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  1. Spain starting to look for some return for the envelope left in the ref's dressing room?
  2. It's no as easy as you think to score 10 against anyone.
  3. He had a good game. He saved a penalty to stop Grady getting a double hattrick.
  4. Exactly why there is no automatic relegation spot from league 2.
  5. Yes that seems to be a problem in the Highland. Although the Highland league opened up the bottom of the league to the pyramid , realistically at present there is no real competition from the league below due to clubs not having the adequate licencing criteria in place. This year it looks like Strathspey will avoid relegation because of this. The Lowland, a similar sized league , has healthy competition from below which does seem to perk up the teams in the lower reaches which possibly suggests that a properly worked play off system could alleviate the problem you mention. Personally I much prefer playing teams twice a season rather than the mundane routine of playing the same team 4 times (sometimes more ) a season in smaller leagues like in the SPFL. I am sure that may be the case for many fans of clubs in leagues 1 and 2 . Expanding these leagues is something I have suggested quite a few times and might be a far better and fairer opportunity to keep clubs at all levels happier than they would be with this ludicrous Conference League pish.
  6. By all accounts the colts aren't going to give up their quest so if we are going to have to suffer them then why not use the opportunity to fully revamp things. Make leagues 1 and 2 big enough to have only 1 home and one away then you could incorporate all the teams from the proposed conference and possibly more (not more colts BTW) . Open up the bottom of league 2 by having an automatic relegation and promotion spot then the play off for 2nd bottom against the losers of the HL/ LL playoff. One game home and away is quite refreshing . Certainly better than the mundane , here we go again, 4games a season (sometimes more) format.
  7. Do Buckie not still have to play Julian Wade's flying machine ? They could put a stick in Buckie's spokes.
  8. From going into the Highland League with 3 signed players a month before the season started to basically residing in the top 3 in your first season , I would say is quite a success..........Especially throwing in the factor of having a completely new management committee and club restructure. To go on a year long unbeaten run is also up there I would say. It is certainly quite a change from going a whole season without a win. Craig played a big part in helping assemble that squad. The point I was trying to make is that Craig obviously still has the fire in his belly to succeed. Whether or not he felt the United job was too big a task for him or he felt he wouldn't get the same backing or support , who knows . He obviously decided it wasn't for him. Just like in his time at United , we have appreciated the work he has done at Brechin and would have been gutted had he moved on .
  9. For a start he has helped build and transform a club in free fall with a team who hardly won a game in 3 seasons to a team who were until last week unbeaten in the league for over a calendar year and a club with serious long term plans. He is basically an honourable, straight talking man who , given the respect and trust , will try his best to repay it. He earned that respect last time round at Tannadice. Why wouldn't the united faithfull want to give it another go? I am however delighted that he is staying with us , hopefully to finish the great job he is doing.
  10. This is exactly the formula which landed us in the Highland league. With each new manager comes a complete clearout of players half way through the season . Basket case management. How glad we are that Craig came along to offer his services to help get us back on the right track again. Even more delighted now that he looks like staying put.
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