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  1. Golfers Thread

    Sandy Lyle will hit the opening shot on Thursday morning in what is expected to be his final Open Championship.
  2. Wimbledon & Grass Court Season

    Undoubtedly, but it hasn't been taken into account with the scheduling. You could have put your house on Isner v Anderson going on for hours which was always going to leave it tight to fit in the second match.
  3. Golfers Thread

    Balloted Monthly medal yesterday, one of our 3 ball didn't turn up, it was a 2 ball with me and the club champion. No pressure then. [emoji44] I played shite, but it was my most enjoyable round in ages watching him. He plays off 2, hit 17 greens in regulation and missed 1 fairway, and even that was just because his ball ran so far on 18. His putter was cold though so he ended up with a 70 (-1). A real pleasure to watch up close. I won the par 3 17th with my par. [emoji23]
  4. Wimbledon & Grass Court Season

    The average match time at Wimbledon must have crept up a good bit over the years. Just had a look back and found that the 1980 final between Borg and McEnroe which went to 8-6 in the 5th only lasted 3 hrs 53 minutes. That was regarded as an epic back then but is a regular occurrence now. I've always found cricket a strange one too in that they sometimes don't start until 11am then end up stopping for bad light at 7pm. Why not start at 10?
  5. Darts...

    Watching the Shanghai Masters, must be quite bizarre for the players to be throwing in near silence.
  6. Procycling thread

    And same again today. Tomorrow's stage could be a cracker on the cobbles, and it's scheduled to be finished before the football kicks off at 4pm.
  7. Wimbledon & Grass Court Season

    Yep, rather than the 3-0 drubbing we will probably get tomorrow after they carry Anderson back on to the court.
  8. Just a heads up for you then that the final is at 4pm tomorrow.
  9. Wimbledon & Grass Court Season

    Those matches wouldn't have been any less great, haven't seen anyone on here suggest that we have a tiebreak at 6-6 in the 5th, but rather play on until something like 10-10 or 12-12 then have one. Imo that would have been more dramatic yesterday as both players might have had a bit of life left in them, rather being dead on their feet for the last dozen plus games.
  10. Wimbledon & Grass Court Season

    Anderson asking if they can have a tiebreak at some point. [emoji23]
  11. Wimbledon & Grass Court Season

    Think one of them mentioned that you keep playing until 10-10 then have the tiebreak. Sounds like a decent compromise to me.
  12. Procycling thread

    Brilliant finish by Groenewegen to win the stage.
  13. Wimbledon & Grass Court Season

    Into the 5th set we go, stuff of nightmares for Nadal and Djokovic, could be ages before they get on yet.