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  1. Utter pish. 74 straight wins in and it mucks me up by taking a word I never entered. Wordle 286 X/6
  2. I suppose I could wear them along with the Bose sunglasses.
  3. Wordle 285 5/6 Ruled out a lot on the way.
  4. Wordle 284 5/6 Will take it, still had options.
  5. I parked my car under a tree for the last few days and decided to take it round to the car wash at lunchtime. I do tip those guys even though the daily mail has made it quite clear they are all money laundering operations. I'd be more inclined to tip for a mugging than a Hermes delivery. I'd be more likely to pop down to the opposition dug out and tip the manager after a Saturday afternoon thrashing (yes, Kenneth) than tip a Hermes driver.
  6. Wordle 281 4/6 Poor effort.
  7. Wordle 280 3/6 I imagine there will be some grumbles about that word.
  8. Wordle 278 2/6 Pleased with that.
  9. Wordle 275 2/6 Piece of pis today
  10. That's only a penalty if it's Harry Kane flopping over.
  11. Could just use the angle Lee Dixon decided to call it offside with. Desperation stuff there.
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