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  1. He showed very occasional flashes of talent and had a decent touch but was very lightweight and a few games completely passed him by, especially when he started games. Generally didn't look ready for football at this level and I wouldn't have been that particularly happy if we'd loaned him in again so I'm surprised QP are taking him. Only caveat would be that we were pretty rotten last year, especially in midfield, which won't have helped him. That was based on 8 starts & 8 sub appearances.
  2. Do the 2000 fans still have to be socially distanced (even just in theory rather than in practice)? If so, I'd imagine our capacity will be quite a lot lower than that as we won't open more than one stand. Even more so if they keep shutting off the middle section. It should still be enough for the Dumbarton game anyway.
  3. Airdrieonians 1-2 Montrose Clyde 2-0 Dumbarton Cove 2-1 Falkirk East Fife 1-3 Queen's Park Peterhead 1-2 Alloa
  4. Did better in the rugby than the football yesterday.
  5. That's a terrible decision to disallow that try for offside.
  6. That could easily have been a red. The defender was determined to take him out some how.
  7. I'd be surprised if that footage is enough to overturn it unless the referee is keen to admit his fault. No good side or rear angle to guarantee there's no contact. 2-0 now anyway.
  8. Aye fair enough, he's made some wild ones though. Yep, not arguing with that.
  9. Yes, the Porteous foul moments ago when he hit their player in the face with his arm. And the penalty...
  10. That looked a harsh red but I'm not sure you can say 100% there was no contact, though the quality of my stream isn't helping. Newell didn't need to dive in like that regardless.
  11. The main worry for me, apart from the defence, is that we seem completely incapable of controlling a game. Gomis made a load of brilliant tackles/interceptions (thank god as no one else does) but he was poor on the ball last night. Splaine is wasteful and risky, but tries to turn away from players in the middle of the park and create things. Cunningham, as said above, had the beating of his man and had some great driving runs but to little effect. Love was poor again and Goodwillie was completely lost in the deeper role. Goodwillie only works from deeper if he can pull out wide but EK being organised and our wide players playing very high meant he had little chance to do that. Jones didn't hold the ball up well at all last night, even by his standards, but he took his goal well. I generally still like Rumsby, although I'd still rather have kept McNiff of the two, but he was absolute torture last night. We've got to be desperately hoping Page shows something and that we can get in another (pacey) centreback too. Balatoni does lots of good things but isn't very aggressive for a centreback. Livingstone also lacks a bit of aggression at times but was mostly decent last night. For the weekend I'd like to see us drop Love to the bench. Throughout his time with us he's always been better as a sub. Bring Mortimer back in at rightback with Cuddihy on the wing in front of him. Gomis & Kennedy sitting, and push Splaine into the number 10 role. He seems to have a decent shot and his giving possession away would be less risky there. Cunningham back to the left please and Goodwillie up top obviously. If that doesn't work, I've no idea what will. At least we have something to play for on Saturday. Maybe we'll even reach the 5th minute before conceding.
  12. Our defence is woeful. Both teams should have scored more.
  13. I stopped doing league bets as I can't stand having them sit in my open bets for a year.
  14. First Scottish coupons of the season. Lost one wee £2 long shot accumulator but two out of three ain't bad. Cowdenbeath had me worried though.
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