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  1. The point that it had to go to an independent review panel does suggest that the system has faults ?
  2. Given the post was aimed mainly at fans perceptions I feel that context was lost a bit through VT's usual and expected sarcasm. You have made some good points about the clubs themselves but I still feel that a bulk of the proposals brought to the table seem to circle round how they affect TV deals , sponsorship and the implications for the top league. The voting structure is also not as straightforward as you make out as last season's shambles highlighted perfectly.
  3. Cheers . Thanks so much for providing the perfect example of my previous post. Truly an educated , open mind working here.
  4. I tend to agree to some extent about the generalisation and perception of part time football from certain quarters of the full time set up and have mentioned it earlier in one of these covid threads. I hadn't really taken much notice of this until last season when our club were taking all sorts of flack from just about everyone. It was a lonely place but through it all I skimmed through the league forums to guage reactions to all the decisions, allegations and statements . As time went on the more you could see a them and us scenario happening with sides being taken on league reconstruction, promotions and relegations etc . It became very apparent that the fans of the full time clubs felt more entitled to guaranteed survival than the part time ones . When you see conversations like the last few pages and also conversations I have had on previous threads you can see similarities in opinion. Some more forceful than others. It makes for good debate , frustrating at times but rewarding when your valid points are appreciated. Sadly though , it appears similar perceptions are not restricted to these forums and decisions made at higher levels often give the impression that part time football is a second thought.
  5. I feel your pain. Sorry no I don't . Real pain is watching your club slide from the championship to club 42 in successive seasons . Not winning a game all season , seeing that manager being retained to build a squad then sacked after the window is shut ................then doing the same the next season and the season after. Saved only from possible oblivion by the season being cut short. You haven't really suffered at all. Your team are still in 2nd and not likely to fall much lower. My team or more correctly the whole club are in a complete transition to save their existence . Just step back a bit and reflect just how far your team has actually regressed . It's maybe not as bad as you are making out.
  6. Probably accurate, Abdul Osman is a hat salesman not a footballer. Those crayons I was speaking about . Are they still up your nose ?
  7. I agree entirely with your point in principal regarding testing. On paper and in an ideal world that makes perfect sense. The point I'm making is that even with regular testing there is no accounting for people's personal behaviour or responsibilities. There was a medical report linked to the Celtic trip saying that Julien sat in more than one seat on a bus journey . If players can't even abide to regulations in a controlled bubble then how are we meant to believe that they are less likely to abide to regulations in their own free time? It is all about discipline . You can test all you like but without the discipline it all goes out the window.
  8. That is the theory behind it but up until the lower leagues were shut down there were as many cases in full time as there were in part time, which brings the self discipline issue to the fore. Maybe the part time players are more disciplined than is being perceived.
  9. Difference is , the Celtic fans on the whole seem to have accepted the situation from an early stage. A lot of Rangers fans are still in denial 10 years on.
  10. I wonder if Lennon's training kit will make any more than Mark Wilson's Brechin lot did in that charity shop near Renfrew ?
  11. I thought it was illegal to take snaps like that without permission ?
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