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  1. Obviously some people can't see the broader picture.
  2. Reading his resume , it seems rather than being injury prone he had a back problem which was operated on and hopefully rectified. He played most of last season for Edinburgh City (or whatever they call themselves now) switching from grass to plastic pitches and seems to be ok so fingers crossed.
  3. That's one man's opinion. Not Brechin City's
  4. An interesting perception given that everyone I've spoken to who was at the game reckons there was nothing between the sides in the first half and Arbroath shaded it in the second half when the Brechin trialists began to tire. Considering Brechin had about 5 or 6 of the first team missing I think they did quite well.
  5. I think McLennan has now established himself in the first team squad .
  6. Quite a few first team regulars away on holiday I believe, so will be interesting to see what we are capable of with a full squad available. By all accounts the guys yesterday looked a lot sharper and fitter than last season so all bodes well so far.
  7. You have hit the nail on the head................but in our case the lack of "future proofing " was evident way before our time in the Championship. Our disastrous season there should have sent the alarm bells off in the board room but sadly it didn't , despite the many concerning questions asked from season ticket holders. The realisation only came when we plummeted to 42nd place which of course was too late. Thankfully the club now seem to be more professionally focused on the future with a complete restructure and vision based on what we have seen at Arbroath and Montrose..............probably 10 years too late but the public support behind the changes has been incredible both financially and personally with people willingly giving up their time to help in any way they can . It is very evident that people want to have successful community clubs that everyone can feel part of . I am just so glad that our club got the kick up the backside that was needed to realise this.
  8. That didn't take long . The obsession continues.
  9. Thank you Fort William for being a clusterfuck . Looking forward to our double header in the festive season with Banks o Dee.
  10. I would be quite shocked if Spartans were in favour of the colts...............considering Rangers International FC 2012 were favoured above them when a spot became available that year.
  11. I wonder if Tom English is following this shite as avidly as he did with our club's shambolic clusterfucked attempt to enter this clusterfuck of a league. It now appears that those progressive, forward thinking , well run clubs weren't really as he described.
  12. The lowland league much prefer the colt teams so you are probably right there.
  13. No. Thankfully that is not an option for us any more.
  14. As long as Dick is in charge it won't change as he sees youth football a waste of resources which could be spent on paying experienced players the money they demand. Talking through experience
  15. Michael Stewart and Billy Dodds............ BBC lovies. Stewart's bias was clear to hear from the moment he opened his mouth.
  16. Oh I remember that day. That was when your young team had their cans of shandy confiscated and they threw the toys out of the pram and went on the rampage. You were obviously not there as the terracing is concreted , no grass walkways and there is a covered terrace behind one goal. Your fabrication fools no one. The majority of normal people actually love the place. Your daytripper fans were an embarrasment that day .
  17. Aye but their rustle is louder than the sweetie papers in the pockets of the caley jags fans.
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