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  1. Someone had better slaughter Neville at FT.
  2. As much as there were covering defenders, surely Mbappe’ pace needs taken into account - they were never catching him.
  3. I don’t really think I would be putting so much emphasis on one poor performance from Denmark, and more all of their recent results and quality of player over Australia.
  4. Yes, miles in front of them. I don’t think a single Australian gets near the Denmark side. We’ll find out soon enough.
  5. Based on what though? Denmark are miles in front of them.
  6. This referee definitely falls under the bracket of loving the sound of his own whistle.
  7. Which anti Clarke poster runs the Scots Abroad account then…
  8. Yeah - was primarily meaning for Pollok. Bit worried about the state of our back four for that one, but hopefully our quality in forward positions will see us through.
  9. What other right backs do we have? I guess Mullin could potentially move back one.
  10. Completely happy with Smith, and probably Ecrepont playing, needs to be a balance though. Even for the likes of the younger players playing - they need competent players alongside them not just chucking everyone in. Especially as Pollok are going to get right after us. You could maybe do something like this: Albinson McAllister Bilham McGinty Ecrepont Chalmers Murdoch Smith Ashford Young Akinyemi That back four still terrifies me though, but not many options.
  11. Bilham, Ecrepont and Bangala barely have. Bryden and Smith have made a handful of appearances too. I certainly wouldn’t be risking our Scottish Cup hopes on a back four like that. And playing Bangala who has looked positionally woeful, at centre half alongside a youth player is absolutely that. It’s the Scottish Cup, it isn’t midweek - get our best players playing, get the game won and then rotate. Surely we know by now not to underestimate teams to that extent…
  12. Several of those players haven’t even proven themselves above junior level yet. That is a league one team at absolute best - and would be pretty likely to lose.
  13. The thought of Bangala at centre half is terrifying, given how woeful he has looked positionally in his short cameos.
  14. I wouldn’t say either are poor on the ball tbf, I actually think both are decent but they certainly aren’t Mark Kerr level. Yeah - I do wish Crawford had came back.
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