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  1. Maybe Morton could help the Vics on their way by spunking tens of thousands on a couple of their players like they did for the City.
  2. All entitled to their view and interpretation I suppose.
  3. Walker has always been a grade A w****r.
  4. If that's what floats your boat , keep it coming big boy.
  5. To an outsider it very much looks like it's the other way round. Considering his unprompted contribution to the Brechin City thread for the past 10 years or more , I think not.
  6. No chance of that. We are living in his head rent free till the end of time.
  7. Any coincidence that this statement came out around the same time as they announced that they still couldn't field a team to play a rearranged game against Brechin today ? They maybe think their chances might increase by playing Brechin at Claggan in midweek closer to winter rather than a traditional Saturday .........................Or is that just me being cynical ?
  8. If it resulted in a 3-0 walkover win for the opposition maybe they might have made a bit more effort to field a team. We were a bit covid depleted for our match with the Broch a few weeks back but did a last minute search for a few trialists to ensure some cover for our subs bench . Is that not the normal thing to do in the Highland league?
  9. Does that mean Farfar won't qualify for any more community funding money when the pitch needs replaced ?
  10. Aye the SPFL were the same. Common sense goes out the window sometimes
  11. Maybe get the Fort William game played on Saturday.
  12. Has that goal machine Jimmy Scott dried up now?
  13. He has been recalled to Montrose again I believe.
  14. The BBC are one of the most incompetent football reporting outlets going. They couldn't give a shit about anything below premier league...............especially this week where all attention will be on the Glasgow circus.
  15. Well a bit of the world . He will probably see the rest at his leisure when he retires .
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