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  1. Luton (subject to successful replay) away to Southampton was bound to happen.
  2. To be fair, the BBC also has 'celebrity' editions of game shows which are basically a round up of anyone in the canteen.
  3. That example is amazing,... we're going to try to judge offside without knowing where the players are!
  4. Par's answer still addresses this. Direction of the header isn't relevant.
  5. Yeah, itv said, but they also have a presenter bragging about not knowing the offside rule. I can't see how Var can be expected to operate without a camera covering that, tbh.
  6. Or maybe Var did but itv didn't?
  7. We've literally now got a presenter bragging that he didn't know the offside law before turning up to present live football coverage. What the actual.
  8. How does Ian Crocker get so far up so many rangers arseholes at once?
  9. That would have been RAT Records (Records And Things). Actually they moved up there from the Virginia Galleries.
  10. We were laughing at the story about the woman at the fudge shop because the same stall shows up at music festivals, even after 3 days wandering round in the sun with overpriced beer, I still give them a wary knowing look. I was not so streetwise with the olive vendor in the shopping centre yesterday.
  11. Think he enjoyed that.
  12. Fair to say that Shaw's selection wasn't exactly down to form.
  13. Having Albin up against Earl just wasn't fair.
  14. I think that fans choice match was both sets of fans trying to mess with the opposition .
  15. 3-1 USA on day one. Give them a false hope.
  16. Hehe stoopid winter world cup. I've got a gig on Saturday night...let's see if the US team are still standing by then.
  17. Mosconi Cup 2022 starts on Wednesday, returning to the USA for the first time since 2019, for some reason or other.
  18. If rangers had managed to get Anthony Taylor last week, they could have kept it down to 5.
  19. There's a thread on follow follow where someone has suggested rangers get on the phone to Sean Dyche.
  20. Time to get excited... Only one more Watford manager sacking till it's Christmas.
  21. kasbah nightclub in Coventry was allowing people called Holly or Phil to jump the queue this weekend.
  22. I thought someone already commented about doing this thread before.
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