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  1. Tierney an injury concern apparently: https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/kieran-tierney-arsenal-injury-concern-25280370 These scares seem to have happened a lot with him in the last 2 years, though they rarely seem to actually amount to anything (the annoying Euros Czech opener aside).
  2. Fair enough to question it, but tbh it's not a black and white a comparison. For one thing he's playing for a dominant side in Sunderland, quite the opposite to last season's struggling Ross County. That he's scored more goals in an attacking, successful outfit doesn't necessarily mean league one is worse that the spfl prem.
  3. This. He wasn't in that position accidentally.
  4. He was eligible for England via his Mum, I'm pretty sure. Edit: and the schooling rule, apparently.
  5. Think Dykes had a stabbed effort too that he put straight at the keeper
  6. He was absolutely Scotland level (for that era) though.
  7. Didn't they both score their first Scotland goals in the same game (Vs Iceland at Hampden in 2009)? But aye, both could have been used to much better effect (particularly McCormack).
  8. Absolutely, it's nuanced and completely subjective.
  9. Thanks for that - I didnt know all those details.
  10. It's a shame Horn(s)by has dropped off the radar a bit (injured and not playing in France). He - in theory - could be a close fit to play the Dykes role for us in LD's absence. He was rather shite at Aberdeen on loan last season, but I think it's a bit harsh to judge him solely on that.
  11. There is that, but it does make me fancy him a teeny bit less
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