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  1. Jaggy Snake

    FIFA 21

    Gold 2 with 2 games to spare. Very happy with that. Volland & Zahavi in the objective red picks.
  2. Jaggy Snake

    FIFA 21

    It's just someone transferring or buying coins. If you do it below BIN value it apparently helps to avoid getting caught.
  3. Jaggy Snake

    FIFA 21

    What's Prime Moore like? I'm assuming he's unpopular as he's kind of slow and quite short for a centreback, but his price still seems very cheap.
  4. Jaggy Snake

    FIFA 21

    Well this game was a fucking nightmare.
  5. Jaggy Snake

    FIFA 21

    I've done Tavernier but can't get him in my first team just now. Packed tradable Kante yesterday and was tempted to sell but he fits my team so I'll give him a run in the weekend league before deciding. If I hadn't stupidly wasted coins on upgrades when I was bored of the game I'd have been able to buy Mbappe ages ago who would have been perfect in my team.
  6. Jaggy Snake

    FIFA 21

    Started playing again at the weekend having stopped pre PS5 release. Quite enjoying it though I've mostly been grinding squad battle swaps so far. I've still got a reasonable first team though lacking a bit up front, but I wasted all coins and SBC fodder on stupid stuff on the app while I wasn't playing so have to start building up again. Kept an eye on Icon swaps and icon SBCs and didn't miss anything I was that bothered about thankfully.
  7. Tom English doesn't half talk some amount of pish nowadays. The home team mucking about and doing some light training on areas of the pitch that are fine, and the away team probably looking to get away from the stadium quickly = very interesting psychology.
  8. That was a great save by McGregor but they get so carried away with everything. That was the only place Griffiths was ever aiming at.
  9. Thought the episode was generally alright but the plot was not great. The Doctor being jailed for 19 years (or whatever number they said) was swept aside to focus the companions having had 10 months chilling at home? Not to mention how a prison could be good enough to hold the Doctor for that long, only for Captain Jack to break her out in about 10 seconds flat (I know they claimed he took all those years just to set up the escape). It just felt like the prison part should have been worthy of an episode in itself. As with others, not bothered by Ryan leaving but I liked Bradley Walsh's character. I'd have preferred Yaz to leave too though. I can't say I particularly dislike her, I just find her one of the most nothing characters of any show I've watched regularly.
  10. Mitchell is absolutely at fault for the first two goals but the defending was still horrific besides that. For the second goal Mcniff is marking a man at the near post. The Airdrie player then makes the most standard looped run out and back into the back post and McNiff ends up a couple of yards off him with no clue where he actually is. It's a standard run that catches out our idiotic defenders all the time. We are also atrocious at doing similar for attacking corners, on the rare occasion we try it.
  11. Airdrie had the wind but used it to whips corners right on top of our goal, helped by Mitchell having a fucking nightmare. You just know though, in the second half, we wont take any account for the wind and our corners and long balls will all get carried out for a goal kick instead. In general play the wind doesn't look to have affected it much though. We've just been shite.
  12. Thank god for that. Now dont concede before half time and look for an early goal in the second half to create some pressure.
  13. Lennon shouldn't even be waiting for half time - Howie should be on for Rumsby now.
  14. Are we utterly shite just now? Yes. But this kind of comment is still more embarrassing than anything we've done on the pitch today, and that's saying something.
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