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  1. Thanks for the support. It sometimes feels like you are banging your head against the wall !!

    Keep an eye out for a letter in the Brechiner ! We are setting up a meeting for those not happy with the current situation !! Full details later

  2. Sorry Ghostie, I didn't know about your club until now. We have arranged for 2 buses at the Tulloch and have been told it is pretty decent. If our paths happen to cross again, we will give you a shout. Cheers forthe offer anyway !! ;-)

  3. Have a look at the mongols on the Arbroath thread. I can't help myself, they are there for the taking.

  4. Any more word on McAllister's move pap ?

  5. Have you still got tickets left ? I would take 2 off your hands if you do

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