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  1. I hadn't considered how brave it was to fake a sick day rather than address the issue he didn't agree with.
  2. Now there's a way to upset their fans. They do not like that. This club you mention does not exist . Their players are probably surrounding a poor referee somewhere demanding a booking for you.
  3. There was also an 85 year old Luton fan bleeding from his head after being hit by a coin. There's always some that can't just enjoy it. Stewarding seems to mean just stand in a line and watch, anecdotally seems a lot of experienced stewards were lost during covid (and Brexit...).
  4. Commentator trying to find a reason to disallow it !
  5. Yep. And Trent can't defend.
  6. Liverpool win 2 cup finals on penalties, one winning pen by the backup keeper, the other by the backup full back. Who needs strikers?
  7. Anfield pitch is smaller. Was just reading this week that it's too small to be used for Euro 2028 bid. Etihad is bigger.
  8. 2 more injuries with 2 fewer days to recover for the final match being the bigger pummelling.
  9. They should just tell Lampard, very sorry, we'll make up for it and give him a penalty for sure if he dives in the next game. Honest.
  10. Went for a walk after the first booking. Another 90 mins of watching Forest narking at the ref to book opponents, no thanks.
  11. If yesterday's match wasn't a classic... That wasn't even mediocre.
  12. Hate to think how much they have to spend on a player to actually count them!
  13. How is that not a foul (according to the howlers on the blue moon forum)...
  14. Not Scotland but... Easter Monday, 1936. Modern managers might not appreciate the schedule of 3 games over the weekend. Luton found themselves short of strikers and stuck Joe Payne up front. He'd not played for the first team that season and never as a striker. He scored 10 that day, still a league record.
  15. DeBruyne screaming every time he gets brushed over.
  16. Ok. Took a while for play to stop to book him. Thought that's what you meant.
  17. Then do tell what you meant. What connection do the Celtic fans that you're talking about chucking stuff have to the poster you are telling to 'drop their halo'? I don't know the guy. I don't know what he has chucked or who he's chucked it at. Is it simply that he's calling out shite behaviour, at the game being discussed, but you had a little dig on the basis that some other people who support the same team as him (but nothing to do with him personally) have behaved shite on previous occasions?
  18. Utter pish. 74 straight wins in and it mucks me up by taking a word I never entered. Wordle 286 X/6
  19. I suppose I could wear them along with the Bose sunglasses.
  20. Wordle 285 5/6 Ruled out a lot on the way.
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