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  1. East Fife vs Brechin Match Thread

    Yes we did fail, but everyone else hasn't, hence the position you are in. One of your own fans described it as anti-football, and they weren't far off it. Some call it transition. At least we seem to have sorted the defence out. Just need to instill a bit of confidence into the attacking side and we will be back challenging again.
  2. East Fife vs Brechin Match Thread

    That's 3 times this season that Young hasn't been able to break down our defence.
  3. East Fife V Raith Rovers

    They were obviously saving themselves for the derby going by yesterday's performance. Going by Young's bitter after match comments I think they will be more fired up for this one . Sorry !
  4. East Fife vs Brechin Match Thread

    Nah. You lot helped us out of that one. Cheers !
  5. East Fife vs Brechin Match Thread

    Wow ! They really do take defeat badly down Methil way. GIRFUY .
  6. East Fife vs Brechin Match Thread

    They are from Fife
  7. East Fife vs Brechin Match Thread

    Natural order.
  8. East Fife vs Brechin Match Thread

    Must have been for Kavanagh to score . Mon the hedge
  9. East Fife vs Brechin Match Thread

    I'm not. I still live in hope. I am actually a bit gutted that I'll miss the game due to work.
  10. The League 1 Squeaky Bum Battle

    We are usually fine with the difficult ones , especially Raith. It's the teams round about us we struggle with .......oh and Montrose as well .
  11. Dundee v Celtic

    Ok maybe a bit harsh but Celtic couldn't score up till then due to Dundee being well organised . And likewise , Dundee couldn't score for the same reason. To the outsider it looked as if Dundee took their foot off the gas a bit in the last couple of minutes as Celtic had another chance not long after the goal. My point was that the board went up with 6 minutes on it . Both teams knew they would be playing that extra 6 minutes minimum . Celtic scored within the 6 minutes .
  12. Dundee v Celtic

    Everyone did know how long was left .......including Dundee ....... as the board went up with 6 minutes on it. If Dundee decided to give up after 4 minutes , it's hardly the opposition's fault .
  13. Must be about 20 mins to go . A few at the back are starting to walk away.
  14. I think it's the trial by sportscene that knocked them over the edge again. ........................ It's fairly fucked MacGregor anyway . He's really thrown the toys out the pram by saying f**k the lot o ye. Am no playing for yer scabby country .
  15. Stranraer v Brechin

    I think a few sensible refs and club officials do actually take this into consideration . On the other hand I have also witnessed quite the opposite where a pitch is 90%-95% playable on the initial inspection and the forecast is good , but the ref calls it off . There are no rules as such but refs have guidelines to follow . A few follow these guidelines to the letter. These are usually the ones you see getting fast tracked.