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  1. Without Tierney, McTominay absolutely has to be in the back three IMO. 

                  McTominay Hanley Cooper

    O’Donnell.                                     Robertson

                        McGregor   Gilmour              

    McGinn                                       Armstrong


  2. 22 minutes ago, Aufc said:

    Afolabi actually did alright today but carry on.

    Shit way to lose with that penalty. Maybe a bit soft but gives the ref a decision to make. Queen’s Park better first half. Felt we were better second half. Extra time was a bit of nothing really.

    Good luck to Queen’s Park next season and congrats

    Alright in terms of what?

    He maybe wasn’t his usual level of unbelievably shite, but that’s about it...

  3. 9 hours ago, Hursty said:

    He scored a good finish away to Hamilton in the cup but his glory moment was home to Dunfermline in the league where he laid the ball off in the right back position then ran the length of the park without the ball to score a header off a cross from Reading to put us 2 up.   A massive goal when you consider how the season played out. 

    He was good generally in that Dunfermline game tbf, never to be seen again though. 

  4. Aye, Houston was largely horrific with a decent performance every six games or so. His sheer panic every time he received the ball the worst thing about him! 

    Reading is absolutely miles in front of him - we saw how effective he can be going forward when he was actually allowed past the half way line against Partick.

  5. 3 minutes ago, GaryMc93 said:

    Hopefully, worth remembering he only turned 21 in January and didn’t have a pre-season. Played under two managers in three different positions (RM, RB and CM) but said when he signed he preferred playing CB.

    Like you said Rose was a similar age when he signed and I imagine they’ll be a few posts on here doubting his ability after his first season. Similarly Daniel Harvie had a bit of an up and down season before kicking on in his second season and Nicky Devlin was released by Stenhousemuir a few months before he turned 21.

    Apart from him starting most games at Clyde I wasn't sure how he got on but he seemed to be playing in midfield. Not an area where he'd be a starter for us though.

    McAllister at least had the odd thing going for him, good aggression, leap and an unbelievable ability to throw himself head first into any kind of aerial challenge. He seemed to lose all confidence and was Houston like in his performances though - poor on the ball and one on one defensively. I actually thought he looked very promising on his debut against Dundee United!

    As you say though, he is still young and has shown he is a decent league one player so there may be something there!

  6. 45 minutes ago, WATTOO said:

    A new RB is a must and a new CH but other than that we should have enough cover.

    Taking Coll Donaldson as an example, most fans would have jumped at someone like him, however he's looked an utter donkey playing for Dunfermline and his distribution last night was worse than big Seans.

    I think we maybe need to accept that anyone who we rate as "good" isn't going to be anywhere near the Scottish Championship as a level, not unless they're inexperienced and on an upward curve or appear as damaged goods from elsewhere.

    Just a sign of the times I'm afraid.

    By all accounts Donaldson has been very good for Dunfermline...

    I obviously haven’t seen much of him, other than him struggling against Tomi. 

  7. 14 minutes ago, Hawk89 said:

    To be honest the self indulgent stuff the club posts doesn't really bother me. I'd rather they were talking themselves up than being doom merchants. It is impossible to please everybody, I'm just glad there is a sign of life from the social media side considering where it was just before the turn of the year.

    This - I really don’t see any kind of issue. Absolutely nothing wrong with trying to promote a bit of positivity. We can’t complain about there being no engagement, and then complain about too much fan engagement. 

  8. 1 hour ago, Hawk89 said:

    I don't think anyone could foresee the turnaround with McGinty to be fair. The right side needs a serious overhaul, Houston and McKenzie starting together should never happen again. Both of them were absolutely stinking in a positional sense when defending.

    With Houston we've seen his purple patches and know what he's capable of, however they have been few and far between in recent times. It may all be down to confidence, but he needs to wake up before he sleepwalks into a career in the juniors. 

    Bullen persisting with that right hand side was just absolutely wild - if he didn’t change it we would have been in the playoffs IMO. Shite defensively and shite offensively. Houston has around one good game in five - he plays with no aggression, is woeful on the ball and offers nothing but then at times he does have that aggression etc. He was excellent against Dunfermline away, Raith away and Kilmarnock away. 

    ETA, no fucking way on Griffiths. Two goals in thirteen for Falkirk. 

  9. 49 minutes ago, Thumper said:

    Rarely has the phrase "the bigotry of low expectations" been more apt.

    The entire defence needs replaced. Teams that expect to progress beyond clinging onto 8th for dear life in this division need to be relatively confident that they won't concede a goal on the very first opposition attack after the kickoff, or two in succession if they ever somehow get ahead.

    I don’t disagree at all (well I think 3/4 does) was just pointing out that 99% of us on here wanted a Baird and Muirhead partnership once we got actual central midfielders in in January. 

