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  1. We have been saying that since about the 3rd match in but our players and management can't seem to grasp that philosophy.
  2. What's the issue here ? It's just a simple case of our club trying to rebuild after a disastrous few years of poor decision making. If folk are too caught up in their own agendas and conspiracy theories to accept that then fair enough.
  3. Saturday highlighted a lot of your points. First half excellent till the sending off . Second half a combination of poor tactical decisions and players having to completely change their mindset to accomodate the strange tactical thinking from the sidelines. Keep it simple and keep doing the things players are comfortable at and I'm sure the results will come. The bit I highlighted is a bit of a cop out. If the players and management haven't worked out by this stage that to compete at the top end in this league you just have to go for it , then we will get nowhere. Our players are not new to playing attacking football and if anything , this league allows them to do just that . Fraserburgh showed on Saturday that when put under pressure they can be as shaky as us at the back. When you start to play into their hands by trying to park the bus though that is when they come into their own. Not rocket science.
  4. The top 6 or 7 teams would probably hold their own in league 2 . Below that the standard is very poor. You can see by the table the obvious gulf in quality. Hard to say how other league 2 sides would fare in this league as I don't think there are many in as bad a state as Brechin were in those last couple of seasons. Although our team and overall displays have dramatically improved since our SPFL decline I would say the team still have to get a bit more streetwise . The football we play is sometimes fantastic but the appetite to really finish teams off just isn't there . Broch showed on Saturday, as they have done on many occasions , a real will to win. If Brechin are to get out of this league then we have to do the same.
  5. To be fair there's been some cracking games throughout the league this season. If there is one thing us Brechin fans have worked out it is not to sit back on an early lead . It's a pity our players and manager haven't .
  6. Who knows what goes on behind the murky doors of the SPFL / SFA and associated partners. Agendas galore. One thing is for sure, talk to the wrong guy and you are fucked.
  7. Happy new year to you as well. Looks like ye had a good time. Broch and Brora could easily be mistaken right enough.
  8. No honestly, that was the talk after they got humped from the Broch. Their new manager is seemingly full time and wants at least half of the squad initially full time as well. Like you I have no idea how they are going to finance it all.
  9. You must not have heard the story about Fort going full time !!!
  10. Just one question . Why would Brechin want to swap to the LL at any stage in the future ? ( promotion excepted of course ) Just curious as to the external thinking .
  11. They won't or shouldn't extend any restrictions now after the updated reports coming in to government . I just hope the government takes heed this time .
  12. All this chaos over a variant which the scientists are now saying there is no evidence to suggest it is worse than the last one. Something the South African doctor who identified the variant said from the start and which all our scientists and media continued to ignore . The UK at its brilliant best.
  13. The only reason the SFA will stop football altogether is if there is whining from the arse cheeks at having to play their derby basically behind closed doors. Other than that I think decisions will be left to each association to make themselves.
  14. Well done smokies. Top of the league at Christmas is some feat for a part time outfit against some of the full time powerhouses of Scottish fitba. Must be all the more pleasing knowing the result came with a depleted squad and none of the Campbells there.
  15. Jim Traynor always said he was an Airdrie fan too. Look how that turned out .
  16. You lot should start thinking about what league you'd prefer to play in should the worst happen . The Highland league is a blast and really worth considering . If you start the lobbying process now , I'm sure you will gain the support you need by the time it happens . Oh by the way , it's only the play off that would be suspended.
  17. Should be ok I think . Not too frosty here so should be fine.
  18. Unfortunately and needlessly a shut down is coming . Level 6 games have already been cancelled this weekend so only a matter of time for the rest of us. Will all hinge on the after effects of the cup final crowd . Leitch seems to be really concerned with that , even though there's another potential big crowd at Ibrox this weekend .
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