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  1. Are you telling me that the numbers guy hand picked parts of the podcast to fit his biased, one sided narrative?
  2. Norwich will finish bottom with McLean in midfield, over Gilmour. This will be shown in the coming months if the situation remains the same - McLean is several levels below Gilmour. It is completely damning of Farke’s recruitment and set up that he feels he needs to play a player who is miles inferior to scrape 0-0 draws. The rest of the points you found from the Norwich podcast are nonsense - Norwich fans not rating Austria, Denmark, England and Israel is laughable, given they are all likely better than Norwich to some degree. The current Scotland side and midfield in particular is far beyond the current Norwich side and yet Gilmour is one of our better performers. Of course, Farke is correct though.
  3. It isn’t biased to claim that Kenny McLean is completely inferior to Billy Gilmour, you utter fucking clown.
  4. Farke using the hype in Scotland as an excuse not to play Gilmour is absolutely laughable - there is and he has ran the show in the majority of his Scotland performances despite this. By playing McLean over Gilmour he is outing himself as an absolute fraud, as well as a complete and utter fucking moron.
  5. I think you are possibly right - we do need to balance wanting to get Maxwell, Bradley and O’Connor on the pitch with making sure we aren’t over run in central midfield. Maxwell could potentially play as the most advanced central midfielder, and allow O’Connor and Bradley to play either side of Tomi in a three. It’ll be good to have some options once Daire is back.
  6. Looking at the highlights, we may still be lacking a bit of quality in places but you can tell this team want to do well, which in itself is quite refreshing after last season.
  7. I remember him doing it once, not the second time! Hopefully as the season progresses he will primarily be a squad player.
  8. I think this is generous tbh, bar the Dunfermline game we have rarely seen him dribbling with the ball and getting us up the park.
  9. I’m not sure why this annoyed me so much but it did: McIntyre speaking about Ross McCrorie and whether he is better in defence or midfield - he asks Willie Miller for his opinion. However he can’t possibly comment, as that is a question for Stephen Glass. You are a pundit - it is literally your job to analyse and comment you stupid fucking c**t!
  10. He runs about, but somehow manages to be shite both defensively and offensively. His positioning defensively is dreadful, and os often seen trailing behind his opponent. A midfield four of O’Connor, Muirhead, Murdoch and Maxwell with Bradley in behind Adeloye will hopefully provide decent viewing.
  11. We were horrific until the subs were made today, Chalmers gets so much criticism but fair play to him. Everyone was so poor (bar McAdams) until then, strangely from that point on there were no failures. Surely today puts to bed who our best keeper is too. Gibson having a go after apparently behaving like a sex offender, impressive stuff.
  12. Football fans, of all clubs, tend to be a very sensitive bunch in these instances!
  13. Muirhead giving it out to the Queens fans at the end - beautiful stuff.
  14. He is obviously just one of those guys who has really grown as a player in recent years, I think he would undoubtedly be a good option for the national team - though most likely off the bench. When he was first capped by Australia I don’t imagine that seemed very likely! Hopefully Nisbet can kick on this season.
  15. The stream is woeful, you are genuinely far better just listening to open all mics/the scores coming in elsewhere.
  16. Genuine question, what is Boyle better at? I’ve only seen bits of both, and other than knowing that Boyle is ridiculously fast couldn’t tell you a great deal about either.
  17. I’m not entirely sure why people are expecting Ayr to be able to bypass this, given they would have no idea whether someone is actually based in England or not.
  18. Or Fjortoft at RB, McAllister at CM which allows our most competent defender in Muirhead to play at CB.
  19. There hasn’t ever been a single football game with a good atmosphere where everyone has been seated. Impressive not to experience that in five years!
  20. McGinty?! I would possibly keep my team the same and just add in Fjortoft to RB.
  21. I have pretty much zero positivity about the club or team in general at the moment, especially with O’Connor out. Hopefully that changes after Saturday, but I can’t see us getting a win... Cant particularly decide between Baird and Fjortoft, but we need McGinty out the side. McAdams Houston Muirhead Baird Reading Bradley Murdoch McAllister Maxwell Moffat Adeloye
  22. I know - doesn’t mean the ticket provider isn’t shite though!
  23. Raith with another decent signing in Ethan Ross - their transfer policy over the last nine months or so has further shown up the utterly shambolic mess that ours is.
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