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  1. We can but hope that your enthusiasm will be dampened tomorrow.
  2. Read the club statement on the website. No mention at all of colts. 😉 The statement came out to explain the club's stance after the letter was leaked to the press.
  3. Not one Brechin fan I know agreed with that colts statement and it was quickly retracted by the committee.
  4. That was a desperate effort by our committee to resolve the issue for all parties given the circumstances. They quickly withdrew the colts part when they realised the strength of feelings from our fans.
  5. Against the fans wishes I must say. Quite a lot of LL clubs announcing that this is what their fans wanted.
  6. Which is exactly why Brechin need to win the play offs. For the greater good.
  7. If Brora can get a play off place with 3 games then anything is possible.
  8. Which makes your support now all the more encouraging. 👍
  9. You got in there before me with that one . Cheers. 👍
  10. They were anything but clear cut. Most of the decisions this season were based around a suck it and see model.
  11. Away with you. These young lads are allegedly the future of Scottish fitba. They can't be wrapped in cotton wool for the rest of their life surely ?
  12. By no means are we having a pop at them . It can't be easy trying to make some of the football on show sound interesting so their stories are sometimes a welcome distraction.
  13. I still think the Edinburgh City guys just pip Annan for the "What the f**k's This All About " trophy. ...................Only for the fact they've got Jack Jarvis as head commentator.
  14. As is the case for many other clubs who have gone down the incorporation route . Seems to be the best method of being able to compete financially . Very few clubs now are "supporter owned " by all accounts .
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