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  1. Amazon have more preorders available for the PS5 now, for anyone still looking. Game supposedly will have more today too.
  2. Whilst I'm not panicking yet, if we don't sign at least one good central midfielder in the next couple of weeks, I will become very concerned. We've lost 3 central midfielders who would all start when fit in McStay, Grant and Rankin (I accept Rankin took on more of a floating/free role), and we haven't signed any replacements for them. Lamont is a more attacking player and, by the sounds of it, Henderson is as well. Cuddihy seems likely to move into midfield, but I just don't think he's good enough. He's an ideal player to have on the bench, as he has pace and can cover a number of positions, but he's never going to control a midfield. Our league season starts one month today, and the cup before then, so if we don't announce someone soon I will be joining those in expecting a pretty poor season ahead. (That's not to mention we'd ideally sign a better centre back too).
  3. Great header. St Mirren not getting out and closing down Christie was just asking for trouble though.
  4. We don't even deserve a draw here, let alone the win.
  5. That was a ridiculous challenge for Palmer to make.
  6. Very soft penalty even if the defender did eventually grab Robertson's shirt. Are we going to fluke this despite being utter shite?
  7. His foot was 2 feet of the ground, with his studs showing. He should happily be taking only a yellow for that nowadays.
  8. Fine, "doesn't matter" is making light of the situation. But it's not unusual for a centreback (particularly playing in a back 3) to be deeper than the others. That happens a couple of times in most games. The major issue is we're playing a midfielder at centreback and he hasn't got a clue how to play that position.
  9. That would only matter if McTominay was actually playing for the offside. He had no idea the player was making that run which is the main issue.
  10. McTominay at fault again. He has no idea a player's run in behind him. Not his fault though, blame 100% on Clarke.
  11. Decent half by Edinburgh. If Kinghorn and Van de Merwe didn't insist on trying to do everything themselves, they'd probably be in an even better position. And another chance gone as Dean didn't make the early pass.
  12. This guy knows his stuff.
  13. Forrest: Sets up a chance that a good striker would get on to. Lennon: Better get a striker on but I'll take Forrest off.
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