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  1. I found the season with the honest men one pretty interesting from what I remember!
  2. How the f**k is Jordan Houston suddenly out! And Zanatta going from rested as a precaution to 50/50 which clearly means out.
  3. The two Rabs basically had to create a team out of junior players, miles better than Roberts. In hindsight stopping us being relegated was probably an achievement.
  4. As someone who posted saying if the referee deems it to be a penalty that it’s a red card... I’m most definitely aware that it is a red card because he deliberately holds back the player who has a clear goal scoring opportunity and this is what makes it a red card.
  5. I think some of the comments on the commentary are unfair. People get slaughtered for being too boring, he at least tries to add a bit of excitement - possibly a bit too much at times but so what. Providing commentary of an entire football match isn’t exactly an easy gig but think it’s been pretty good for the most part, considering.
  6. Unfortunately if it’s a penalty then it’s a red card. Genuinely no idea what Baird is doing - he is goal side so is able to clear the ball.
  7. Pretty much this - awful and don’t really understand the constant long balls.
  8. Agree with this - don’t think we’ve been great and Queens created the better chances.
  9. Why has Houston sat on the bench for the majority of the league cup games. We’re significantly weaker with Muirhead at RB. ETA - if Houston can play 30 minutes midweek then he can most definitely start today - even if he only plays 60.
  10. Quite why Hearts want to challenge Rangers and Celtic to the title of most pathetic side in the country is beyond me. A tragic tweet.
  11. Don’t see many other options to this or push Muirhead on one and play Roscoe. I guess Murdoch could play out wide to allow us to play two up front.
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