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  1. Fwiw, I can fully understand Calderwood wanting to check her house for security reasons, but that didn't need the whole family to go or an overnight stay.
  2. She visited her second home in Fife for an overnight stay with her family, after urging everyone not to visit holiday homes. A massive howler, for which she has unreservedly apologised.
  3. Still going ahead as scheduled. But look at this shit...
  4. I've got no idea where this regionalisation talk is coming from, afaik it was never mentioned at any meeting. I would expect conferences to be based on what division the junior teams were in this year.
  5. Most of the clubs who haven't officially declared one way or other are always very quiet on social media, so no real surprise that there have been no announcements from them.
  6. Last weekend Saturday: Cut the front grass, did a general tidy up cleaning up dead leaves etc, dead headed the flowering bush. Sunday: Painted the back fence. Today: set up the practice net and mat that I ordered months ago. I hope Pozbaird doesn't know where I live. Could put up an honesty box though. Tomorrow: paint the gates, railings and clothes poles.
  7. He must have read the entire business/corporate speak nonsense thread on here, then tried to fit every single phrase into the programme. I do have a bit of sympathy for the new board, they have inherited an absolute financial and management shambles. It seems that nobody had to answer to anybody under the previous regime and a lot of the staff seem to just be going through the motions. Given that Maja is reported to be on 50k per week plus in France, I don't think there was ever any chance he was signing a new deal with Sunderland, think his agent made sure of that.
  8. Any tips for the weekend? Hoping to get a coupon on.
  9. 8 for Friday. I did know what sport the Italian classic was on about, didn't know who wrote the opera or who the singer in Q10 was though.
  10. Depends if it was raining or not when he died.
  11. Condolences from all at Petershill, where Frannie had lots of friends on our committee, going way back to when he was a player with us in the early 1980s. I remember years ago seeing a Yarrows magazine that was done in a sort of fanzine style, and in it featured a profile of Frannie. His list of skills included "being able to cook a three course meal on a Baby Belling cooker." 😂
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