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  1. Penalty gives Girona the lead just before half time. Scored by Stuani, formerly of Middlesbrough. Carlos Ruiz heads the equaliser just before the hour. What's the goalie.....2-1 Girona. Martinez 3-1. Looks like Girona winning this.
  2. Second leg on currently. Still 0-0 coming up to half hour.
  3. I will never type color. Apart from now obviously.
  4. Fun utter pish thread for this pish.
  5. There will be dancing on the streets of Bedford tonight. It will be me. It will be me.
  6. One of the great aspects of modern football is taking the relatively simple concept of offside and developing it to the point where Schrödinger couldn't tell if the cat was off or onside regardless of whether the flag was mibbes up or mibbes doon.
  7. Actually enjoying watching a team have a bit of a go at England.
  8. I didn't even really see 2 up front in the first half. I saw balls for Dykes to flick on in the hope that somehow it would find Adams.
  9. If she really, really had to say something, congratulate Ukraine, hard luck Scotland, and none of that 'glad to lose to you guys' utter fucking pish.
  10. Pish, of the birthday caird variety.
  11. I rewound to check. It wasn't.
  12. His country has been invaded and he's having to watch this pish.
  13. Gilmour going off, was waiting for him coming on
  14. Turn the sound down and watch it
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