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  1. Yeah, it works but it’s a pile of shite. Like the commentator is jumping up and down videoing by himself.
  2. If Dom Thomas is left to run at Houston he will run riot though.... as much as we want O’Connor to pin him back it won’t happen all game.
  3. Agreed. With Houston playing, I’m also hoping Ashford is on the right hand side to battle Thomas. I think we could have done with Fjortoft to help with set pieces too. Not going to complain though, as just glad the rest os decent.
  4. Yup, happy with that - though I hope Ashford is out wide and Maxwell is in the middle. Not overly bothered if it’s two up front though.
  5. Waiting for a Bullen team being announced and being happy with it has happened very rarely since he came in. I still don’t hold out much hope - this is still the same man who didn’t play Tomi when he was fully fit and didn’t even allow O’Connor decent minutes off the bench in place of McKenzie.
  6. Ah well, if Adeloye isn’t fit to start we will basically be penned in our own half.
  7. I don’t think it can be if Adeloye cant play, our only style of play for getting into the game is getting it into a strikers feet and playing off them. Neither Ashford or Bryden can do it very well, but Moffat can to an extent. Realistically, if Adeloye doesn’t start we are clinging on for dear life until HT when he can come on.
  8. Second team for me - bit more balance to it. Unfortunately I think Houston will start.
  9. I’m assuming Samuels is more useful than he looked during your last BBC game (might have been Partick) He was utterly horrific...
  10. That is just sheer narcissism, arrogance and stupidity on a wild scale.
  11. Anyone going to a POTY event and attempting to cause bother because a group of people lost a game of football can f**k off tbh. As we have all discussed, there are issues within the side but it is absolutely not through a lack of trying.
  12. If we attempt to start with a side similar to the starting one of last weekend, I am going to completely lose the plot!
  13. There is little chance we will be getting anything without Dempsey or Murdoch - we managed to rectify our central midfield issues for about three games. Disastrous!
  14. In genuine disbelief that Kilmarnock fans are trying to claim they were “dead and buried” when five points behind, with a game in hand and with 17 games left to play. Truly remarkable stuff - a real underdog story.
  15. Mathie seems to be sorting it anyway, the guy is very good - let’s all hope he is here for a while!
  16. Potentially on the right, as he has the work rate and pace to match Dom Thomas as well as causing him issues the other way. I’m not sure that is the case with Ashford, he looks far better out wide or off a striker. He looks pretty ineffective as a lone striker.
  17. And hilariously he still managed to look more competent on the ball than Houston...
  18. POTY: Tomi YPOTY: I think the only debate here is between Reading, Maxwell and McAdams with McInroy making a late push. I think I’ll go for Reading - not sure if he has even missed a game and probably the most consistent of the lot over the season. ETA, Paddy isn’t there, which is surely a mistake? I think McAdams is older than him.
  19. This is how I see the teams matching up: Defensively: Dunfermline are better here as Coll Donaldson is far better than anything we can offer. Dunfermline also don’t have Jordan Houston. Central midfield: I think Ayr are a decent bit ahead of Joe Chalmers and Dan Pybus in here. If Andy Murdoch is out, in addition to Dempsey then this completely changes though. Attacking midfield: Dunfermline’s three in behind the striker are all miles in front of Bullen’s go to not very attacking midfielders. This can be reduced by Bullen starting O’Connor and Ashford. Strikers: If Adeloye is fit then I take him before O’Hara, but if he doesn’t start then we don’t have anyone capable of playing that lone striker role effectively (possibly bar Moffat to a lesser extent) If Bullen lines up in his normal way or we are without Murdoch, Dempsey and Adeloye starting then it is a Dunfermline win, but if we start Adeloye, Ashford and O’Connor in addition to Murdoch being fit then I think it’ll be very tight!
  20. Yeah - there is absolutely no way this government is allowing drinking somewhere if they can get away with prohibiting it.
  21. #intheknow We don’t remotely resemble a football team without Adeloye, he is integral to how we play. We need to get him on the park for as long as possible. The ball just doesn’t stick up front without him, and we don’t get up the park. Agreed - although Maxwell may need to be the third in central midfield.
  22. That’ll be the next excuse not to start him then, he hasn’t trained so isn’t match fit. We’ll then get the story about his attitude from the usual suspects.
  23. Yeah, the players were definitely culpable as well but he started them. Watching the highlights and you noticed O’Connor being double and trebled up on at times, creating so much space for the other guys. McKenzie doesn’t even need anyone marking him.
  24. Three games to go at this point, Saturday is absolutely huge - Tomi has played 45 minutes in his last two matches and has another week to rest up. No one is telling me he didn’t look fit yesterday! Absolutely has to start next weekend.
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