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  1. The General Ross County Chat Thread

    Bunglebonce commented in County v QotS thread: "There was a moment in the first half where Queens were well set in their half and Cowie picked the ball up on the halfway line, with a good 15 yards of space to drive into, commit someone and pick out someone with a pass... he looked left and behind to pass to Watson and left the centre-back to try to make something happen. This is a guy who has had a career in the top echelons of the English Championship and has 10 caps for Scotland as a midfielder. That moment summed up how toothless so much of his play has been since his return. He's an intelligent player in his pressing and and a remarkably unselfish player, but he has to put his stamp on a match in that midfield trio. Otherwise it puts far too much of an onus on Jamie Lindsay to do everything, and he had a rare off-day in attempting too many one-touch passes in the final third (seeing as no-one else was). There's depth but it's all in the centre-forward position. The team needs other options in attacking midfield roles: Dow and Paton are on loan and either could have been useful; Dingwall isn't going to cut it; DKD had his chance recently. A chalk-on-the-boots winger with pace on the left would allow Gardyne to come inside again and could solve that." I think DKD should be offering this team more, and needs more belief in his (for me) undoubted abilities - and probably less time to make decisions! Does Don reckon he has come home for semi-retirement? Or maybe not 100% fit?
  2. Ross County v Queens

    County players in trainers? Too much falling over. Not least when right in front of goal.
  3. We’re top of the league and you’re no!

    It's getting all steamed up in there - can hardly see through the windows. If only we could have a lovely Christmas like the bourgeoisie in there.
  4. Wasps vs Stags

    Well put.
  5. Wasps vs Stags

    = 4 - 3 - 3. I'm happy with that. Decent strength in midfield and pace & commitment on the wings. I imagine our left will be targeted again as people will think young boys such as Grivosti & Stelios will be an easy touch. Meh. Their pace may help when we do get cut open on the break, which will happen at some point(s).
  6. Wasps vs Stags

    Call me a shy and inhibited scaredy cat who prefers to keep gonads entrousered, but I'd have Vigurs in if fit, even for 45mins, in place of a Forward, so 3-5-2.
  7. Wasps vs Stags

    County will get beat again soon, maybe this week, if we can't improve a bit on recent performances.
  8. Ross County vs Dunfermline Athletic Sat 24th Nov

    He's a physio too, so may have some idea where we're going wrong with our players' physical fitness.
  9. Raw deal

    Maybe I'm getting this all wrong. I'm guessing the shares to different clubs are meant to be proportionate to the number of people interested in those clubs, as well as their level of success. But really? "Less than £7,000" is a bit of an insult. You surely want to support & encourage the Championship diddies, by skimming a little more largesse off the Premiership top 6 etc? A wee bit of wealth redistribution could help the Scottish game.
  10. Dundee United v Alloa 20/11/2018

    Win this and the Arabs will start to get ideas pertaining to their station as a top-6-Premier-League-outfit-really. Optimal time to come down again with a bang. 0 - 1 due to OG in 87th minute.
  11. Ross County vs Dunfermline Athletic Sat 24th Nov

    Looking forward with some optimism to this - hoping County can get the three points to lift back into 2nd place, following Dundee United's inevitable victory over Aloha tonight.
  12. The General Ross County Chat Thread

    Decent central defenders are scarce. Everyone wants one.
  13. Dross Cunty v Dungpee Pooshited

    My thoughts on another incident where Keillor-Dunn was taken out by United (last man) defender were that DKD would otherwise been through on goal and the United boy should have had at least a booking.
  14. Big Derby at weekend

    Never gets old.
  15. Tru Dat. Beware your crunchable bones if it's an "actively trying to get sent off" day. But he's had a great touch in most recent games.