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  1. My club have pretty much advised us just to use the Club V1/Howdidido app to enter general play scores, it gets uploaded to Scottish Golf at midnight anyway and doesn’t rely on your GPS signal working ok.
  2. The win was worth slightly more at €200k with last week bagging him just shy of €184k. Saw his interview a wee while ago, said he is feeling a bit tired. Had Monday off, played a practice round Tuesday, then only practiced for an hour on Wednesday.
  3. Bob finishes on -1, decent start. Was looking at his stats earlier and it shows the huge difference it makes if you are playing in WGC events and doing well at majors. In 6 tourneys this season he has earned just €3k less than he did from 17 tourneys last season, and that included a win.
  4. Stewart Cink top of the leaderboard at Harbour Town on -8. Is it 2009? Bob level par thru 11, Knox in the clubhouse at Even.
  5. Browns signing Jadeveon Clowney to a 1 year deal, fair play to them, him and Myles Garrett could be a very effective pass rushing duo.
  6. I like Finau, here's another reason to.
  7. Stokes out of the rest of the IPL with a broken finger.
  8. It has to be said, for the latter stages of the tourney where things often get very cagey, these have been two very enjoyable matches to watch between these two.
  9. Navas floors his own man as gets a free kick. [emoji85]
  10. Some finish by Mbappe, but correctly flagged offside eventually.
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