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  1. It was a straightforward win but probably not as convincing as you are making out. Considering most of these guys have just been working together for at best 3 weeks , I think they did ok . Believe me , they are a big improvement on what we had to endure for the last 2-3 years. A lot of work going on at the club both on and off the park just now . Recruitment is in progress and we should be in a better place by the time this pre season stuff is out of the way.
  2. Aye basically sums up the game. Very comfortable for Rovers. I thought we competed well which is basically what we are trying to achieve out of these games. All about the guys getting to know each other. I thought Gary Wood was very good at centre back ..............considering he was signed as one of our main strikers he hardly put a foot wrong . A few more signings of the quality we are getting and I reckon we will have the makings of a good team for the season ahead. Definitely need someone who can hold the ball up in the final third of the park . That seems to be our main weakness. Otherwise I'm fairly happy with progress so far.
  3. The answer is not to give this muppet the time of day.
  4. The only groundhog part is your patter.
  5. That's the way to do it. Just f**k the system that's designed to get rid of the minnows .
  6. Which will still be the case if the colts teams ever venture into the spfl if people stick to their guns and boycot these matches.
  7. Fair shout. Good luck in your quest.
  8. Quite a strange move as spectators are not permitted on grass banks in the SPFL to my knowledge.
  9. Aye . Spot on. The ruling about not being able to field trialists as well as a heavily weighted format in favour of the full time sides I think highlights the regard the part time teams are held within the SPFL. The league cup has become a competition where the lower league sides are tolerated but not really welcome.
  10. From this........ To this.......... To this in the space of a day. Wow! Just Wow !
  11. I would think at least one HL club will be prepared to challenge this ridiculous scenario if it ever gets off the ground.
  12. Several signings were announced last night and today. Don't know what part of that was not correct .
  13. A meeting of SPFL clubs tomorrow seemingly to discuss the colts being admitted to league 2 the season after next. They are not giving up .
  14. Is it not a sensible move actually knowing your assistant ? Also the strong possibility of the two of them ( and Levein) having similar thoughts over training methods and tactics.
  15. A lot of assumptions being made here already based on ...........................................well nothing really. Just have to wait and see what pans out. A new start all round new management team , new club structure , new league , new challenges I am sure we will rise to the challenge.
  16. Just have to wait to see what transpires.
  17. Yet you still keep obsessive trolling . What a sad sack you really are. As I said , we are in your head and you can't let go.
  18. We seem to be forever living in your head rent fee.
  19. I just like having a wee look in every time a new post goes up on the Brechin site . Sorted for you.
  20. Hahahaha Mr Obsessive back trolling again
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