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  1. Our chairman being a Trump lover and liking utter shite on Twitter such as the below: downplaying the effects of gun violence in America.
  2. Ultimately Shankland doesn’t owe us anything - we wouldn’t have won league one without him and certainly wouldn’t have managed our highest finish in the championship since who knows when. I would also happily applaud him.
  3. A singular poor performance and we are shite again. Love an over reaction.
  4. Kenny Miller was light years ahead of those two as a footballer.
  5. Personally, think Devlin is a better player than Smith - he also got a far bigger move than Liam Smith did. Devlin was our only attacking threat in our championship season, from right back. Of course he was going to be caught out of position at times as he was trying to do everything himself. We were hopeless. Think he improved loads defensively in terms of one v ones and was rarely beaten in this sort of situation. Don’t think he can be blamed for being caught out of position due to trying to provide our only attacking outlet. I think there is a bit of a blind spot for Smith at times, good player yes but he has also been given a bit of a roasting a couple of times.
  6. You clearly never won because of the referee, however the winning margin was bigger and the tie not as tight because of the referee/linesman.
  7. The decision only to give a booking at the very end was utterly ludicrous, it was right in front of his eyes! Even worse than the offside goal.
  8. I don’t think a singular still photo proves anything tbh.
  9. Shankland could go the rest of the season without scoring and people’s patience with him shouldn’t run out. He’s still young and going through a difficult spell so needs support! He’s had a ridiculous season.
  10. I understand to an extent but think that’s far too simplistic.
  11. Given we are still in the play offs we have hardly made a “raging c**t” of it. A play off position will mean a fantastic season.
  12. Last week Craig Moore was being nominated in the worst players in the championship thread by some of our fans. This week he should start instead of Shankland. Our fans absolutely love wild overreactions.
  13. Shankland wasn’t great but he still links play well. That some folk are advocating dropping him is mental, he’s having a rough latch but he’ll come through it. Harvie our best player today. Miller excellent in the second half and Cadden looked more like a football which was good.
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