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  1. SPFL could take this opportunity to make a bold league restructuring move for the new season - including 14 team top tier and just 2 lower tiers. Nobody relegated but promotions galore.
  2. County "should want points" from Sevco but we know that's a very forlorn hope. Can't compete in the slightest. Keeping the utterly humiliating score down is the extent of my optimism.
  3. Could say the same thing for the Staggies - it was all going so well in the first quarter. We've arguably had a rough several months, though probably grinding towards our natural level for the season - which is hopefully better than relegation. Not Jell of the Well, but where did you think you'd be by now when you contemplated the start of the season? Is 3rd your legitimate level for this season?
  4. So Glum you Wellies! How tough can it really be to still be in the top 3 for so much of the season? Why not just relax and slide back towards respctable lower top 6 obscurity, passing County your spare points this week?
  5. zackly! Well done County. Persistence and enough quality plus Aberdeen losing a player early on - all came together to get a win.
  6. Things took a weird turn after you posted this. Lesson: don't cast aspersions on County's financial prudence.
  7. No need to worry about County's defence. We did have a defender but he didn't survive the Livi game last week.
  8. Obviously we all (including management and players) want to finish as high as possible. I don't think there's evidence that anyone lacks ambition. Are we really a better team than the majority in the bottom 6? Several of them have excellent managers e.g. St. Johnstone & St Mirren. I think we might achieve a 9th place finish but am not putting any money on it.
  9. in other words, County and St Johnstone games are generally a draw - quite a well established pattern now
  10. Have to agree that Paton got our second half off to a far better start.
  11. Enough with the misogyny. It should be enough that your team team is doing so gosh-darned well.
  12. Agree with most of humble heart's post but would give credit to the managers for learning from experience and applying that learning perfectly v Livi. The Livi game was not one for the football connoiseur but we successfully out-Livi-ed Livi. Concerns were expressed about where Stewart / Mullin / other players would fit in, if we play this shape again. While I think KettleFergs got it absolutely right with this 5-3-2 / 3-5-2 formation, it also suggests that they can adapt the shape etc to different situations. So there will be plenty opportunity for everyone in the squad over the rest of the season.
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