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  1. Why 18 and 9 in the bottom two leagues?.Why not 16 and 11?
  2. Could anyone confirm that theres a play-off between the two conference runners up?
  3. Going by his Facebook,itlooks like Muscles wasnt sacked but has since walked.
  4. My apologies,I did of course get it wrong.Having coming very close to losing a member of my immediate family to covid,I tend to get a wee bit emotional.
  5. Have you or your family been affected by the virus?. If you have,Im very surprised that you believe the game should go on.
  6. As I posted in the west forum...... I tested positive in November,I didn’t have a single symptom,in fact in the days leading up to being tested I must have been temperature checked easily fifty times.It still haunts me that I almost certainly passed it on to an elderly person who had to spend seven weeks seriously ill in hospital.Not once did I have a cough,temperature or discomfort of any kind. To sum up the madness of it all,I have mate at Dunipace,originally from Denny,who travels through from Stirling for training and matches,but cant visit his mother who still lives in Denny. Justify that This has to come from the government.If its left to the SFA or individual associations clubs will still break the rules,I’d be willing to bet teams will still train.
  7. I tested positive in November,I didn’t have a single symptom.I never for a second thought I had the virus.Im also certain I passed it on to someone who became seriously ill and had to spend seven weeks in hospital.
  8. With no chance of getting started until the New year,would it not be worthwhile resurrecting this debate again?
  9. 24/1/87 Dunipace Juniors 3 Blantyre Celtic 1 Scorers McIntyre Henry (2)
  10. Dunipace Juniors post match/pre night out 1987
  11. Its been touched on in another thread,but I thought the subject deserves a thread of its own...... Whats your thoughts on the Amateurs moving to summer football?. For me something major has to change in the Amateur game,almost every week you hear of of clubs folding and would imagine quite a few will not survive this shutdown.Whats your thoughts?
  12. We’ve been discussing/texting as to how we would go about canvassing clubs for their opinions.
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