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  1. https://www.glasgowtimes.co.uk/news/19586137.international-cricketer-sikandar-raza-returns-glasgow-caledonian-university/
  2. Enjoying the podcast so far, there's 3 episodes available. Prologue - with Tom Hanks Episode 1 - Currahee with Ron Livingston (Nixon) Episode 2 - Day of Days with Episode writer John Orloff and director Richard Loncraine. Episode 3 next week is Carentan with Matthew Settle (Speirs)
  3. The prior to return test is what ultimately put us off going abroad in October, know a few folk who have been away and they've all said it was hard to fully relax until they had the negative results for coming home. The cost of having to stay there isn't a problem as you can be insured for that, it's more the fear of being stuck in a room for 10 days and the other practicalities of work being pissed off etc.
  4. For a team that don't have a lot of European experience together, West Ham have been excellent.
  5. There is still one huge flaw in those stats, they don't say how many deaths were actually caused by Covid, rather than someone who died because of something else but tested positive within the last 60 days. E.g., we had a lot of positive tests at Petershill last month, everybody thankfully that had symptoms has now recovered. If one of them dropped dead tomorrow they would still be counted among the Covid death stats.
  6. Glad I give my money to Marie Curie instead. Should have these on the list too.
  7. And another. Paying for not taking their own chances earlier.
  8. Big double save from the Milan keeper saving Salah's penalty and the follow up effort from Jota.
  9. He had a bizarre spell where he told us the age of every player when they received the ball.
  10. Liverpool have started like a train here, wee bit of luck for the goal tbf.
  11. Americans are fucking mentalists. As is Pat Cash.
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