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  1. Jags Vs Stags Part Three - Saturday 23 February

    Meanwhile in Falkirk, McKenna equalises. If nothing changes in the next few minutes, County pull away from Dundee United and Ayr United at the top of the pop charts
  2. Jags Vs Stags Part Three - Saturday 23 February

    Hmm. But I do imagine there will be tired legs, and mistakes to come. 120 minutes against ICT on Tuesday will take its toll I expect
  3. The Highland Derby

    Can't predict a winner but whoever it is will quite likely fall at the next hurdle anyway. But I'll be there. Mon eh County etc.
  4. The Highland Derby

    Having said that, the first game seemed to get quite a bit of appreciation by neutrals. The Highland Derby is a thing now.
  5. Ross County v EAST FIFE

    Yeah - superficial analysis by Craig Beattie. At the other end of the game he seemed to concede that County had decent strength in depth in squad. Also, Craig's comments were followed by the Fergie interview where (again) it is quite clearly stated that County are in it to win it. Stewart hardly put a foot wrong, worked hard, created chances, was a persistent nuisance to EF defence - not a bad shout for MotM IMHO. Melodic quality might have been a bit poor but the Tromboneage was brilliant fun.
  6. The Highland Derby

    I can never tell between Vigorous, Violence and Vigurs.
  7. Dunfermline vs Ross County - 2nd February

    That'll do Midge. That'll do.
  8. Dunfermline vs Ross County - 2nd February

    Thanks Billy. Don't want to be losing when Big-spending, league-buying Dollar-dense Dundee United are winning.
  9. Dunfermline vs Ross County - 2nd February

    oh dear - not the pointless, relaxed passing around in our own half again?
  10. The General Ross County Chat Thread

    Their Dad's Bigger than Our Dad. But I'd hope their brand new starting 11 does not click immediately. Meanwhile we just need to keep getting points on the board so they don't catch us.
  11. Dundee United 2018/2019

    and trudge along to Dens
  12. The General Ross County Chat Thread

    Harsh in my view - I thought Spence improved our midfield control and performance v Alloa. Kenny is much maligned too: I think people see a big unit and don't notice that he has regularly shown accuracy, intelligence and a reliable touch when with us last time. Getting more match-fit now and did alright v Alloa.
  13. We’re top of the league and you’re no!

    Who's scraped all our faeces off the walls? Maybe we should stop letting the place to holiday-makers.
  14. Ross County vs Alloa Athletic

    Keith Watson my MOTM too, though McManus mostly played well and opened the scoring. County played some nice bits and pieces and IMentirely objectiveO, 2-0 didn't flatter - about right. Though Alloa did create a few chances, including missing a sitter, County could have scored more too. New boy Spence impressed. Intelligent player who should improve the effectiveness of our midfield.