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  1. I would look at it as Murdoch as the six, and Dempsey, Crawford as joint eight’s going box to box and using their energy to get about the park. My only concern is the lack of goals in that three - so our front three would need to be very good. We will likely sign neither now anyway!
  2. Fucks sake. We really need a couple of very decent signings soon.
  3. Adams was fantastic against Denmark, so it was a dreadful point deserving of numerous red dots. Not so much the abuse, of course.
  4. Those questions are the exact reason I didn’t go last night, I just can’t deal with that level of cringe
  5. It is a historic moment though... The stadium in its current design has been unchanged for decades. It is basically the definition of historic in relation to Ayr United.
  6. I don’t think anyone at the club drummed up any hype in terms of signing news tbf...
  7. Given Tomi came in as someone who had jobbed around different clubs at a poor level, and has now proven himself as a top end championship performer he was always going to be looking for a decent wage increase. All about what the club feels is justifiable, I would be happy to wait a little more time for him to commit.
  8. He will pick Adams again because he is our best striker by an absolute fucking mile. Anyone criticising him for playing Adams is an utter moron.
  9. Let the Ralston apologies begin...
  10. Aye, this - it wasn’t that far off a sell out when I looked before the Ukraine game. The transport situation has fucked it.
  11. I think the issue with the town centre leisure centre was that they were basically proposing to build a much shitter version of the citadel, with far less facilities.
  12. And we are back to the believing his own hype stuff because he hasn’t signed a contract - it isn’t his role to keep the club informed while he is on holiday, that’s his agent and the clubs job. Football player in wanting as much money as they can get shocker!
  13. Surely then incredibly harsh to say his goal record with us was poor when he had to spend massive amounts of time in deeper midfield positions due to injuries...
  14. He wasn’t far off having a one in four goal return for Airdrie and ourselves combined last season...
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