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  1. I don't see this making any difference. The latest the St Johnstone game would be played is the Sunday and Cove have already played Tuesday after a Sunday cup game (and we've only had one day between Tuesday/Thursday games anyway).
  2. Almost all of our subs have been to protect players from bookings & exhaustion. Should have rotated the starting line up far more as the midweek games are more important to us.
  3. The commentator absolutely loves the phrase "needs to be careful".
  4. We've been really poor. I'd get Lang off who's been awful, and move Howie to centreback. Get Lloyd Robertson on for Nicoll to protect him (although same could be said for Otoo now). Then get Thomson or Lamont in the middle so we might actually hold onto the ball. ETA: Did I really just suggest using Lamont to try and keep possession....?
  5. He still swung his arm behind him when there was always liable to be a player there. Howie doens't go down easily often but a yellow was the right decision.
  6. Lang's having a bit of a nightmare against Sammon so far.
  7. Yeah, he's played more games recently than I'd realised. I knew he hadn't started against Celtic, which seemed an odd game for rest him even if your chances of a result were slim, but he's obviously played a lot apart from that. Still happy to see he's not starting today, from a Clyde point of view.
  8. Obviously I only really see Falkirk in the games against Clyde but, from that, I can never understand Gomis not starting. He's been the standout player even in games we've won.
  9. Yass. Good strike after Love wasted his chance. Forfar making it very easy for Goodwillie though.
  10. Yas. Good play by Otoo and a slight cushion for once.
  11. Strange to see Rumsby as left centreback. He doesn't look very comfortable there and not sure why he and Lang have swapped their normal positions.
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