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  1. Football League 2018/19 season

    Leeds have been awful, last thing you need at this time of the season is to go to a team with a home record like Brentford's playing under no pressure. Brentford should be further ahead.
  2. Golfers Thread

    Watched the end of the RBC Heritage tourney on the PGA Tour last night, with CT Pan becoming only the second player from Chinese Taipei to win on tour. He was certainly helped by the final pairing completely shitting the bed. Poulter finished with a 2 over final round, but overnight leader Dustin Johnson had a mare, going +6 and at one point shipping 7 shots in 5 holes on the back 9. He has made a hash of closing tourneys out a few times lately.
  3. Konta and Boulter both battled to wins today to seal GB's first promotion in the Fed cup for the first time in 26 years.
  4. People You Dislike For No Proper Reason

    No, the Calton bit is her trademark, had the misfortune of being at a comedy club one night and she was the host. Everybody else was funnier than her.
  5. The New MILF Thread

    You say that as if it's a bad thing.
  6. West Region Premiership - relegation

    Would be handy. [emoji23]
  7. West Region Premiership - relegation

    With my supporter's bus Treasurer's hat on hopefully it's Rob Roy or Renfrew as they are cheaper buses.
  8. University Challenge

    Nice to see him going out on his arse last night, especially as it was a fairly tight game in the end and he cost his team at least 10 points by buzzing early and fucking it up. Golfinos sounds like a Lidl golf clothing range.
  9. The Cricket Thread

    But they cried on TV and said they were sorry. Sorry about getting caught obviously, not for coercing the youngest guy on the team to cheat for them.
  10. 83rd Masters Tournament

    Had money on him from the start. Epic arse collapse today, should have seen it coming after his Ryder Cup performances.