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  1. I did see a post on Twitter about cancelled orders, but that’s the only one I’ve seen!
  2. Hendry out is a huge blow, that excellent partnership from the first two games of our last triple header now completely gone.
  3. Aye, they’ve clearly sorted out the original incorrect figure.. I had my card details in before it told me it was out of stock, and now coming in at the proper discounted price.
  4. JD online not too good at applying 15% off then…
  5. Isn’t the discount 15%? Callum McGregor is just a shite model IMO…
  6. Fucks sake - didn’t even realise we would be without Musonda. Not the best fixture rearranging by the club for this one!
  7. Yeah - I would definitely be playing Ashford on Reading’s side. McKenzie doesn’t really offer anything as a wide midfielder though - especially with McAllister behind him.
  8. I was passing JD so thought I would confirm, it’s £90 for the shirt only so who knows how much the extra package will cost. The SSC discount makes it slightly better though. To their credit ticket prices have been good over the last few campaigns, however it doesn’t negate the poor pricing of this.
  9. I’m not sure you can complain about Bullen not changing things then suggest playing McKenzie over O’Connor tbh.
  10. Quite a few people saying they are £90 now - pretty poor.
  11. Yeah - only Saturday and the England game for the mens team I think?! I was going to get it, but if the cost is £90 I’m not willing to be ripped off to that extent given they are normally £65.
  12. Someone on Twitter saying the new top is going to be £90… Obviously could be nonsense, but pretty weird they aren’t posting the price anywhere when announcing it.
  13. The Dunfermline rage after that game was quite beautiful.
  14. Aye, wait and we’ll drop Akinyemi for Ashford who is absolutely awful as a forward.
  15. Ultimately it should be a red card for Mitrovic, but the annoyance always comes in that if it was Fernandes there is absolutely no chance he receives a straight red for that.
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