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  1. The comments on the SRE around this are an utter embarrassment, and truly sum up how thick football fans are in general.
  2. Might be helpful if we actually played Maxwell in his position, but Reading has been excellent so that isn’t happening. By all accounts he did very well there last season. I think he can do a job at left midfield but you can tell he isn’t entirely comfortable there. Hopkin doing Hopkin things though...
  3. Having now seen the difference in quality between the two, it wouldn’t be something he would even contemplate though.
  4. It’s not harsh at all tbh, he was dreadful and didn’t contribute anything positively until around the 80th minute. I was hoping he might kick on as he was good in our last home game, maybe that was just the exception!
  5. Not that I’m overly wanting to go back to the negative and the lack of communication from the club but as far as I’m aware, at no point has it been mentioned that Afolabi is injured.
  6. This - we played countless crosses, long throws and set pieces into the box and Morton dealt with every single one.
  7. Playing Kenny McLean over Billy Gilmour is a complete and utter disgrace to football.
  8. Completely agree however today showed our limitations, we are short in certain positions - particularly with O’Connor’s injuries. Leaving it until after the Partick game means we may not get any signings in though, if we don’t I think we will possibly be okay but will struggle along. A couple of decent signings and we could be looking half decent.
  9. The second half really showed the absolute shitshow Hopkin has made of his recruitment in an attacking sense. We need to decide what we are doing managerial wise so we can get in the players we need, there’s been enough fucking around. Moffat absolutely has to start games.
  10. Surely that only applies if the stream is a decent quality though, ours is rancid and gives you a headache - plus you don’t get a real idea what is going on.
  11. With how awful our stream is, no one is choosing to watch that instead of going to the game. Just price it sensibly and we’ll pick up plenty of away fans too.
  12. I’m sure it’ll be fine then, as there’s no justification to not allow it. I would imagine legal action would be possible if it was denied too, given the precedent set by every single other council area.
  13. Why would we possibly be the only club in the country not allowed a full capacity stadium...
  14. I have absolutely no idea why we would be “allowed” any number for the derby. Stadiums across the country have been at full capacity for months... as should ours if we can sell that many.
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