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  1. If Skrtel wasn't in the way then Martin, the ball and a large chunk of turf were all going in the net in one huge graceless tumble.
  2. Wowsers, you've been saving that up for a while, eh?
  3. More like a massive collapse - even better though [emoji16]
  4. Probably not. He's entering the realms of Tonton Zola Moukoko now.
  5. He's hardly got going yet. Only 7 caps and what, 3 or 4 of them starts? Too soon to be binning him. Griffiths looked out of his depth until a few games before the England one where he got a brace.
  6. Just dug out my ticket - £14 in Govan Rear
  7. Ah shit, I misread the Wikipedia preview about them. That's a really pump move... but probably about right for Gauld's current standing in the game.
  8. At least they're top flighters. He just needs a season of first team games to get some stability into this depressingly patchy career so far.
  9. Ha - that was the first Scotland game I ever attended! There's only one Jim Leighton!
  10. Interesting. I suppose though since then football has become massively commercialised. What price were domestic (Scotland) tickets of that era Vs now?
  11. Easy to be cynical, but remember Chelsea have a transfer embargo in place. Lampard is clearly trying out the best young talent he has to see who might step up. No guarantee Gilmour will show up well enough but it's a great opportunity.
  12. It'd be funny if it was the same folks arguing one way then the other. Not sure it is though (certainly isn't in my case).
  13. Nah, Kuro is showing extreme determination in chasing lost causes
  14. Thanks for your definition of "technically better". But are we not missing the point that, regardless of technical skills, the overall level of a player (technical skills, psychology, fitness etc etc) is what really matters? If we put Gauld, McKay and Allan in the Scotland team, we would lose quite heavily I'd wager. Alone, technical ability is worthless if you don't have the rest. The teams who have tanked Scotland and Scottish club sides over the last 30 years are not just "technically better". That's a myth - a one-line media cop-out.
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