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  1. As long as Dick is in charge it won't change as he sees youth football a waste of resources which could be spent on paying experienced players the money they demand. Talking through experience
  2. Michael Stewart and Billy Dodds............ BBC lovies. Stewart's bias was clear to hear from the moment he opened his mouth.
  3. Oh I remember that day. That was when your young team had their cans of shandy confiscated and they threw the toys out of the pram and went on the rampage. You were obviously not there as the terracing is concreted , no grass walkways and there is a covered terrace behind one goal. Your fabrication fools no one. The majority of normal people actually love the place. Your daytripper fans were an embarrasment that day .
  4. Aye but their rustle is louder than the sweetie papers in the pockets of the caley jags fans.
  5. Aye , possibly true but that hedge creates more atmosphere than what I witnessed from you guys on Tuesday night.
  6. A very bold statement considering the pitiful turnout from the home support for such an important game.
  7. Ah ok . Apologies to all concerned for my hasty responses.
  8. Aye but when 2 league champions are trying to get into one league it surely swings the unfairness to the SPFL clubs ?
  9. I think the league made the decision not to have any play offs due to the covid restrictions and the impracticality of games being played at the time. As far as I am aware Brechin were to be involved in a play off and came into that category. They maybe asked the league for clarity but I cannot recall any specific appeal . That was maybe another of Tom English's fabrications at the time
  10. I think that is a bit drastic. The bottom club , yes definitely . The HL/LL play off winners should then go up automatically with the loser playing off against team 41 . Just my opinion though.
  11. Sorry to digress but at no time did Brechin City refuse or attempt to refuse to take part in any play off so any similarity ends there.
  12. Pretty much spot on especially the Montrose part. Unfortunately we found out 5 years too late where complacency , stubbornness and a bit of arrogance leads you. Hopefully we are now on a much firmer foundation to move forward.
  13. That might have been the best option for all parties in hindsight , especially when it appears they made no effort to find an alternative venue to play their home games despite knowing their pitch was knackered for the best part of the close season.
  14. I agree with both of you . I just think they have been too lenient with Fort from the start of the season with the pitch fiasco . That in itself was enough to indicate they were just taking the piss.
  15. If there is one thing I have learnt this past week it is that both the HL and LL ruling bodies seem to struggle with implementing their authority.
  16. Basically the stadium , although very tidy is aging and does require some upgrading. The club are currently drawing up plans for this with the aim of making it a community facility to be used on a daily basis by the many groups/ clubs in the town. It will take a bit of time to put all the plans in place but hopefully it will serve Brechin City and the whole town well in the future. As for the stewards, they are all local folk , mainly giving their time to help the club for minimal expense. This was a required licencing criteria when in the SPFL as an alternative to policing. Although it is obviously not required in the HL , I think the club decided to keep it in place to help train up some newer recruits should we be in a position to return to the SPFL.
  17. Interesting perception . What brings you to that conclusion ?
  18. I am just glad our club were black balled from this absolute circus of a league. It just highlights the standard of decision making from our club at the time that the lowland league was even considered an option for us.
  19. You somehow make Buckie out to be a super force in this league. They beat us comfortably in the teacake cup right at the start but in the league we beat them once and only lost the other one when our keeper chucked the ball in his own net in an absolute shitfest of a game at Buckie.
  20. Well done Broch by the way . You and Buckie have had an incredible season. Consistency has been fantastic.
  21. Honestly though, does that not tell you all you need to know about the SPFL ?
  22. Absolutely. I do miss going to Cowdenbeath , Edinburgh City and Stenny though . They are fantastic away days.
  23. About 9 or 10 signed up for next season so far . That's a massive improvement from the shambolic management system endorsed by our previous committee. At least those guys will have a full pre season preparation behind them along with a bit of stability and familiarity.
  24. ...................And Formartine - and Inverurie.
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