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  1. 45 overs of the supposed 90 gone and England still need 8 wickets to win, Sri Lanka 258. Pitch still as flat as a billiard table.
  2. Bottle of helium next to him to help raise his voice a few octaves!
  3. Striker Ryan Smillie has been placed on the transfer list at Petershill. Ryan was previously with Kilbirnie Ladeside and spent the latter part of the season in loan at Shotts Bon Accord.
  4. Didn't see it but have read a few scathing reports online, last week and this don't seem to augur very well for the Southern Hemisphere legs of the summer tour.
  5. A 6-4, 6-4 straight set win for Murray, solid performance with no dramas.
  6. Yep, definitely makes an adjustment, amazing awareness and reactions. IMO Perez thought he could try and outbrake Vettel but forgot to keep an eye on the car behind him.
  7. My old man watched it just to see how it has aged, he reckoned that not a single member of the cast of the episode he saw was still alive!
  8. Abronhill High School where it was filmed is getting pulled down soon, they could launch the channel with round the clock live coverage.
  9. Honestly don't know why either this match or the first leg of the playoff wasn't played on Saturday 31st May.
  10. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/rugby-union/27778247 European Cup Draw was today, Glasgow Warriors ended up as a top seed and came out the hat with Bath, Toulouse and Montpelier. Decent draw IMO.
  11. Yep, I'll back you up on that one, saw it during the night.
  12. Serve let him down a few times but he wins the third in a tie break to go through 2-1.
  13. Good start by Dan Evans, breaks Melzer early then has a tricky hold to lead 4-1 in the first.
  14. Posted the same further up, looking forward to seeing the in car footage from Vettel's car.
  15. Not half. How lucky was Vettel to avoid getting taken out too? Well done Ricciardo, great win.
  16. Brave move, I'm sure she will knock f**k out of him if he doesn't do what he is told. His management say that it is "initially for the grass court season."
  17. Joe Barclay is signing for Kilsyth again for next season.
  18. One of the best starts to a speech I heard was "I'm sorry if I sound nervous, but I'll do my best. To be honest because of the nerves this isn't the first time I've stood up today after a long seat clutching a bit of paper.".
  19. I'm doing my brother's in the middle of July, speech will be short and sweet as there are only going to be 25 or so there and as his fiancée comes from Engerland I don't know any if her family at all. I'm more concerned about trying to find a decent boozer in Glasgow's West End for his stag do on Saturday 21st June, has to be somewhere decent for watching the football as there are three games that day. Sorry for hijacking the thread!
  20. What if a player switches regions? What thread should it go in?
  21. Plunkett the big surprise IMO, never saw that one coming. Thought Prior would be there to provide some back up on the pitch for Cook.
  22. There is a bench at the corner at the pavilion, but even if he can't get on there the Pollok committee are an obliging bunch, I'm sure they would bring him out a seat from the pavilion.
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