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  1. This could all have been avoided if when declaring champions and awarding promotion they also declared relegation (I have no idea who the bottom three would have been). Then it would have been a 17 team league then season and 16 next year. And would have made the season easier to complete with less games to be played.
  2. I don’t agree with the players can play for a different club in what is technically last seasons cup. They should be cup tied.
  3. It may not necessarily be 38 games. They could play 19 and split top and bottom for another 9 games. I'm sure the fixtures people could easily work that out. It'll all depend on when we can get started. There is no way it will be balanced, as we have seen this season not every team plays the same amount of games at the same time. There is also the problem that you could have played 19 games but not yet played some of the teams in the league.
  4. This has big ramifications for a lot of smaller clubs who deeksperately need income to stay alive, and with the ban being indefinite at this point with the peak of the out break still 14 weeks away it will be devastating.
  5. First case in Scotland confirmed, in tayside. Someone returning from Italy. I would be surprised if anything was cancelled at the moment it would need a large increase in cases being diagnosed in Scotland
  6. Which they've spent ground sharing and playing lower league fitba which makes it harder to attract a gate, gain sponsorship,put on events, get local businesses on board and making money therefor keeping a team on the park and the lights on at the club become the main priority id have thought might be wrong tho. Easy to gloat when yer winning and times are good won't always be that way tho firstly, Where in any of my posts have I gloated about winning anything. secondly, if you actually read my last post the work done in bellsdale is 99% done by volunteers. thirdly, to keep the lights on one of the things you have to do is get fans through the turnstiles to bring in revenue. finally, if they own the park and are ground sharing surely they are making money off their tenants. and they are renting the park through the week to make money , which when these facilities are built is one of the main reasons for doing it. To create revenue
  7. Mmm do you think we only get three Saturdays in a football season when it rains well let’s look at that, Beith have been to new tinto twice this season and it pissed down on both occasions and stopped our favs going. So we take about 100 fans to away games so that’s about 100 fan paying £6/£3 about £500 over two games that did not attend . I think you should review your figures.
  8. Yes it has been and improvements are made at bellsdale EVERY year by volunteers giving up their time and helping improve the facilities at bellsdale. And here lies my point New Tinto park has been open for 5 years and nothing has been done to improve what us already there.
  9. I would say over a period of time it would cost them more if they don’t have cover with fans staying away.
  10. You obviously have not been to Bellsdale for a few years. New toilet blocks finished last year, also toilets in the bar area, we have a bar, good food outlet with some of the best food in the juniors. Disabled access is very easy at Bellsdale. Plenty of parking in the areas around the park. And one of the best playing surfaces in the division. So what don’t we have that tinto Park has? Not to mention unlike tinto Park we have three covered terraces which I would rather have than a seat in the pissing rain.
  11. If theses clubs have a plan when they move to these custom built facilities I’m sorry I don’t see it. New tinto Park has been on the go for a good few years now and nothing has been done in that time to provide cover for fans (yes I know it costs money). But it costs money for clubs like Benburb and Rossvale money when fans don’t go to the games. because of the lack of facilities. These soulless plastic facilities don’t promote the game but discourage fans from going to them which was evident yesterday When you would lucky if there was 100 people at the game.
  12. Absolutely horrible conditions at the Rossvale v Beith game made worse by the fact that there is no cover for fans. In this day and age it seems unbelievable that the fans are being forgot about at these new custom built parks That they cannot provide at least one covered area. I was on the Beith supporters bus and I reckon we had half a f what we would usually take on the bus probably because of where the game was being held with the lack of facilities. ironic that the two games that went ahead today both had no cover for fans.
  13. Rossvale were busy yesterday losing to kilbirnie then going up to beat pollok 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
  14. Beith 3 Largs 0 Ross McKenzie 92 mins
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