6. the blind spot 9/10 was brilliant film and really intresting. sandra bullock deserved oscar toy story 10/10 best animated film. cant wait for 3rd 1 in summer law abiding citizen 7/10 good film but very far-fetched
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