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  1. Good to see you again when talk of a new manager is kicking about.
  2. Quite the opposite I think. Given the shortened season , there is no time to hang about like we did in previous seasons . Mark knew that this season was the most important in the club's history and his bold plan for fast attacking football, although welcomed , was actually starting to look quite shambolic given the amount of goals we were shipping on a weekly basis. The likelihood of things changing quickly looked less likely and the same excuses were reeled out from Wilson with no apparent sign of the problems being addressed. Yes he signed some young lads with great potential and a bit of attacking flair but the balance of also keeping things tight was missing. There are huge changes being made at the club at the moment behind the scenes . These changes will be for nothing if things aren't happening on the park.
  3. The season we went up to the championship we lost more games than we won with some horrificly defensive pish. The season before that we just avoided relegation on the last day . That makes 5 in my book.
  4. Even the Norman Collier commentary would be better than listening to the BBC .
  5. 100% improvement from those BBC clowns at the smokies game last night. Billy Dodds is a condescending b*****d.
  6. We had a meeting in December to try and address the issues to attempt to halt the slide and this was where the fighting fund was set up . For you to suggest that we should have tried nothing then is a bit preposterous given our position at that time . Yes it was a panic button but we were in a perilous situation. In hindsight you may have been right as the players brought in didn't help the situation due to other unsettling factors . For the club not to do something then would have been seen as them just accepting their fate. The money raised in such a short period of time showed that the real supporters cared and were really concerned with the way things were going. The move therefore was fully endorsed . As I mentioned we are hardly the most sought after club at the moment and even when we were going to the championship it was difficult as we hadn't prepared for such an eventuality as the probability of going up from 4th place after a season where we lost more games than we won were a bit ridiculous. Trying to find quality players in such a short period after the play offs therefore proved really difficult given very little preparation had been put in place . Thereafter, trying to entice players to come to a club on the slide , with the tag of having not won a game all season is not so easy unless you were prepared to risk bankrupting the club with ludicrous pay deals. It is not as easy to run a club like Brechin as you seem to think.
  7. Unfortunately we have been blessed with a long line of excellent keepers who kept us in games when we were up against it so the likes of Lewis and Paddy are sadly on a hiding to nothing. Yes the defence lets them down at times but that is where a keeper has to come into his own. Calum Antell read the game really well yesterday. He was out claiming crosses almost as they left the foot of our forwards. His positional game was excellent and his handling was consistent. All these traits kept his side in the game at vital times. That's all you ask of a keeper and that is where the likes of Buzz and Nelly excelled. The confidence to do this comes from hard work , concentration and a desire to learn from the mistakes made previously . Sadly for us the mistakes keep happening . Really soft goals have been conceeded at crucial times in games for the past couple of seasons and as you say we are not in a position to let them continue to happen. I am not as naive as to think all the goals conceeded are entirely the keeper's fault as we have seen some horrendous defensive errors over the piece as well . The fact that we comment shows we still care enough to demand better . I know from experience that a goalkeeper's reputation is only as good as his last performance. It's up to Lewis and Paddy to show they have the work ethic and ability to turn things around. I am sure they can .
  8. I have explained my stance . There is no agenda I can assure you just a genuine concern . The comments criticising the manager were far more cutting than mine . I take it you never saw the penalty incident yesterday. That was a basic error at a time when we might have got back into the game.
  9. So what is your answer ? We are competing with non league clubs who are paying extortionate wages and signing on fees for the more experienced players who would rather stay with clubs in the central belt than travel to Brechin . You make it sound so easy to sign experienced guys but we are hardly the most sought after choice at this moment in time.
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