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  1. Wordle 472 5/6 [emoji833][emoji833][emoji833][emoji833][emoji833] [emoji833][emoji833][emoji833] [emoji833] [emoji833]
  2. No fan of Mark Williams, but this is pretty good tbf.
  3. Who would have thought that chucking 21 new players together with your existing squad and expecting them to gel into some sort of functioning football team wouldn't work.
  4. Just a normal weekend for Antonio Brown...
  5. peasy23

    Week 4

    He's getting benched isn't he?
  6. Charley Hull wins her second LPGA Tour title, which is as good a reason as any to post a picture.
  7. Wordle 471 3/6 [emoji833][emoji833][emoji833][emoji833] [emoji833][emoji833]
  8. peasy23

    Week 4

    I fkn hate the Patriots. I hate the Packers too though, so hopefully it ends a tie.
  9. Both celebs were poor in the dance off, but at one point Kaye looked like she had completely forgotten the steps. Can't see Matt staying in long, more's the pity as that means less Nadiya. The sooner the BBC drop the charade of the Sunday show and just do the results on a Saturday night the better imo.
  10. peasy23

    Week 4

    It was just typical 49ers last week that when Gordon had his weekly fumble right on his own goal line, Wilson managed to recover it.
  11. This could easily be my cat, we've seen that look of utter disdain several times when trying to introduce a new toy.
  12. Good win for Ryan Fox in the end, his regular pro-am partner at the Dunhill for several years had been Shane Warne. Forrest and Syme were T10th, that should guarantee Forrest his card for next year. Ewen Ferguson was second in the team competition.
  13. peasy23

    Week 4

    At least I can watch without the 49ers ruining my night. I'll need to wait until I'm nightshift on Monday for that.
  14. So easy for City, move the ball from front to back and no United player gets close to getting a challenge in. Some ball from KDB.
  15. Is there any point having wet tyres if they won't actually race when it's wet?
  16. Wordle 470 3/6 [emoji833][emoji833][emoji833] [emoji833]
  17. My sister in law worked in various restaurants over the years and always tells us to leave the tip in cash. More chance the staff will see it in her experience.
  18. That was certainly the case in 86 and 87 when I sat my O levels and highers. My daughter thinks I'm talking shite when I tell her that I had to sit a seperate arithmetic exam without being allowed to use a calculator.
  19. No doubt he's been thrown under the bus, and that's what I meant that it should be no surprise to anyone. There's no way any of the Dolphins medical staff were going to carry the can for this one, it was always going to be the unaffiliated guy.
  20. Thiago Silva very lucky to stay on the park. Great strike by Gallagher to win it for Chelsea tbf.
  21. Wordle 469 3/6 [emoji833][emoji833] [emoji833][emoji833]
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