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  1. If there are no victors, what happened to everyone who got a bit richer with a bloody big loan, now once again absolutely confirmed as loans, that nobody seems to want back?
  2. Has he watched the last few minutes of that game?? When the referee suspended the rules of football to try to get Ghana through? A dodgy free kick followed by two offside players shooting from point blank range, leading to a penalty with (what would have been) the last shot. Sure, they're all against him.
  3. I really wish Andy Townsend would shut up.
  4. That hardly matches up with the example I gave. That would be as stupid as the wallpaper analogy.
  5. No idea why you ask me that. I was discussing an example in response to the wallpaper analogy a couple of pages back, and nothing else about limits. I think there are people excluded from the vote whose reasons for thinking they should have one are not simply dismisable as stupid. That was all. Now, lets find out from the rest of the thread whether Westminster or Holyrood are the best bet to eradicate poverty ...
  6. Some of those claims you make there about Dracula are bang out of order.
  7. Singing sensation Chris waddle apparently feels the need to ask, is Luis Suarez a good role model for kids? Seriously Chris, you haven't worked that out yet? No, he's a footballer, in between suspensions anyway, and possibly not winning role model of the year. Again.
  8. That poor Italian ain't gonna get the headlines he deserved for that red card tackle. More seriously, the guy needs help.
  9. Fair enough. Meaning future elections post a yes vote would be residents only?
  10. In the general election its 15 years I believe. I'd say that's a bit long. Nobody voting will be asked to commit to where they will live in 5 years. Dundee east or West isn't relevant. If that same Dundee east citizen left the UK, they'd still have a vote. And no, ethnicity has nothing to do with it.
  11. Its the same logistical nightmare that's managed for each general election. A challenge that will be insignificant compared to many of the projects post independence. I don't think its an excuse worthy of Scotland's capability.
  12. Baxter, I'd say a Scot working outside Scotland temporarily earning to support a family in Scotland would be one example of a stakeholder. You can say its not sufficient in your opinion to give them the right to a vote, but the point is, its not stupid for them to feel they should have as much say as some others who do. I don't include myself in that BTW, I wont have a vote and that's fair enough. Although my own plans to return would be very much affected by the outcome. Changing subject a bit - I suspect that Salmon and co thought that Scots living elsewhere in UK would be more likely to vote no, hence the different eligibility rules to the general election. A bit like changing the age limit. I'm not so sure.
  13. :-) You probably want to consider changing the locks.
  14. I assume in your analogy that the former owners of your house no longer contribute to the economy of the house and that the future of them and their children is largely unaffected by your choice of wallpaper colour. Strange analogy. Expats, including those living abroad rather than just elsewhere in the nation of their birth, have voting rights in UK elections. Its not simply stupid to suggest that stakeholders might believe they should have a vote. Some people's plans to return to Scotland will be impacted by the vote. They are not ex Scots.
  15. Does it still say "Watford", or is it now officially changed to "Udinese C"? I'd check for myself, but I googled "watford strip" and it came up with adverts for a club called Beavers.
  16. Their apology amounted to admitting that the cops lied to them and that they chose to lead with, and sensationalise, this misinformation without any validation or corroboration. Since that's the standard of their 'journalism', I don't need them sticking this dross through my door. If they choose to do so, they can have it back. I'd like to say passed through a cow first, but that wouldn't be fair on the cow, the posties, or the temps they'll be taking on to open the extra mail that week. I suspect it's not legal to post such things either (if anyone has experience in this, please confirm), and I wouldn't wan't the cow to get in trouble.
  17. They should have had more, including in the utd game. Refs regularly penalizing holding at corners ? You're getting radical there.
  18. Seems like he has worse effect on his own playing partners with the crap he's spouting. He won't want to make eye contact with Darren when this is all done though
  19. Plus, the positioning of the racked balls.
  20. Nipples can withstand fire if soaked in Martini.
  21. Since you bring up the Ghana one.. bloody harsh sending off. Didn't see the Ghana players verify with the referee, if they had benefited from a temporary suspension in the offside rules. No - every single one, as the cliche goes, "played to the whistle". http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B44k3-Z9aCE 2 mins in.
  22. and the crowd went wild Brilliant shot!
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