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  1. I've never played Hanbury Manor. It could be a fine golf course for all I know. What is apparent is that it's far too easy for what is a fairly mediocre European Tour field this week, with 45 players -10 or better. Andy Sullivan leading by 5 going up the 15th on 26 under. Scott Jamieson, Ewen Ferguson and Connor Syme the best placed Scots.
  2. Interesting article about Jeff Hart who went 77-77 in the first two rounds. Gives a bit of insight into what it's like to play a major when you struggle to drive it 250 yards. https://golf.com/instruction/jeff-hart-pga-championship-tpc-harding-park/
  3. I don't have Sky at the moment so I am watching a live feed online which has only ever broke away from the action to show the leaderboard. Can anybody translate Dutch for me?
  4. Saw this tweet earlier which hits the nail on the head as far as the US coverage goes.
  5. Spieth finished with a birdie, so he has more 3s on his card than 4s. Anybody else got a bet on? Given some decent form I had backed Lewis and Fitzpatrick to finish in the top 10. Lewis started well but a 76 yesterday ended hid tourney early. All my hopes now are on Schauffele who I have a fiver ew on.
  6. Scoring looks to be quite tough, but Grillo has just birdied 4 on the spin to jump up the leaderboard.
  7. Still struggling to see any definite contact with his hand or arm even after all those replays.
  8. Spieth now last on the leaderboard. +7 thru 17 holes with 4 threes, 4 fours and 9 fives on his card.
  9. peasy23


    Why would anybody be scared of a small, angry, ginger Glaswegian armed with a cue?
  10. I can agree with parts of what Vaughan is saying. If the pitches don't suit Archer, why play him? If he can only bowl 4 or 5 over bursts flat out then that's what he should be doing imo, if not, then in conditions like Manchester has had this week, you would be as well playing Sam Curran who would at least get a bit of swing.
  11. England get the last wicket but it's been an expensive morning with 33 added to the lead in just 16 balls. 277 needed to win.
  12. Yasir Shah helps add 20 to the lead inside 11 balls by skelping a few boundaries before edging one to Buttler. Lead 265 with 1 wicket left.
  13. MacIntye paired with Billy Horschel and tees off at 7 pm, hopefully we get to see some of his round.
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