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  1. I think that fans choice match was both sets of fans trying to mess with the opposition .
  2. 3-1 USA on day one. Give them a false hope.
  3. Mexico not sending the goalie up at the end was disappointing.
  4. Imagine the arguments coming up about who got booked and who didn't over 3 games.
  5. Hehe stoopid winter world cup. I've got a gig on Saturday night...let's see if the US team are still standing by then.
  6. Mosconi Cup 2022 starts on Wednesday, returning to the USA for the first time since 2019, for some reason or other.
  7. https://www.express.co.uk/sport/football/1702177/World-Cup-Iran-USA-kicked-out-FIFA-emblem-badge-flag Iranian calls for USA to be kicked out for flag abuse.
  8. According to the commentator, "Kamal Miller not to be confused with Liam Millar". Right.
  9. Alexis Mac Allister playing for Argentina
  10. Great finish coupled with a defender doing his utmost to get out the way of the ball.
  11. The film of 'england' fans online singing it's coming home despite having absolutely no concept of the tune is an absolute classic.
  12. That was a lot of money spent on a tournament where the home fans couldnt be bothered to stick around for the second half of the opening game.
  13. The only thing I was willing to bet on in this game was a dodgy var decision. Expectations wildly exceeded already.
  14. Also seems a bit low key that there's an opening weekend with one game, and let's face it its not quite one of the classic football matchups. not that the opening game has to be.
  15. I've just walked round to our local supermarket. There's virtually no sign out there that there's a world cup starting today. It's unbelievable Jeff. And this is in England. No flags of the world cup bunting on the pub, no shite with flags on in the supermarket (apart from boxes of bud, obviously)
  16. If rangers had managed to get Anthony Taylor last week, they could have kept it down to 5.
  17. There's a thread on follow follow where someone has suggested rangers get on the phone to Sean Dyche.
  18. Time to get excited... Only one more Watford manager sacking till it's Christmas.
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