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  1. I have absolutely no idea why anyone, bar Kilmarnock with their bloated squad, would agree to this.
  2. Selectively quoting two people having an entirely different conversation, and one taking the piss out of your idiocy - well done!
  3. A squad that contains Sam Roscoe, Jack Ruddy and Connor Pepper is of a better standard than the Scottish championship?
  4. Any idea what kind of CM he is? Had a look but can’t find anything. Sounds like a very good addition if we can pull it off!
  5. Video is great, but it would be good if the actual video was on Twitter etc so it could be shared!
  6. I imagine wanting the best for Hickey, and the best for the national team align quite well - certainly from a footballing perspective. The better player he is, the more it helps the national team.
  7. I think we need to see at least three, given we are currently at net zero players in. Assuming we lose Afolabi/he isn’t being seen as a viable option anyway then we need a striker, at least one central midfielder (as we only have two) and a competent centre half.
  8. I tend to look at every move a Scottish player makes and think if it will benefit the national team. Ashamed to discover how selfish I am.
  9. I would still play him in there in front of Muirhead, but that isn’t exactly a huge endorsement!
  10. If Mathie has managed that, then I genuinely don’t even have the words to describe how impressive an achievement that is.
  11. I’m not sure - he can be fantastic on the ball but you only see that side of him once every so often as well. He often looks like he can’t complete a simple pass. When we first signed him I thought I was going to love him, and I’m sure it was Morton away where he dictated things and made everything look so easy - but you rarely see it from him.
  12. C’mon - he scored that one against Partick in pre-season!
  13. Mathie has truly outdone himself with this one. To the Inverness poster who always talked about how shite Hughes’ recruitment was, I apologise - you were correct. Cue Chalmers being outstanding a week on Saturday!
  14. Think this is a fair summary. Doesn’t have the athleticism to consistently perform at this level. Possibly one decent game in ten or so. Amazed Dunfermline have taken him, I’m assuming we are getting another central midfielder in or we are back to only having two!
  15. Did we really want someone who faked illness to go on his holidays in the club? I don't think that would have impressed Smith or Mathie mo matter how good he is. If it meant no more McGinty then yes. To be perfectly honest, I don’t know enough about Watson to know whether he would be the type of CB we need - one that can defend as well as actually pass a ball competently. I can’t wait to see our starting side at the weekend, and see McGinty (C)
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