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  1. The Clyde FC 2018-19 Thread

    That's another great signing. He was always a pain whenever we played Stirling.
  2. The Clyde FC 2018-19 Thread

    Sad to see Currie and Cogill go. Currie was key to our playing out from the back this year, he started moves regularly, and his quick punts for Goodwillie to chase put the opposition defenders under pressure who were often happy just to concede a throw in deep in their own half. However, even when playing with three defenders who were good in the air (Lang, Rumsby & McNiff), we always seemed to be under real pressure defending corners and I think Currie had a lot to do with that. It was also noticeable Allan Moore seemed to be getting increasingly frustrated with some of his more wayward goal kicks as the season went on. It’s not ridiculous to think we can get a more solid keeper than Currie, but he’ll go down as one of our most likeable keepers in recent years, even if he did make some games a little too “interesting”. I’m sorry we’re not giving Cogill another chance, though it would be understandable if he wasn’t overly keen to stay whilst not getting much game time. Lang gets raved about all the time, but when Cogill was playing well he was our best out and out defender IMO. I hope he finds a good club (preferably down south so we don’t have to play him) and goes on to fill his potential. Of the rest, Boyle could become a very good player but (as Sao Paulo said) he needs a team built to suit him and we’re not that at the moment. Jordan Stewart was always a solid defender but it was clear Lennon didn’t rate him, so it’s no surprise he’s away. Hughes we never saw enough of to judge him properly and Aaron Millar… well, good luck. I generally prefer a promoted side to make at least half a dozen signings to strengthen and refresh the team, so hopefully we have some good ones planned.
  3. FIFA 19

    Decided to complete Eusebio's SBC and finally swap away from a flat 4-4-2, which I don't think is a great formation for the WL. It also means I can start Ibra again, who I enjoyed using for the flashback goals objective. Hopefully I'll pick up a decent centre back from one of the TOTS's to replace Baresi.
  4. FIFA 19

    Got Ederson from my red pick - quite happy with that having only finished Silver 1. Other options were the 91 striker and 83 centre-mid from the Saudi TOTS, so can't complain at that.
  5. FIFA 19

    We’ve already had Saudi & EFL obviously, and Liga NOS is expected on Friday (with Bundesliga). The other two smaller leagues “in the code”, according to stuff on twitter, are Eredivisie & Super Lig. There could be one other small league or just a ROTW squad. I think the MLS normally get an All-star squad later in the year, as their league runs on for another few months yet. Of course, this is EA so anything's possible until it happens.
  6. FIFA 19

    Maddison as well. f**k this shit.
  7. FIFA 19

    As long as I avoid Maddison I'd be happy. I wouldn't mind trying Doherty tbh, and would take either of the keepers (who'll be the next most common). Ideal world: Van Dijk Good cards I don't want : Hazard, Mane, Aguero, Son. ETA: Eriksen can GTF too.
  8. FIFA 19

    There's nothing sweeter than coming back from 2-0 down to beat a Rangers fan 4-2.
  9. FIFA 19

    I finished Silver 1 in the end. Had 11 wins from 20, so just had to win 3 out of 10 yesterday. First 2 games, went 2-0 up but lost 3-2 & 4-2. Won the third game, then went 1-0 & 2-1 up in the fourth but still lost. Hammered in the fifth game. So 2 wins needed from 5, still very doable. First game, 3-2 up and score a peach with Forrest to go 4-2 up in the 71st minute. The other guy pauses as soon as I score but the wee ticking dial appears at the bottom of the screen - get disconnected. Log back in and the game didn't count - still 5 to play. Started the next game but was 3-0 down at half time so I quit & gave up. I really hate this game. Will do the Weekend League again next week, as I've not got much on, but that will be my last for the year.
  10. FIFA 19

    Played a dozen WL matches with Fraser - he is so much fun. So fast and barely tires the whole game. I stuck POTM Hazard on the bench and figured if Fraser's shit he can get subbed off at 60 mins each game - Hazard never got on once. I assumed it would be (at least) one of the 3 picks in a pack would be guaranteed EPL, rather than a pack of 3 EPL players which would give you a much better chance of a top player. As normal though, EA don't really communicate things properly and just leave everyone guessing. I'm heading for gold 3 anyway so it won't affect me. I haven't tried it but you should be able to stick Alsono up the pitch - normally can with defender objectives.
  11. FIFA 19

    What's the requirements for this? 83 with 2x TOTW84 with 1x TOTW85 with 1x TOTW Little expensive but can't pass it up.
  12. FIFA 19

  13. Annan v Clyde/ Clyde v Annan

    There are no words
  14. FIFA 19

    Opened around 150 packs last night - still have about 20 left but so many duplicates make it too much of a pain to keep opening them. Quick sold plenty of players I shouldn't have just to keep things moving. Just opened a pack, as I type, and got 15 duplicate players from it. Ended with 5 Saudi TOTS (1 dupe) and no EPL. Highest other pack was Thiago Silva's 88. I didn't expect much but one EPL TOTS would have been nice. Normally once the league upgrade SBC's come out I'll rinse them endlessly but with pack weight so low I don't see the point. Might just sell everything below 82 rated, even with prices low, and see where I get. Oh, and I opened my community guaranteed pack to get 87 Roussillon - really exciting.