  10. 30 minutes ago, GaryMc93 said:

    Writing was on the wall for Gondoh when Hewitt was making the bench before him. I wouldn’t have been against sending him to a lower league club like QoS for 6 months and letting him play in his actual position on the left but no great loss. He seems a decent guy so good luck to him.

    Personally I prefer Fjortoft to Baird, as the latter isn’t commanding and seems to gift a chance every game, but was the chat earlier in the year not Markus wanted to go back to America. If Baird does get offered a new deal you’d hope it was on reduced terms given we seemingly beat a few clubs to his signature and he was captain last year but since shown nothing to prove he should even be starting.

    Not that it was a high bar, but Baird was our best centre half until January by a decent distance IMO. Fjortoft has been incredibly shit, and is possibly the most rash CB I’ve ever seen. 

    Still - with McGinty signed and assuming Muirhead does I wouldn’t be keeping Baird. All three are very limited on the ball. 

  11. 5 minutes ago, Cardle is Magic said:

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with having no striker in your team, as long as everyone else is pushing up and making runs into the box.

    Of course there isn’t with the correct team - Levein likes to pretend he was some kind of visionary, when in reality it was absolutely fucking mental given the set up of that Scotland team. It can work for a possession based side, not so much one who needs an outball as we watched the ball sail up the middle of the park to absolutely no one all game. 

  12. 42 minutes ago, Trogdor said:

    I'll be surprised if there are any three year deals. I'll be even more surprised if Adeloye, McInroy or Murdoch are signed up for three years. I think that is too optimistic, anyone who is of that standard won't want to be locked into a three year deal. That's not unique to us, every club at this level is pretty much the same. It's the reality of the player market.

    As for the continuity point, we have finished 8th for two seasons. We also concede first in 80% of our games and often concede two quick goals. I really don't want that sort of continuity. It's a mentality issue with the present squad, it needs a refresh and we need more experience and a leader. 4 additions won't do that. To my knowledge that's currently the official position from the club. I don't think its 'losing the plot' etc to be concerned about that. I think its reasonable. 

    I don't really take issue with those who are optimistic about matters on the field that's their perogative.

    We'll all just need to wait and see when the squad update comes out. We shouldn't be waiting too long, it was 7th May last year. Then we'll know who has been released and who has been offered deals (without knowing the specific contract lengths).

    It would be good to get an update with Smith, Mathie & Bullen. I'd like to hear more about the 5 year plan and the metrics for success both on and off the field. 

    Losing the plot comments were about people being annoyed at us potentially offering three year deals - its bizarre. I think your probably right that our best players won’t accept that, but if younger players like Maxwell, McInroy and Reading even accepted two year deals that would be fantastic. Chances are it would be the academy guys who would be more likely to accept these deals. 

    People are obviously going to disagree slightly on the rest, but the most we need is five if we hold on to who we want to. 
    Two centre backs, right back, wide midfielder, and a striker. Four/five starters... 

    I initially said six (another CM) when I wrote that but then remembered Mathie discussing young players being used where appropriate within the squad - Hewitt and Smith will most likely be our central midfield cover and I’m fine with that. 

  13. 7 hours ago, AyrAtlanta said:

    That can happen once we find a core of decent players to hold on to.

    We can attempt to move forward as a club without leaving ourselves wide open to disaster as plenty clubs have done in the past.

    Reading, McInroy, Dempsey, Murdoch and Adeloye already are that decent core - Maxwell and McAdams have the potential to be added to that. O’Connor and Ashford have a bit more to prove next year if they stay. 

    Regardless, I doubt we will be chucking three year deals out all over the place, I have trust in the guys running the club - they know what they are doing. I would far rather we were offering decent deals and trying to build something than continuing with the cycle of one year deals and changing things up every single year. 

  14. 1 hour ago, AyrAtlanta said:

    3 year deals at this level are extremely risky for both player and club and it’s why they are so rare. We’re going to need to be pretty competitive with wages to tie down McInroy etc. So what if we go down next year and we have two years of fairly high wages to pay players in the league below. It’s suicide.

    Or we get a core of decent players with sell on value and actually attempt to move forward as a club.... 

    I’ve been raging at numerous points this season, but genuinely amazed people are losing the plot as we are trying to tie down our better players on decent deals. It’s a good thing, as is a gradual evolution of a squad. 

  15. 4 minutes ago, jaggyness said:
    9 hours ago, Hank Scorpio said:
    Ross Callachan a very weird example. Very good at Raith Rovers, Hamilton and now a mainstay of the County side that just finished in the top 6? 

    So good at Raith Rovers he was in a team relegated by Brechin and not a stand out in a honking Hamilton team.

    Not a stand out? 

    He scored nine and assisted four in 29 appearances! Ridiculous numbers for someone in the midfield of a honking team. 

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