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  1. Well a bit of the world . He will probably see the rest at his leisure when he retires .
  2. Uncapped possibly .......but retiring a multi millionaire who has seen the world ? .................Sounds ok to me. Scored a peach of a winner at the weekend by the way. Maybe just starting to settle in and show his potential at this level.
  3. Hamish was up there for man of the match. Never put a foot wrong.
  4. This is probably the reason I will give this one a miss when it comes round. That walk after a few pints and nips could end badly .
  5. Quite unusual to have so many quitting in such a short period.
  6. Ah , I'd thought you'd been ill or something as we've missed your pearls of wisdom. Sorry we disappointed you in the first couple of games with those convincing wins . Glad you are fine though and good to see we are still living in your head rent free.
  7. A win would have been nice but not really that important in the Clusterfuck Cup . Yes the past 3 seasons were absolutely brutal.
  8. Once the new guys settle in I think you may be right. Julien looks like he will cause a few problems. Certainly took the piss of that centre back who needed a Sunday pub team challenge to stop him from scoring . Wee Max and Coxy will certainly make a difference when they return. The farcical defending apart , it was an entertaining game . Streets ahead of what we have endured the past few years.
  9. This grits my tits. It's as if these B teams are only associated to their parent club by name only. Not only are they discarded once they come of age but they are not allowed to play at their parent club's stadium. Just a farce.
  10. I can get from Brechin to Newmachar in about an hour in my works van up the new bypass. It's about 35 miles from there to Banff so 2 hours total is reasonable. Most of our journeys this season are 2- to 2and a half hours max . Obviously Wick , Brora , Clach and Nairn are a bit longer and might require overnight stays ( to take full advantage of the hospitality ) but Inverurie and Formartine will be shorter.
  11. I think we basically have to just enjoy this season and hope we get back into the SPFL at the first time of asking.
  12. Just settling in . Looking fairly comfortable without being a stand out. Saying that , he seems to be marshalling everything around about him as Paton is doing with the midfield and Wood is doing up front. Quite a solid spine to the team .
  13. It's more the manner that we are dominating these teams . The ball played confidently on the deck and virtually no big hopeful punts up the park. No being Erchie about it , just appreciating the decent fitba on show.
  14. I think this thread kind of sums up the general lack of interest for football in the area . The vast majority of posts are from fans of other clubs who seem more intrigued with the next development of an ongoing saga than anything else. The lack of any positive vibe coming from local supporters is quite worrying as is the approach from Fort William themselves at trying to resolve the issues and create a plan going forward. Crowd funding and hoping for sympathetic help comes across as a last ditch attempt to keep their heads above the water long enough to reach the shore. What happens after that ?
  15. Aye that's an interesting one. Where are Fort William going to generate matchday income ? This could be the beginning of the end for them.
  16. They are taking their time to try and get the right blend .....................both playing wise and to fit in to the very harmonious squad that we have right now. No point in just signing for the sake of it as in years past.
  17. Attendance 510. I also see the Highland league website has our result as 3-2 and the table as a goal difference of 1. If they are using the ref's report as the official end result , I can understand where the mistake was as he was making his own rules up as he went along. I have heard that the refereeing standards drop significantly in this league though so no real surprise with that clown yesterday.
  18. Nothing "wee club" about it. The wee clubs go out of their way to accomodate people when demand is there . This is just a case of a club who can't be arsed and don't give a f**k about the supporters as the shambolic ticketing system for the Raith fans also highlighted.
  19. This job will test his abilities . Be interesting to see if it turns into a Clyde type of nothingness ( which he struggles to mention these days) or if Alloa are prepared to splash out like Kelty did.
  20. He was released. Travelling from Glasgow was never going to be a sensible move with new training arrangements etc.
  21. Aye. Sadly so. Might not be a bad thing given the shite they came up with these past couple of seasons. Yes , seemingly so. I think a statement is going out today.
  22. Cheers for the update guys. ...........and apologies for the rant .
  23. That is fantastic stuff from the BBC . They don't really give a f**k , do they ? On another lower league matter, I noticed that the lowland league has now been included on the livescore app. I wonder if the highland league will get similar attention next week ? With no OF representation I have my doubts. This fucking colt nonsense is not going to go away anytime soon. They are doing everything they can to keep them in the limelight . The papers today had a lowland league report section...................... with the colts reports forefront of course.
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