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  1. A decision was made at SPFL that a line would be drawn across the country along the line of the River Tay those above the line would go to the Highland league , those below to the Lowland .
  2. Which one ? 3 to choose from. Where did Gollum find an extra 6 minutes from in that second half BTW ?
  3. About time we showed a bit of fight and aggression. Just what we need right now.
  4. I honestly don't know why there is so much resistance to change. This has been brewing for many years now. With every other Angus club realising the need for modernisation and restructuring I think we have to act fast and try to get some dynamic business ideas on board. The committee have tried their best with the resources available but I think even they realise that we can't go on operating in the hope of a magical televised cup draw to get us back on an even keel............................Especially now when we have to scratch our heads to remember the last time we won a cup game. Hopefully the meeting can generate some positivity to allow the changes to be made in the right manner and for the genuine good of the club. All the other Angus clubs embraced change. Why can't we ?
  5. Needs more than just money. Club needs a completely new direction. Can't keep living from hand to mouth / week to week.
  6. I did say you had nothing to worry about. Our lot are just not up for a fight.
  7. Great post. Been thinking similarly over the past few weeks and months but didn't want to be the one to open my mouth again .
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