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  1. Last night was dramatic but an appalling game of football. Perhaps no-one should be surprised that Dick Campbell was at the heart of it. This has always been his speciality - turgid teams in low quality football. 16 years ago today his duff Partick Thistle side (Mark Roberts excepted) fluked that play-off penalty win over Peterhead - seems he used all his rotten luck up then. Ironically, playing for Peterhead that day was a young Bobby Linn.
  2. Perhaps unfairly, but it was always a bit personal between Dick Campbell and Thistle fans. I know myself and my friends found him to be a dislikeable blowhard. - full of shite like his very first interview when he sneered at the possibility of relegation under his charge - which of course then happened, and his crap about being “a miner’s son frae Fife” when in real life he was a double glazing salesman. This could all be tolerated if a team is winning - no wonder Arbroath fans are happy with him - but the knives were out at Firhill as his car-crash of a side made the eyes bleed week in week out. As said before he did sign the.fantastic Mark Roberts, and his teams certainly fought hard and gave us some great moments in a sea of absolute dross . Dick will unfortunately never be liked at Firhill, but I suppose you can say the same thing about The Great Lambie and Falkirk fans!
  3. Wee Stevie Ross was of course the goalie in Tommy Bryce’s famous “Worst Thistle Team In History” , in 98-99. Absolute comedy team. Going further back, for me the worst Thistle goalie ever was Nelson Still, who should have changed his first name to “Stood”.
  4. Everyone’s a winner here. Rangers can upgrade their manager from a position of strength at the top of the league. Gerrard leaves to join a genuinely big English club, after fulfilling his remit of stopping 10 in a row, and he no longer has to hide his daughter Lourdes. Sorted.
  5. Thistle - Killie hatred was big in the 70s and 80s as said. Battles on and off the park. But yes it’s not really there now. The sub-plot for Thistle is the disadvantage of not having a local rivalry to speak of - most clubs gain from having one, and it’s obviously box-office.. I still see our rivals to hate as the Old Firm, but obviously for many years now they just ignore us mostly. It was never Clyde or Queens Park, though we had a thing back in the day with Clydebank and The Airdrie Section B , till they literally died on us. Right now we just need someone to hate us.
  6. The last 10 days in Scottish football have been tumultuous to say the least. What is utterly astonishing has been the lack of any comment made by our biggest club Celtic. Surely they have a view on these matters. The official website has had over 100 news reports since 8th April, and there is no mention whatsoever of the SPFL resolution, the vote, Celtic’s position, or a view on what is to happen to Scottish football. Why the unbelievable silence from Celtic Park?
  7. I am afraid you are the one with reading difficulties - the word is “glorying” , not “glorifying”. It’s the present participle of the verb “glory”. Otherwise you are correct in that I was indeed deliberately selective. Anyway we are where we are , and we now have to place our slim hopes in the rotweillers at Hearts saving our skins .
  8. No-one knows how Thistle would have voted in these circumstances - however there is a genuine argument that we would have voted “no”, citing the same solidarity arguments as ITC, East Fife, and one or two others. Evidence for this can be found in the sanctimonious wind in our surrender statement - our board and much of our support really do see us as a Special Club, carrying the torch of love for all humanity in all our dealings. We really are Nice People - and a complete push-over, which was surely uppermost in the minds of the SPFL when they discussed shafting us as part of their grand plans. You should take a look at the wearethistle forum - there are Thistle fans glorying in our wonderfulness, as we plummet to the third tier of scottish football.
  9. The final sentence in that SPFL statement is an out and out lie. And confirms that the SPFL are indeed bullying and intimidating clubs.
  10. Doncaster is directly saying to 40 league clubs : relegate Partick Thistle and Stranraer and we’ll give you money. That’s bribery. And morally corrupt. I trust this “vote”is an open one, so that we learn which clubs have a backbone,and which are snivelling b*****ds. And should the vote goes the right way, we can look forward to Doncaster immediately resigning. His position would be untenable.
  11. The last time Thistle were relegated by a corrupt vote , in 2004, it was Aberdeen in particular who were rewarded with , I believe, over £500,000 . This time interestingly enough is different, as EVERY league club is being offered money to relegate them. Partick Thistle really are a special club.
  12. In the not too distant future: Pollok v Queens Park. Kept apart for well over 100 years. It’s about time.
  13. Some seriously deluded views from Inverness fans here. The reality was that far from “fighting” the SPL, Inverness prostituted themselves before the corrupt SPL to gain promotion, having deliberately not spent a penny on their ground. Money was spent on players’ wages which they didn’t otherwise have. They were rewarded by joining their fellow financial cheats such as Motherwell and Livingston in the top league, whilst Partick Thistle were truly shafted having been forced to literally build a new stand to be allowed promotion previously. This was a disgraceful episode in Scottish football. And can someone remind us how much Aberdeen made out of this - £750,000 springs to mind.
  14. A poor Championship side away to Celtic - what else would he expect. As everyone knows the legal position is this: 1/2 goal defeat = a defeat. 3/4 = a humping. 5/6 = a thrashing. 7/8/9 = a humiliation. 10+ = the end of civilisation as we know it.
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