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  1. Avro energy and Green the latest although probably not the last providers to go under. Cheers, brexit. As an Avro customer I'm just waiting for the lights and internet to g
  2. This is my inaugural season in the dead pool. I'm still finding my way in this league. It's an untried team at this level, none of my selections have ever died before, to the best of my knowledge. Some of them ain't even trying.
  3. Raven


    Good post mate. I hadn't seen much from the actual players in terms of comments about Trump, mainly because I'm watching the games and zooming through the interviews! But there's definitely comments online from fans grumbling about Trump being hyped. But as you say, his price being low doesn't mean hills think he'll win. The fans online are always grumbling about something, whether it's Shaw or Filler or whatever. I thought he played well enough as a rookie. People talk about the jump but as you say there's way more different skills applied. He ain't gonna kick like Efren. Or break like De Luna. Or do anything like SVB. Great move by matchroom getting him over there.l though. They're doing a job promoting the sport. He's also doing great business in exhibitions while he's there!
  4. Watched regularly when channel 4 first picked it up and adopted the Seahawks. Only ever been to one game which was between the Tyneside Trojans and the Manchester Spartans. I suppose if I was starting now I'd follow the Ravens but, too late.
  5. Raven


    TBH on that match Shaw would have beat anyone. Still interested to see who Trump gets next but he's a bit of a side show at this.
  6. Raven


    Trump took his second match 9-2. Looking forward to what happens when he comes up against a pro.
  7. You could maybe argue it didnt look like any malice was intended, but its completely out of control and endangering an oponent. How the ref thought he was going to allow play to go on is beyond belief.
  8. If The Simpsons counts, then so would Rab C. And possibly Rab B.
  9. Seething with you. I'm paying them for their 2 football channels (plus 2 other sports channels), and they stick this on somewhere else. Will be binning them.
  10. Aside from the ongoing madness at Barcelona, Brighton have got themselves a real good player in Cucurella.
  11. It's Taylor, and its so obvious a penalty that even he couldn't ignore it twice. How the fk it needed VAR is beyond me.
  12. Our washing machine blew up recently. Well, blew up is maybe a bit dramatic. Made a relatively loud and uncharacteristic noise, interrupting my enjoyment of a vinho verde, and ceased working. This story is unlikely to get any more interesting. Anyway, have yet to replace it, hence was at the launderette at 8am this morning and got a washing done and hung out before work. Met 2 nice people at the launderette. They didnt, they met me. It was a good drying day here. I also fixed a very minor issue with the car while I waited. I hope tomorrow is equally fulfilling, although I will have no requirement to do laundry tomorrow.
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