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  1. The 26 man squad, plus injuries, might just open the door for him.
  2. When's the squad for this likely to be announced? Normal squads are usually announced the Tues or Weds the week before the games (meaning roughly 25th May, just over a fortnight away) but I'm thinking this might be a bit earlier. Also hoping it will be a 30-ish man provisional squad that will give Gilmour, Turnbull, Gauld, Feruz* etc a fighting chance of getting in. It's all beginning to feel a bit real now! *[emoji6]
  3. Whoa! Calm down. 200 games at least before we trust him as hamper boy.
  4. From Sky Sports News: QPR's Mark Warburton: "For Lyndon to go down - he never goes down and he's as hard as a piece of teak. But I don't think the doctor was too concerned and Lyndon was desperate to come back onto the pitch because he thought he was OK. The doctor said he wanted to be cautious, and we'll always listen to the medical staff. So that was more precautionary, I hope." [emoji1696]
  5. 4 seats, 100 seats, it doesn't matter. You're gettin' cuddled.
  6. Sky sports news pundits described him as "running the game", and surprised this is his first EPL start this season. This is tantalising - could he sneak into the squad on the back of a few starts in a row for Chelsea?
  7. Starting today Vs Fulham
  8. It'd be wonderful if that happened. Main thing for the guy though is just getting an extended run of games and getting over what is surely a huge mental trauma from his horrendous run of similar injuries. Best thing is, when he's ready, he seems like exactly the type of player SC would call on and use wisely.
  9. Scanning that squad and wanting to get all angry about some omissions... ...but I can't see any obvious ones, while there are some pleasant additions (Turnbull, Patterson, Gilmour). [emoji106]
  10. Forrest came back from his long injury and has played and started on recent weeks, tho he dropped to the bench because of a tight hamstring in one of the most recent fixtures - but that's to be expected for a guy trying to build up to full match fitness. For me he is a must - bags of experience at club and international level, and a guy who has developed into a complete player. As a winger, he can employ a burst of pace or trickery, has a good finish, and can work the wing back role very well too. As long as he's not injured, he's in the squad.
  11. I can't help but think Burke (Oliver) might be a useful wildcard. Just feels like the big, flailing moron will get lucky and do us a turn, maybe as a late sub. I also felt that way about McBurnie - tho he's more of a controlled moron.
  12. Pete78 says he's pish and finished.
  13. Superb! I wasn't so bothered about his Scotland performances in the recent window as I was about his prior 20 odd game non-scoring streak and getting dropped by QPR. Fecking fantastic to see him blaze back to great team form *and* finding a good goalscoring touch (something he's not been renowned for). Couldn't be better timing.
  14. Yeah that'd hurt Uefa and Euro 2020 waaaaaaay more than it'd hurt the breakaway clubs. Not a chance it'll happen. Both sides are posturing here - with the ESL clubs in the strongest position. It'll end up with some form of compromise, possibly with the ESL opening up a limited promotion/relegation spot or two in return for being allowed to complete this smash & grab job with no further penalty.
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