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  1. Had the player in question been Shagger, then I'm sure it would have been classed as a great reactional stop from the keeper.
  2. What happens if the club folds mid season ? I assume all their fixtures will be turned in to 3-0 walkovers ?
  3. I apologise , I thought the Elgin guy was being sarcastic . It came from a couple of good sources so I don't doubt it. I think if you dig a bit deeper into the Deveronvale game you might get a similar story.
  4. The team sheet normally doesn't . People talk though.
  5. Fort are bringing the senior game into disrepute IMO . Only 9 "fit" signed players on their team sheet today . The rest made up of mates of those players.
  6. We shall try again next Tuesday. Hopefully storm Corrie waits till after Christmas.
  7. After last Saturday , I'm afraid it is all midweek dates from here on in as are the cup rules. I am sure if covid halts any further matches then it will be dealt with.
  8. Boyd was asked about the challenge and was emphatic in saying it was a clear red and that VAR would have resulted in a sending off. Emphatic is maybe stretching it a bit .
  9. Next Monday, then Tuesday , then Wednesday, then repeat the next week.
  10. I think that was more a dig at boyd who almost single handedly made sure the offside decision was the only talking point in a very entertaining game last week. He wasn't too concerned about that challenge for some strange reason.
  11. That's basically the way it is or has been until we joined Highland league . Our signing policies have altered a bit now .
  12. It's not as simple as that. Montrose FC are the community club in the town . They have linked into most of the community groups to help obtain maximum funding . As well as the youth football they host many non football groups through the week . Their stadium is used constantly . Montrose Roselea though are a completely seperate entity altogether and have to operate within that same community , trying to source funding and revenue from the same people / companies etc who are already contributing to the larger community body. I think they must be applauded for the progression they have made already under these circumstances but I agree with tellyboy in that the highland would be a step too far for them.
  13. Some of our guys were a bit disappointed about missing out too but I assured them that Fort William as a place is a total let down.
  14. I am not only talking about us but every other club who have invested on hospitality as a source of matchday income . Fort are a club in the same league as all of us . They are no more entitled to special treatment than all of us . The ruling for the league was made at the start of the season when they couldn't meet the required criteria to fulfil their league matches . By all accounts the league were entitled to not allow them to compete at all but (rightfully) went with the current SEASON LONG solution. I am sorry but if the league were to suddenly have a change of heart now it would throw all sorts of problems into the pot. I used hospitality as one. What about the clubs in the league below? I'm sure they would have something to say as Fort could well have opened up a free space had the league decided to throw them out at the start. .....................Instead you suggest they overturn a punishment on the basis of feeling sorry for them .
  15. You just did . But yes . That question was put firmly in its place at the time of asking which worked out ok for us in the long run. Same as the question you have posed. Thankfully (hopefully) it is only your opinion and the national media won't jump on it and add the arms and legs. Ironically Ken's request maybe wasn't such a bad idea after all as the boundaries are currently the topic of discussion. The media are very fickle.
  16. Ah. I get it . I noticed in our last couple of seasons in league 2 when the lowland league started throwing all sorts of random shite at us , the media joined in thinking it was clever. All stating that the progressive clubs should be allowed to thrive ...................Now they are questioning Kelty's sustainability . The highland league seems a different animal altogether. Buckie apart , the atmosphere is a lot friendlier but that doesn't automatically mean you can make stuff up as you go along.
  17. Is this a norm in the highland league ? To just make up random stuff through the season ?
  18. Aw , you've certainly pulled at my heart strings there . If only fitba worked that way .
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