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  1. Canny get the beer in for all the jelly !! Freezer stuffed full of ice cream !!!
  2. We have our AGM tomorrow night. Our chairman is a relatively new member of the SFL committee so we expect to be led down the " We have no option" route ! I will personally take some of the issues from here to the meeting and will push for sporting integrity over commercial suicide . Hopefully we have enough amunition to convince the doubters. I will update tomorrow night !!
  3. Just goes to show that these media p***ks just go through the motions of being interested in anyone other than the OF !! For being an alledged experienced senior football writer, these comments are as laughable as they are misinformed! I think it's a case of them showing their true colours . Their easy meal ticket has suddenly been taken away and now they might have to actually work to get a story worth printing !!! It's maybe more a case of the death of lazy journalism !!!
  4. Rangers look likely to get away with murder yet again as a court judge says the transfer embargo was illegal, yet the 25 point deduction and transfer embargo that Dundee got was perfectly ok ???? Today could possibly be the day Scottish football died ! Do what you want with Rangers now as there's more chance of me winning the British Open Golf using one of David Murray's plastic legs than Rangers getting any sort of punishment !!!
  5. Nothing to debate IMO For the majority of SPL teams it is all about self preservation . Honesty ,and integrity have been forgotten . The fact that the game has been brought into disrepute should be enough for every team in Scotland to now snub this rotten vile establishment and put an end to cheating on such a scale. I would be shocked If they are allowed to continue in any form at all , let alone the SPL .
  6. Thanks for the support. It sometimes feels like you are banging your head against the wall !!

    Keep an eye out for a letter in the Brechiner ! We are setting up a meeting for those not happy with the current situation !! Full details later

  7. Pars legend Dick Campbell's antics in Spain last year tells you all you need to know !!!
  8. We were talking about the creditors at work today when out of the blue, my mate says ...." They owe money to a face painting company . That must have been to keep Kyle Lafferty amused during his stint on the sidelines !!! " You can just picture him sitting there saying " Gawny gie me a Tiger face ? Go on !!! "
  9. It was to the scheme that Fat Sally and the cronies were advertising with the board that was full of mistakes . Can't remember the official name of it though !!
  10. Good one on off the ball at lunchtime today. Alledgedly there have been thousands of pledges of 1p to the save the Rangers fund. It seemingly costs around 28p to administer each pledge. Bloody shame that ! Kicking a team when they're down !!!
  11. I thought today was the deadline for all offers complete with their plans for managing the debt !! Obviously not then !! Seems that there are no such thing as deadlines with Hinge and Bracket ! They just make things up as they go along . Wonder how much they have managed to add to the running costs this week ? No signs of any major cost cutting that I can see ! Update that, just seen the BBC news. 5 offers just been announced !!
  12. Exactly . One point that keeps appearing is that attendances would rise just because of theprofile name of the opposition. That is a fallacy particularly with the OF as they just follow for the sake of glory. No glory in competing in a league that they can't win. Out of principal, I wouldn't go to watch teams that have been forced upon us for the "greater good " of Scottish football. A shame because at present I watch Brechin home and away and feel that I am contributing in a small way to the survival of lower league football. Watching the protracted crap involved with trying to save a self indulgent, self preserving club like Rangers (WHO WILL NOT THINK TWICE ABOUT GOING BACK TO THEIR OLD WAYS ) makes my blood boil . If they survive , which is looking more and more likely by the day , I would hope that the media would come to their senses and see them as others see them.........Corrupt and tainted. As a footnote, I laughed at the announcement of the charities trust match against AC Milan . It seems that once you are in the mess that Rangers are in , like minded , corrupt clubs rally to your support. You have to admire the bare faced cheek of it all !!
  13. How does it take 2 weeks to announce something that was suggested on here in the early pages ? It was reported today as a major move by the SPL clubs . Just shows that the fans ( who seem to know far more than the experts ) views are in fact listened to. But the powers can't be seen to be taking advice from the minions , hence the delay then the major announcement to make it sound like their idea !!! This is a common practice of our chairman to make him seem like he's in charge. It seems it goes on at higher levels too !!
  14. With Donald Finlay at Cowden's helm , I'm sure talks are already underway ! The old school reunited again ??
  15. Yer fuckin arse !!! I was at St James' Park when Viv Anderson was in his first season at Arsenal . He went to take a corner at the Gallowgate end and was promptly pelted , not only with bananas, but coconuts too! The game was held up for 10 mins till they cleared the stuff and convinced Anderson that it was safe to play on !! That's what I call one of the the worst cases of racist abuse at a British Ground !! You say that you are a genuine fan of Scottish football yet you fail to see or hear anything that doesn't concern Rangers !! You have proved countless times on P&B how blinkered and one sided all your arguments are ! Sorry , but I am of the opinion that your knuckles are as scarred as the aforementioned Barcelona mob. Once you get together you just can't help yourselves.
  16. A bit off topic .......On the news tonight that an investor has given Dundee a six figure sum and there are more investors in the pipeline . Enough to see a promotion push ? Back on topic .......Still waiting patiently for the black smoke to billow out of the Govan gas pipe !!!!
  17. You can talk history all you like . The team that you follow ( if you're very very lucky ) next season will have no history at all . No past glories to gloat about and certainly no reason to spout your bigoted bile in the name of tradition !! Good luck East Stirling 2013 !!!
  18. I hope they prove it by showing the grizzly pictures like they did with Bin Laden !!!
  19. I was savagely beaten in the early stages of the debate for seeing right through Salmond's slimy actions on day one. As predicted he has now dropped interest in this whole grubby episode , just as he dropped his pal Fred the Shred . For future reference, I can confidently predict that should by some miracle, Rangers come out unscathed, then Salmond will re-emerge and profess to be the key figure in all dialogue!!!!!! Politicians are on the same slime ladder as dodgy wide men like Whyte and Minty .
  20. Remember though. Rangers blocked all checks on Whyte's credentials pre takeover. What did they know back then ??? Mair fish here than women's day at Gayfield !!!
  21. However unlikely, that would be absolutely wonderful ! I would be straight on to Jim Traynor to gloat about Brechin City's greatest victory !!!! What goes around comes around !!!
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