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  1. ITN journalist Emily Morgan passes away due to lung cancer, aged 45. https://twitter.com/itn/status/1662489729957232640?t=0_R1djWG4IarjbpHDu8Dxg&s=19
  2. Could easily have been 12+ nil on aggregate if Thistle hadn't missed multiple sitters over the 2 legs.
  3. 1 win from 8 since Lampard took over. Just as well they had enough points on the board already. Nice goal by Felix.
  4. Havertz must have the worst chance conversion rate of any striker in a major league. Yet another sitter that doesn't even hit the target.
  5. https://twitter.com/CalltoActivism/status/1661354794668154882?t=vmuI5sO1R8yUv3dgix64xw&s=19
  6. I'm on holiday and she was one of the answers in the music quiz tonight, then about 20 minutes later news broke that she had died.
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