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  1. Yes!!! Why has nobody suggested this until now?
  2. So the current situation is: Dykes: out for the foreseeable with pneumonia Stewart: out for the season Nisbet: off injured the other night. Not sure how bad it was? That leaves us with Adams, Shankland, Brown, McBurnie to call on, and the likes of Christie and Fraser as secondary strikers if needed. In short: If Adams gets injured, we're in trouble for these qualifiers.
  3. Yeah that was maybe his first competitive start? He was like playing with a man down, though the whole team were utter pump that night. I think we then travelled away to play Slovakia midweek, but Burke was sent home for being so shit. ...and we lost timidly 0-3 to Slovakia. Ah, Scotland, with this succession of shitemares you really are spoiling us.
  4. I hear it's cos he does a lovely flame grilled burger
  5. Also, Burke looked decent in the few minutes he was on the pitch.
  6. Have to agree. Fact that he was sacrificed as soon as man city scored as well suggests he's not likely to be first choice any time soon.
  7. Except the ones in Championship Manager/Football Manager, who are definitely just stats on a page
  8. Starts today Vs Arsenal. Big game for him.
  9. There was definitely a spell at Man U where he was derided as "only getting picked because he was Scottish", and some roaster put him up for sale on eBay. He won over the utd fans eventually tho. With Scotland it felt like we loved him at first because we had a young man u player to call upon ... then the dimmer section of our support got angry with him because he wasn't Ronaldo.
  10. July 3rd 2016. It's been fucking murder.
  11. Haddow? Didn't Cliff Richard used to play for them?
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