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  1. Actually enjoying watching a team have a bit of a go at England.
  2. I didn't even really see 2 up front in the first half. I saw balls for Dykes to flick on in the hope that somehow it would find Adams.
  3. If she really, really had to say something, congratulate Ukraine, hard luck Scotland, and none of that 'glad to lose to you guys' utter fucking pish.
  4. Pish, of the birthday caird variety.
  5. I rewound to check. It wasn't.
  6. His country has been invaded and he's having to watch this pish.
  7. Gilmour going off, was waiting for him coming on
  8. Turn the sound down and watch it
  9. Practicing his compo face for when his flight is cancelled later.
  10. Wouldn't be suggesting dropping anyone for him but am thinking 5 (hopefully) games in 2 weeks at the start of June will need squad players. If he doesn't play then I guess being in the squad will still do him good. I wouldn't take too much from anything you read on outlaws .
  11. Canarian Derby for the play off semifinal. That should be lively.
  12. Back gammon Monday. Could be a thing.
  13. Well .. he's quite popular... Took him a few games to adjust to the pace I would say, or maybe to his team, but after that he has been excellent. Never stops the whole game. I get the impression he might be playing a bit further forward than he did previously. Must have a bit of a chance for a run in one of the nation's league games.
  14. We'll have a better idea how many fake tickets were used when they investigate and announce how many arrests they make over it. Or maybe not.
  15. In that case I defer to your superior knowledge. Assuming an accurate count.
  16. To be fair, Wigton and Bladnoch won as many European Cups individually pre merger as Man City and PSG.
  17. People who arrived at the ground 2 hours before kick off are still queueing outside.
  18. We should be jailing people for this shit.
  19. Based on what I've learnt from horror movies, cloning can go badly wrong.
  20. From the comments on an article about the PSG player not wanting to wear the rainbow kit...
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