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  1. I don’t think at any point anyone has claimed that our defence is good. That it took a side eighty minutes to create a chance against them is pretty wild. We have three decent attacking players - two of which Bullen hasn’t bothered to play most of the time. I don’t think anyone has claimed our attacking players are better than yours though. The second goal was most definitely not a decent strike from range - it was appalling goalkeeping. And yes, Fjortoft is utter shite and should have done something about it forty yards from goal. I wouldn’t quite say we collapsed because of any pressure we were under. We conceded two horrific goals under absolutely no pressure and then collapsed completely...
  2. And sits on the bench as Bullen remembers he doesn’t actually like wide players that attack...
  3. On the bright side, we can now relegate Queens. On the downside, we won’t manage to.
  4. Yeah, if QOS are still in it come Saturday then I am absolutely terrified....
  5. I knew that McGinty and Salkeld were dreadful signings - as did the majority I think. Based on opinions from Morton fans I thought Fjortoft was a decent signing, but he is up there with Salkeld in terms of being the worst of the lot.
  6. I don’t know why people keep trying to compare the abuse shite players get to the abuse Tomi gets. Houston and McGinty have put in some of the worst performances I’ve ever seen from Ayr United players this season, that is why they have got criticism. McGinty has been relatively fine recently and has received no abuse whatsoever.
  7. I think it’s something that AU media could do with some input on, in terms of a learning experience. “Commentators help shape the perception we hold of each player, deepening any racial bias already held by the viewer. It’s important to consider how far-reaching those perceptions can be and how they impact footballers even once they finish their playing career.”
  8. But all of those players were or have been utter shite/had no interest and were collecting a last wage. This isn’t based on his performances... As D’Jaffo said, it is the tropes around attitude issues, laziness etc which are the go to for people.
  9. Ultimately we are never going to know the intentions of people, whether that is sub conscious or otherwise. Some people do need to have a period of reflection though, and question why they are targeting the player who transforms our team when he plays - as opposed to any of a number who have been awful all season.
  10. Surely the difference here is blatantly obvious? McGinty was shambolic for most of the season, and hasn’t got any criticism recently. Tomi has dragged us through most of the season, and has got constant criticism. ETA, just noticing D’Jaffo’s point above - I don’t think that he didn’t get involved in the build up play at the start of the season - there just wasn’t any and he had no one to link up with. The one game where we did look to attack (Dundee United) he was very involved in our build up play.
  11. All you have to do is look at our team that day, it encapsulates some of Bullen’s awful decision making.
  12. I think so - I’m hoping the weekend was the beginning of some signs of progress from Bullen though. It seems like it might be coming too late though!
  13. I just used transfermarkt so no idea tbh - though two wins for Hopkin in the league did seem a large amount! 0.54 PPG - f**k me! Ultimately Bullen’s PPG ratio over a season would have us safe, but is still isn’t very good.
  14. The only thing I would say is that I don’t think it’s the case that Adeloye isn’t involved much - literally all of our play tends to go through him.
  15. Assuming this will be including Hopkin’s cup games against lower league opposition.... No doubt Bullen is underperforming given the players that have been brought in though. ETA, league record: Duffy: 15 matches, three wins and five draws. Hopkin: 14 matches, two wins and six draws. Bullen: 15 matches, four wins and five draws. As much as Bullen is underperforming, he is clearly miles better than Hopkin and marginally better than Duffy.
  16. It’s mainly the older brain dead ones that have the issue from what I’ve seen! Completely agree though.
  17. Incredibly thick people really do think that strikers should score every single chance that they get... Conpare the posts about Tomi, with the Maxwell ones - who has been inconsistent at best this season and you have your answer IMO. I think I’m at the point where the morons have to be challenged, as futile as it may be. ETA, the same clown is claiming that Ashford is a better striker than Tomi and hasn’t been given a chance. Given there isn’t anything performance wise to back that up...
  18. He didn’t say that he was, he quite clearly has potential to be though.
  19. I think he might be - remember there was some confusion at the time around that. McKenzie obviously here too, but shouldn’t be a starter in league one either.
  20. McGinty most likely, Houston will have to up his game consistently tbh.
  21. McInroy wasn’t at his best yesterday IMO, but he is at his best in a midfield three anyway. Still though - he most definitely isn’t a lazy shitebag, and wasn’t yesterday either.
  22. If we stay up we possibly have six starters already if they all want to stay, which I guess is doubtful (McAdams, Reading. Murdoch, Dempsey, McInroy, Adeloye) You could potentially add O’Connor and Ashford to that depending on continuing form and Ashford being played out wide. If we go down we will likely have three starters - McAdams, McGinty and Houston - depressing stuff.
  23. It is a difficult one with Bullen, he has clearly made mistakes and IMO has underachieved with the players he has at his disposal. Reading, Murdoch, McInroy and Adeloye are all good to very good championship players. I think O’Connor could be too under the right manager. Maxwell and Muirhead are competent enough at this level too. Bullen should have got more out of that group of players - particularly in home games. His use of our squad in home games has been disgraceful. At the same time, you can see a better organisation and he seems to have a decent man management approach. We can’t continue to change managers constantly, unlike Duffy and Hopkin there is at least a slight something there where you could argue he should be allowed to build something. I think I’ll accept it either way, but I probably wouldn’t buy a season next season until assured by his signings/style of play in the early cup games.
  24. McInroy was part of the midfield two that dominated the game - a ten minute clusterfuck doesn’t change that. He is on a different planet from Joe Chalmers.
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