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  1. That was superb. It was men against boys at times tonight.
  2. Ah that was a big chance for Dykes. Good to reach half time though. Hopefully Clarke can settle the players down a bit.
  3. Right that's enough now Scotland, you can start playing again.
  4. Sula playing the whole game when he's had an absolute nightmare is quite something.
  5. We've actually played quite well (relatively speaking) but we panic at the back and stand off players at the edge of the box whereas Airdrie haven't given us a second to get a clear shot away.
  6. Never been impressed by Quitongo but might give us more attacking threat from deep anyway. I wonder if Craig's injury is a bad one or if this was already planned.
  7. If only we'd signed a rightback in January... Edit: And there he is, in midfield ffs.
  8. Pish second half performance. Never threatened bar two half chances where McDonald and Cunningham should have done better. Comfortable win for Airdrie without them having to be particularly good.
  9. So much for that. Hynes giving the ball away in a bad position for the goal. He just doesn't really look like a midfielder.
  10. Started well and then dropped off it a little in the last 15 minutes. Still really just creating things by pressurising the opposition and generally lacking a bit of quality in the final third. The defence have been mostly fine and McGeever has done well, to be fair to him. Lyon hasn't been bad as such but still feels like he's always on the verge of giving the ball away. As usual, it'll come down to how we do when we tire and whether Airdrie can lift themselves a bit.
  11. Hopefully I'm wrong but I don't get why an unfit McGeever is straight in to replace McLean who was fine last week. Don't understand dropping Craig either who's been out best option at leftback.
  12. Makes perfect sense to swap one 28 year old lumbering centreback, who's previously played for Falkirk and Queen's Park, for another 28 year old lumbering centreback, who's previously played for Falkirk and Queen's Park. I like McGeever and would have been happy to sign him any summer in the last couple of years, but this is a rather odd way of going about it.
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