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  1. Playoff Final - Raith v Queens / Queens v Raith

    I'd have to comment that to this neutral, QoS looked significantly more effective than RR. Raith Rovers had some decent moves and passages of play. But Queen of the South looked stronger, quicker, more creative and more lethal in the opposition last third.
  2. 12 team Championship

    I think it's died out now but for many many months pundits were referring to the renamed Scottish Premiership as "the SPFL". Annoying. Meanwhile, I'd welcome bigger leagues if it meant not playing a small number of opponents so many times, but still having about the same or maybe a couple more games. Splits have worked well in the top league so why not get creative elsewhere?
  3. The General Ross County Chat Thread

    The length of that long shot is beyond measuring
  4. 12 team Championship

    The massaging is simply counting all season tickets as attending, whether the season ticket holders turn up or not.
  5. The General Ross County Chat Thread

    I'm pretty sure Kelly is very much working his way back towards match fitness. Since returning he has seemed to me to be conservative in his playing, less mobile, more conserving of energy. Before he was injured he could be adventurous and e.g. I remember him putting in a lot of decent crosses away to Dundee United when he (and Watson on the Right) contributed to the 5 goals we scored. His influence was noted in the BBC article
  6. And GTF day is ...

    ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ Decent excuse laid down for failing to beat St Mirren, in the interests of P&B.
  7. And GTF day is ...

    about this time my curiosity and laziness are in balance and we need telt. "the formal end to this season here is ... [insert date or other comments here]"
  8. Relegation/Promotion Party (Falkirk V County)

    Might be entitled to a smidgen of hope with that experimental County line-up. A line-up I am quite happy about though. Should be educational.
  9. The General Ross County Chat Thread

    Sad times. Spectacular miscalculation that will be regretted for a number of years. Hopefully fan power will rebuild towards better days at Falkirk.
  10. We’re top of the league and you’re no!

    See you on the next bounce of the yo-yo, folks
  11. Relegation/Promotion Party (Falkirk V County)

    Is Armstrong Right footed? I reckon he is Left footed. As evidence I posit that he scored an inswinging corner goal with his left in the Irn Bru Cup.
  12. The General Ross County Chat Thread

    Yes, Fergiewell will want to sustain the togetherness and mutual belief that (along with sufficient quality) has seen them win this difficult league. Still need a few new players with step up in quality - not easy to get at a non-budget-bursting price. We are joining a league with many richer clubs who will dominate the top 6 while we likely scrap endlessly with bottom 4 or 5 including the notorious red-and-white jobby that will not flush.
  13. The General Ross County Chat Thread

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/47940589 how the championship was won. Interesting read.
  14. Ayr vs Ross County

    Sorry but that is daft talk. None of them likes losing, and professional footballers generally have more pride and integrity than to throw a game.