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  1. England pulling clear, now at 254-3 with Root on 124 and a superb debut knock by Dan Lawrence who is on 61.
  2. A few raging Facebook maws (and das) this morning, seething about the state of the roads in Glasgow. "Where's the gritters??". They were out twice last night, at 8pm and again at 1pm. They still can't grasp that heavy snow will cover anything.p
  3. Ironic that he has ended up testing positive after pulling out of the tourney in Florida to minimise the risk caused by flying back and forth.
  4. Sri Lanka won the toss and opted to bat, so I guess being 25-3 wasn't in the script. They rallied a bit but another 2 quick wickets leaves then struggling at 81-5.
  5. Strange that the website mentions a "long term deal" but doesn't actually mention how many years it is for. Long term to me would suggest at least until summer 2023?
  6. Gus Bradley is the new DC at the Raiders.
  7. Robert Saleh having a second interview with the Jets.
  8. Lots of stand out performances from Alabama, their defense was superb as the game went on. 'Bama QB Mac Jones had 36 passes caught from 45 attempts, going for 464 yards and 5 touchdowns, giving his draft prospects a boost in the process. Smith didn't add any more catches in the second half after picking up an injury. Ohio lost RB Trey Sermon after what turned out to be his one and only carry on the first play of the game and that was a huge blow for them. First half was excellent and at 14-14 was looking like it could be a classic, but Alabama just blew Ohio away from there on.
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