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  1. County have now passed the stage of the season where they collect any points. We're now into the downwards slide in the table as the bottom six drift upwards. 3 - 0 home win as Hibs find their hitherto illusive form. Glub glub glub
  2. I'd encourage Killie not to work too hard. You've had a gruelling Cup game just a couple of nights previously. Really ought to take it a bit easy on Saturday afternoon; get recovered for your big game Away to Hearts. You're welcome- no really, don't sweat it.
  3. Better to be playing for Brora than watching from the sidelines with County
  4. Tend to agree. When Livi came to Dingwall County were extremely poor and Livi were good but not that good. They dealt out some Shock And Awe and prevented County from getting a moment to settle or compose for most of the 90 minutes. I would hope County will match up a bit better in attitude and energy for the next meeting. Other teams will have heeded the lesson too.
  5. So in what way will he improve our midfield? What attributes does he have? Could he more than replace Jamie Lindsay and might he make things happen, like we have been hoping Vigurs would still do? Can he break down opposition attacks?
  6. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/49554917 County have taken in midfielder Ewan Henderson (19) from Celtic
  7. Surely both teams can't be sh*te again? I'll have a tetchy 1-1 draw please.
  8. I'm hoping to see Grivosti more - he was among the most positive in the Livi debacle. Might be a good substitute for Draper in that midfield role.
  9. Boo hoo etc; but 3 points and credit goes to the convincing winners.
  10. That classy strike from Stobbs came directly from the most comedic County free kick I've seen in a while. County were just not at it, and Livi were very much at it and blew County away. Never gave County a moment to compose themselves, so not a lot of successful passing or decent football on show. Just a convincing and deserved victory.
  11. Like most who had expressed thoughts on this game, I was not expecting that. Livi had great attitude, energy and confidence. County didn't - blown away.
  12. Looking forward to the Livi game tomorrow. With each league fixture we can start to get more of a feel for our chances this season. Good opportunity to add 3 points, to perform well and ideally to keep another clean sheet. Livi will be thinking along similar lines as we are all basement battlers looking to send each other doon.
  13. I savour every top flight fixture while I can, and recommend St Mirren fans do too. Savour this bite as well, as you may not catch much in this corner of Diddydom. XX
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