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  1. You're saying they're grown men but it's acceptable for one of them to get drunk and miss training because he doesn't like the tactics - get a grip.
  2. Russell's actions have nothing to do with Townsend's tactics and trying to conflate the two is ridiculous.
  3. Yup, I don’t see how Townsend can be blamed for this. I love watching Finn Russell play but, in this instance, he was a moron and deserved to be punished. If anything, he then also seems to have acted childishly running off back to Racing, instead of facing up to it, staying with the team and giving himself the best chance of playing the following week. My boss was trying to claim Cotter would have handled this differently but that’s pure conjecture, and I don’t personally think there’s much that could have been done – not without risking pissing off other players for treating Finn specially.
  4. Doesn't sound good. They're only saying the first game officially but if that was really the case he wouldn't be away back to his club.
  5. You can add me to people who've been sucked in by the madness but still think the show is dreadful. My only guess for the bee was Anne Hathaway, though she would be a pretty big name for them to have got. Mostly based on her comments of a princess being ready to become a queen (referencing The Princess Diaries) and being the joker in the pack (referring to the Dark Knight). She's also done musicals so presumably is a decent singer. Whilst I agree it is Ceelo Green, Saturday's clues could easily point elsewhere. Has been nominated for (though never won) several grammies. Has remixed a Calvin Harris song. Sang to a mouse. Would be a novelty of having a "masked" DJ on The Masked Singer. => Deadmau5 (Joel Zimmerman) Although, I suspect that was all done on purpose to try and lead them astray.
  6. As usual I'd like away to Aberdeen or Hearts. Haven't played either in years (Aberdeen in particular), tick off a ground I haven't done yet and still reasonable money/crowd.
  7. A few years back I had an interview for a Trainee Lab Tech post at a university. In the role you'd rotate around the science and medical departments for 2 years, then specialise with one department and a research group. After a logic/IQ test, the Head Lab Tech took me into another room for the actual interview. There we joined four other people who were introduced as the heads of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Medicine - not the lab heads, the actual heads of department. The Head Lab Tech explained that as there were so many of them they would only ask one question each. I studied Physics (at a different uni) and the head of Physics was sat fourth in line to ask his question. I have no recollection what any of the first three questions were, and don't doubt my answers were awful, as by this stage I was shitting myself over whatever he was going to ask. Convinced he was going to ask a technical question and expose the fact I'd learned nothing at uni, when it eventually reached the head of Physics he asked "If I got the job, would I commute or relocate closer to the university?". Bearing in mind I lived 2 hours drive away, I said I would look to relocate. I wasn't offered the job (nor did I want it in the end) but it just seemed a collosal waste of time for everyone involved, only cushioned by being able to claim over £70 expenses from them for £20 worth of petrol.
  8. Disappointing not to win but still a very decent performance from Glasgow. Back to their frantic attacking style, which really suits them best, and didn't let the awful weather affect them as it often has done of late.
  9. Shouldn't have been going for the drop goal so early. Plenty of time to work a better position.
  10. That was so clearly forward and the TMO should not have been needed.
  11. The fact Exeter were taking tap and goes instead of scrums shows they know they've been under pressure at the last 2 scrums, and yet Poite was still giving them the scrum penalties.
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