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  1. The former familiar comedy would mean Mr Hughes has made no impact whatsoever. Doomed.
  2. I think I was allocated this seat just because of my name.
  3. Yep. Score kept down by Celtic being not that great and County slightly boosted by Yogi to perform reasonably in the circumstances. Call me unambitious if you like.
  4. ... or ... 3-5-2 with RCC and Gardyne or Kelly as wing backs? or other Comedy Combination? Guess we still have a few injuries
  5. RCC was wing back, and I reckon the game plan was for his pace to be needed in those situations. Sophia was fishing for racism btw
  6. In Grivosti's "My Recovery Story" video on RCTV, Ketts refers to developing his ability in several positions. And he can fairly strike a ball btw.
  7. Haven't seen Blair playing in a long time, so apparently not a loss.
  8. What's up with thingy, the winger / attacking midfielder who came from Dundee United? Spittal? Is he still on the books?
  9. County likely to have a similar shape, with 3 forwards and an attacking central midfielder so 4-2-3-1 / 4-3-3 ish
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