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  1. Which ground is pictured at the top of the Scottish Hop page?
  2. Is that an actual bus shelter pressed into service as spectator cover, far side, level with the box? Excellent if so, and whatever, fair play and good luck to CA.
  3. Basically if you are pyoor junior with no hint of backsliding treachery about you, you will be welcomed back to the fold. Otherwise it’s the upper Tweeddale C division reserves....
  4. So that it will all be over by the Wednesday?
  5. Thanks, that’s interesting, so maybe a bit random and a bit “stick with your pals” in terms of where each form took hold out of amateur roots? I have some of those Non-league Histories pamphlets and there certainly seem to have been many “senior” leagues which were very minor in all aspects
  6. Can anyone point to good sources on how the Juniors got going as a distinct grade from all the other teams at the time? I have the excellent McGlone and McLure book, but that focuses on the SJFA and just says “There had been Junior football for a number of years ...”, in 1886.
  7. Actually, banter apart, I think it’s great that we have finally got here, and I do expect you West chaps to be leading the charge up the levels Exciting times
  8. That's the difference though. The West Region isn't running scared, like the EOSFL is. *Yawn*
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