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  1. Nah, you'd be played out of position on the right of a defensive back 3 [emoji6] Edit: my mistake - I was confusing you with ArabFC [emoji38]
  2. Okay, I see. I think you're maybe missing my point. Richarlison's pedigree is impressive, but it doesn't make his 9.6 goals any more special. That record at that level is - like Fletcher's - decent, but hardly "goal machine" territory, which was my point. The only relevant comparison between the two in this context, I'd say, is that - as I already said of Fletcher - both of them are about more than just racking up goals. It was different, and stronger aspects of both player's games that saw them move to and do okay in the English top flight, whereas the likes of Boyd, Rhodes, Griffiths with their fantastic scoring records were just too one dimensional to get to that level. It's also worth differentiating between Fletcher's era and Richarlison's (i.e. now). Only a handful of years in it but that period has seen the high goalscoring striker continue to become more of a rarity outside of the very top teams - so it slightly skews the comparison.
  3. Genuinely: what's your point?
  4. I wouldn't say Fletcher's club numbers were remarkable. 10-12 EPL goals for a season or two is solid and respectable, but doesn't scream. "goal machine". Then again there is a reason that he played in the top flight while Boyd, Griffith's and Rhodes (excepting 2 or 3 run outs at 'Boro) never did.
  5. Yeah, basically that. Three starts is what I make it as well, and two of those were in friendlies at the tail end of Craig Levein's time and Billy Stark's caretaker game. interestingly, Rhodes scored his three international goals in those two games. His only competitive start was vs Serbia away, and to be fair, he - and the rest of the team - were utter gash that night. However, for a nation that has more often than not struggled to score goals, it felt awfy frustrating to persevere in every other game of Rhodes' era with Fletcher up front and for us to continue to labour to get goals, while Rhodes was sitting on the bench. To be clear: Fletcher is probably twice the player Rhodes is - much more of a team forward and more capable of playing with his back to goal etc. I get that. It's just that sometimes it's not about putting out the best 11 players. In that respect, I think Strachan could have been braver in his approach in certain games.
  6. Yeah he was superb for 4 or 5 seasons. Scored 40+ in League One, firing Huddersfield to promotion in the playoffs. At that stage you're hopeful but still thinking "aye but it's League One". But then he gets an £8m move to Blackburn - newly relegated from the EPL and a strong shout to go straight back up. He hits the ground running and scores 30 that season on the Championship, still aged only 22/23. At that point there was noise about EPL clubs swooping too. So it wasn't at all unreasonable to be getting excited about him in a Scotland context as our long awaited goalscorer. He sort of plateaued after that, spending the next 3 and a bit seasons in the Championship with Blackburn and netting 25 ish each year. Still easily Scotland contention level, but his style of play just didn't seem to sit well with Strachan. I do think we missed a trick during that spell in not utilising him more. Then it's hard to say exactly why he fell away so much after his Middlesbrough move. He's not suffered any major injuries AFAIK, and has never really had pace to lose. A career of two halves, you could say. Interestingly, Ross Stewart is following a similar trajectory as Rhodes after his 26 goals in League One (again netting in the playoffs). A bit less of a spectacular tally, and he doesn't look likely to jump to a top of the table club. Also he's 26, so hardly a youngster. Still, there's potential there.
  7. Agree on all of this apart from the pelanties - half or more of his goals from the pelanty spot doesn't sound right at all. Off to check... Update: yeah, only 16 of his 222 career goals to date have been pens, with 4 or 5 a season thru those golden years of 2012-2016: https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/jordan-rhodes/elfmetertore/spieler/48950 Consider yourself *very* lucky not to get a red dot for getting Scotland wrong [emoji18]
  8. Not sure what you mean by this? All three of Rhodes' Scotland goals were from open play. At club level I think he was a regular penalty taker, but they didn't account for an abnormal portion of his domestic goal haul (certainly no more than any other penalty taking CF).
  9. Test Test Tables! Woohoo! Ya dancer - it works!
  10. Cheers @BFTD & @BWAClyde - will give that a shot
  11. It's been said before, but Miller's record stands close to McCoist's, and during our leanest years too (plus playing without a partner). Not saying he was a better striker, but he was pretty decent. Had McFadden's career not disintegrated due to injury, I reckon they would have worked together for a few more years and we could have had the pair with 20+ goals each - which again would be decent (not amazing, just respectable at international level).
  12. Think I know where I'll be inserting that table [emoji6]
  13. Couldn't see bbcode on the scripting drop-down?
  14. Is it possible to insert a table into a post? I've tried using the scripting button and choosing html and typing out a table structure, but when I hit 'insert into post', it just shows it as raw html as opposed to a table. Am I doing something wrong (almost certainly)? And is there an alternative way to insert a table? Cheers, G
  15. Not wrong to take hope from it though. Expectation was a problem, yes, but not hope.
  16. @BFTD : Probably worth a separate thread to compile a list of all the players who have spat the dummy over the years. Be interesting to see any trends or tendencies by era and club? One for @HibeeJibee? P.S. might be tricky to discern between someone calling time aged 32 vs the likes of Boyd in his prime publicly and explicitly chucking the bears out the cot.
  17. Burley too from the outset, based on the things Lee McCulloch and Kris Boyd said of that period. Both bawbagishly chucked the national team at the time as well, with Boyd specifically saying he didn't want to be considered for selection under GB.
  18. Interesting move, if it comes off. I'm intrigued as to how Erik TH became aware of McCrorie - thru his scouts or maybe he's personally been aware of him for some time.
  19. Signing off with a nice wee summary of the evening's football...
  20. Sorry to pollute this thread with my small-minded, petty schadenfreude, but... England 0-4 Hungary
  21. Yeah, the NL is an absolute gift in terms of qualifying opportunities.
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