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  1. I have driven that road a few times but out of interest (for future reference) how long would it take to walk from the pub to the ground ?
  2. Easy solution is get dropped off at pub then it is downhill all the way to the fitba. That can be taken in whichever context is appropriate.
  3. There is a beefeater type pub on Wellington Road heading back towards Cove just past the Shell offices. Probably about a 10-15 minute walk from Spain Park .
  4. That route definitely takes at least half an hour off the journey.
  5. This has an altogether familiar ring to it from our perspective . Sometimes it is not as easy as just replacing the manager . When the losing mentality sets in it is amazing how easy it is to make quick and rash decisions based on nothing more than hope .
  6. Your resilience is admirable. I'll give you that.
  7. Relying on an obscure and slightly biased football forum for your information kind of highlights the credibility of your reporting skills.
  8. About as dodgy as Jimmy's story telling.
  9. Aye that would have been a bit of a midweek trek although I think Wick airport would have been utilised for that one. For the players at least.
  10. Refs are pish in this league . Sunday pub league level at best .
  11. That almost happened when we played them in the Scottish cup a good few years back. When our bus arrived and drove past the park there was a fire engine pumping water off the park . It was touch and go but I think the ref let the teams decide that the game should go ahead .........................given half the population of Wick were already queueing to get in . Turned out to be a cracking game with Wick 4-2 up with 10 mins to go then conceding 2 late goals for a 4-4 draw.
  12. Hats off to the intrepid Brechin fans making their way to Wick today . Early start for most but a few making a weekend of it . A few with hangovers this morning I would think so go easy on them Wickers. Sadly can't make it up myself but hopefully the team can do the business today. Mon the hedgehunters.
  13. I said it possibly reflects the role. By what I saw in the brief time he was at Hibs was that he just didn't look happy on the pitch . Whether that is down to tactics or how he was welcomed generally at Hibs , who knows . Also Hibs might not have been Ryan's first choice of loan move at that particular time.
  14. Does that not possibly reflect more the style of football he was asked to play at Hibs ? The clubs at which he thrives are the ones confident enough to let him have a free reign in the middle/ front end of the park .
  15. I think it's safe to say Ryan has had an impact at every club he has played for apart from Sporting Lisbon where he was the victim of internal cub politics between manager and president.
  16. Jeanfield Swifts must be world beaters then. As I said by what we have seen. Our game against the Broch was a bit scrappy. Locos on Wednesday looked like a decent well organised side who were not as one dimensional.
  17. Our worst performance of the season by a long way. We all thought Locos were a decent team who simply wanted to win more than we did. As you say on this showing Brechin certainly need to up their game if they want to move up a league. Locos might be there or there abouts but judging on what we have seen this season I would say Locos are a better team than the Broch.
  18. We did notice a lack of teeth right enough.
  19. Ach , the world was against them on Saturday.
  20. We missed quite a few really easy chances too , mind .
  21. The Brechin express keeps rolling on . Next stop Inverurie.
  22. You say "deserved " . I don't think a team dominating 10 minutes of a game really deserve any more than they got yesterday. Buckie fans are a bit of a precious bunch though.
  23. For the life of me I don't know why . Enough chances to reach double figures.
  24. Your obsession has risen to the level of keeping notes ????? You are one sad individual.
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