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  1. Falkirk extremely comfortable in this game. Very disheartening from a Clyde point of view. First goal came from a corner, flicked on at the front and no Clyde player covering the back post/6 yard box, allowing McGinn a tonne of time to run onto the ball and slot it home. The second was a low cross into the box, McLean swung his leg at it, the ball popped up and hit him on the hand, then Ray Grant panicked and tried to clear the ball with his right foot. He completely scuffed his connection and the ball rolled towards the penalty spot/edge of the box, again with no Clyde players around and McGinn stepped up to power it home. Falkirk had a few other chances that could have led to goals. Clyde had one shot of note that was saved. The Falkirk keeper flapped and spilled the resulting corner but Kennedy had a near fresh air swipe when the ball broke to him. Typically we haven’t put the ball anywhere near the keeper in our next 2 corners, despite his shaky moment. Cunningham lost up front and completely marked out the game, as he always is without a striker in front of him. Cameron has potential but last week he got bullied and became frustrated and ended up offering little. Unsurprisingly the same thing has happened again today. He isn’t ready to play central attacking mid. Either put him on the wing where he’ll get more space, or get him off, move Cunningham back one and (as I always say) get an actual striker on. The most depressing thing is that earlier in the season we were dropping points while still playing well, creating chances and generally being entertaining to watch. We’re now back to barely creating one real chance per half and taking too many touches in possession. If Lennon sorted his tactics and we managed to keep it tight at the back in the second half we could still theoretically play our way back into this, but I can’t see either of those things happening.
  2. No striker starting again. Lennon is honestly so frustrating.
  3. Jaggy Snake

    Fifa 23

    I'm quite enjoying the game. Suits a slower passing style which makes a change, well until they update it anyway. Upgraded my team a bit more tonight after some decent packs.
  4. Dunfermline 3-0 Peterhead Falkirk 1-2 Clyde Kelty 2-2 Airdrie Montrose 3-1 Edinburgh Queen of the South 1-2 Alloa
  5. Jaggy Snake

    Fifa 23

    EA Play access now available. First pack opened on console (Jumbo Rare Players from one of the broken SBCs).... not bad I suppose.
  6. Let's build our new stadium in Wales and we'll go and win the league.
  7. And another team selection without a striker starting...
  8. Jaggy Snake

    Fifa 23

    Made this team to start with. I like that they've tried to change chemistry, the game needed something fresher, but the inflexibility of positions is going to be a pain. A CM getting and giving no chemistry at CDM is just stupid. I was going to buy De Paul, but he doesn't have CDM as an alternative position so I'd have had to change my formation completely to fit him in. I looked at Hickey for a rightback but his positions are LWB, LB and RWB. On the one hand, that's an improvement from last year when players couldn't play on both sides at full chemistry. But being able to play RWB at full chem but RB gets zero doesn't make any sense.
  9. Lennon has to make some hard decisions, choose his first choice defence and stick with it for a few games. The constant chopping and changing isn't helping anyone. I wasn't there yesterday but interested to see people surprised/annoyed that Sula was the centreback to get subbed. The same happened in the Edunburgh game, Peter Grant was having a nightmare, McLean not much better, and yet it was Sula that Danny took off. Maybe he feels obligated, or at least more inclined, to play the other centrebacks as they're more experienced but Sula is more mobile and probably a better passer than the rest too. Lennon has to decide who our rightback is, Cuddihy or Lyon. Obviously that's been hampered by Cuddihy being injured but choose one and stick with it. I personally would go with Cuddihy as Lyon's end product in attack is so poor and Cuddihy underwhelms too often in midfield anyway. Then pick Kennedy or Rodden at leftback. I'd probably go Rodden and hope he gets better but there's not much in it. Then choose 2 centrebacks and stick with it. I'd probably try Sula and McLean for a while but just give a couple of them time to form a partnership before tinkering with it.
  10. You'd think Hearts had lost Maldini at the back the amount the commentators have gone on about Halkett going off injured.
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