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  1. Cambuslang Rangers And Manager Part Ways

    Unfortunately the guys have got contracts and they have to be honoured. Would you turn up to your work for the next 5 months and not get paid ?
  2. Todays scores 19/1

    Very good game yesterday. Kevin Green was beith’s number 4 Milky’s shot even though he miss kicked it the ball jumped a bit when he went to shoot.
  3. Was Lugars park Playable?

    That video will be thrown out by the chiefs. Question is why is the referee turning up so close to kick off?
  4. Relegation

    At the end of the day this is semi professional football not a Sunday league pub team, surely some forward planning weeks in advance would of put an end to this.
  5. Todays scores 12/1

    The one on Peter was just outside the box.
  6. Todays scores 12/1

    Nah, I don’t think so.
  7. Kilwinning Rangers 18/19

    Absolute non-sense, Maryhill will probably and most likely get a flat fee for renting the park plus any bar takings. People in glass houses ...
  8. Todays scores 12/1

    Good result from the 12 men haha
  9. Cambuslang Rangers v Talbot

    I think there will be more than a 3 point deduction coming your way soon
  10. West Region Games Off - Sat 29th December

    Correct. This is semi-professional football after all we are talking about. Not some Sunday league kick about. Petershill have known about this game for god knows how long. The west region should be handing out some hefty fines for this pish. Both secretaries would of been talking during the week then all of sudden one team can’t get access to strips.
  11. Games Off - Saturday 15th December

    You effectively lose your guarantee from the pitch manufacturers if you brush it.
  12. Kilwinning Rangers 18/19

    The changing rooms at abbey park are a health and safety hazard from my last recollection.

    Until yer money man came in Darvel were a run of the mill Ayrshire District League team.
  14. Beith vs Ayr - Ayrshire Derby

    700+ sold from beith so far on sale tomorrow night and at Saturdays game against Largs.
  15. Kilwinning Rangers 18/19

    Not yet just manager so far