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  1. Dunno. He's played a lot of important games for Rangers in these last 2 months, yes, but from what I've seen of those matches he has largely looked out of his depth - constantly giving the ball away or choosing the wrong option. Then again, in a couple of those games he's been played out of position while Rangers tried to cope with their striker crisis. Also, I missed the cup final today where he scored, so I'll have to watch the highlights. Anyway, my gut tells me he's a cut below OF and Scotland standard. A new Gary Mackay Steven, if you will.
  2. Dumb question maybe, but won't there be some form of Armenian and Irish live telly coverage? ETA: see the nordic streaming thread for an update on this - looks like they will be on the telly after all
  3. Rhodes just scored there in the playoffs semi. Still a long shot, but...
  4. A lot of hubris in the last few dozen posts. I feel naturally pulled towards the same sort of thing, but bitter experience is keeping me in the cautious camp. This is such a complex scenario that I don't think anyone can comfortably predict the outcome.
  5. Yeah there is that. How many times have we seen Old Firm sides caught cold and knocked out in the July/August euro qualifiers to Scandinavian teams etc who are already mid-way thru their season.
  6. https://oddspedia.com/football/scotland-ukraine-887468 Interestingly has Scotland as favourites. I had (wrongly) assumed it'd be a lot tighter or Ukraine would be favourite. The stats from recent games though (shots, corners, goals scored etc) all seem to back up our status. Plus, of course we're at home. The big unknowable really is: what kind of Ukraine are going to turn up? They could be shadows of their normal selves, or they could be charged up with national pride and overrun us. Starting to get nervous for this one now...
  7. Tsk! They're *obviously* buying him as a right back!
  8. Arsenal in for him now apparently - £17m being quoted
  9. Ross Stewart netting in the playoffs tonight. Got a feeling he could be a late-blooming option for us.
  10. Safe to say that I'm not saying what I think you're saying.
  11. I'm not saying anyone is saying he is.
  12. Agree with all that. It's just as I said - as good as McKenna is/is becoming, he isn't and never will be as good as Tierney.
  13. F*cking hell lads - Is this borefest still happening?
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