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  1. If we lost Adeloye, you could be pretty confident that we would be relegated. Not something that would come across when he is discussed during commentaries etc.
  2. The deletion is a little strange as there was plenty there before, I did see Tomi was watching the stream at the Arbroath game - hopefully Callum et al didn’t do their abuse Tomi act during that game. Everything is still on his Twitter, so who knows!
  3. Yeah - pretty much the two staples of a pre match pre conference in January!
  4. I’m certainly calmer because we have people in place dealing with recruitment. It is still a little frustrating that we still don’t have a central midfielder in given we are a shambles in there, as well as the lack of backroom staff but hopefully both will be in place soon. If Duffy was still in charge and nothing was happening, I would be full on heads gone by this point!
  5. Communication through from work: a reminder that everything a passenger touches in your car should be cleaned down after they leave. Absolutely laughable at this point, particularly bearing in mind it is use of your personal car.
  6. Yeah - why would he possibly go there given there is an incredibly good chance of relegation.
  7. I imagine blocking is the best option, as the posters in question contribute nothing other than childish drivel. Tragic individuals.
  8. Zanatta seems to have absolutely no resilience about him. As soon as he encounters any kind of difficulty, everything drops off and that includes putting any kind of effort into his performance.
  9. I had noticed that with Liam Craig the other day too, I thought he was a starter for St Johnstone but that has possibly changed this season. Im not even entirely sure what kind of midfield player he is these days, but I would imagine would improve us...
  10. The time this is taking is a little strange tbh, has there ever been such a gap between a manager being appointed and a backroom team being put in place...
  11. Football references only please, absolutely miles over my head...
  12. A bit meh on Houston for a year and a half, but he is only 21! He will need to kick on again or shouldn’t be a starter.
  13. I think it’s also good to remember that Baird is still young for a centre half, at 25. There could still be a decent level of improvement there with the right partner alongside him...
  14. We were far better against Raith tbh, and absolutely battered them.
  15. How many times have we tried to shitfest this season and it’s worked though? I think once, and it coincided with McGinty being fanstatsic! That isn’t happening again... But yeah, we are in huge trouble.
  16. Our squad isn’t capable of shitfesting though - our back four isn’t capable. A central midfielder and a striker/numer 10 in, and we are capable of playing attacking, positive football - it’s our best chance too IMO.
  17. It’s strange - Duffy took over, and immediately looked to be much more positive. It worked and we picked up a couple of wins. Duffy reverted back to a more negative approach and we were then awful again. Duffy sacked, and against Raith we immediately play an extra forward thinking player, look far better and win. Against Arbroath we set up more defensively again, and scrape a win as McGinty has his once per season performance. We continue with the negative set up against Morton and are shite. It obviously isn’t quite as simple as that, but there is definitely a correlation between these things. Whether it’s normal service resuming, or a stream of managers incapable of setting up positively will be decided over the next few weeks. Assuming that Bullen does become more positive to allow us to find out!
  18. I’m not sure Sturgeon’s response to this could be any more obvious.... Maybe by around March she’ll agree.
  19. This stuff is absolutely pathetic, and is the behaviour of twelve year old children. What is actually wrong with so many Kilmarnock fans on here.
  20. He has been absolutely hung out to dry for the vast majority of the season - frankly I’m sick fed up of us playing with one player capable of providing him support and creativity from midfield and I don’t want to ever see such defensive line ups again! I was hoping Bullen would be the end of it, the next couple of weeks will tell us a lot.
  21. Aye, folk screaming at him for not winning balls pinged twenty yards away from him. Said it on the other thread, but a narrative has started around him after the AU media comments and plenty seem to be buying into it. It is the most blatantly obvious analysis, that how we set up leads to which Tomi you get.
  22. At the game, it was Tomi that got just about every single bit of stick though! Hopefully the lengthy Muirhead experiment at central midfield is now over, and ideally a central midfielder this week and Chalmers as a starter is now over too.
  23. I mostly agree with this. Ugwu has obviously done McGinty, but it is a wonderful bit of skill. Full backs mostly to blame IMO. The centre backs more to blame for the first goal, although Houston failed to stop the cross too. As you said above I think Baird is taking up the same position at the first goal, and McGinty behind him fails to track Reilly.
  24. There is some truth in what Bullen said - we did start well as we kept the ball well, which allowed Maxwell, McKenzie, Murdoch and Reading to get up the park in support of Adeloye. Morton then noticeably changed things and pushed further up - we then reverted to punting then ball up the park and basically into a very defensive 4-5-1. After the first twenty minutes or so, we were woeful. Chalmers often found himself as the spare man in midfield, peeling off into the left hand side - which frankly is pointless as he doesn’t have the athleticism or the ability to provide anything from that position. It was worrying how long it took Bullen to change it though.
  25. That defending... ETA, the highlights don’t show who was marking Reilly at the first. Reading appears to be marking Ugwu, with Baird covering the front post - I’ll suggest it was McGinty (they were both blaming each other afterwards)
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