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  1. It wasn't really a shock on Monday when Brady led the Buccs back from 13 behind to wn. Tonight with Mayfield trying to claw that back with an offense he literally only met the other day? Mind-blowing stuff tbf, some way to end a losing streak. A massive kick in the nuts for the Raiders.
  2. It is quite alarming to hear how Bob describes himself as "the most negative guy about", definitely something he has to work on. He hits some amount of quality shots there, he had more near misses and an ace in his goes than some have managed in the full 500.
  3. Wordle 537 3/6 [emoji833][emoji833][emoji833] [emoji833]
  4. The Rams claimed Baker Mayfield off waivers. The 49ers signed Josh Johnson on a one year deal, the 3rd time he has signed for them.
  5. Wordle 536 3/6 [emoji833][emoji833][emoji833][emoji833] [emoji833][emoji833][emoji833][emoji833]
  6. Brady is a c**t, but fair play to him for conjuring up a win after doing nothing on offense for the first 55 minutes of the game. Saints shat the bed big time on both sides of the ball, giving up chunk plays on defense and not being able to either move the ball or even eat up time on offense on their last few possessions.
  7. Wordle 535 2/6 [emoji833][emoji833] Fluke.
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