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  1. I don’t really understand how Doolan’s occasional two minutes cameo needs replaced. I think McKenzie should go out on loan though which is the only negative to Doolan going.
  2. Would love us to take a good support up to this one but unfortunately think the tv coverage will massively affect it!
  3. Other than one or two brief moments we didn’t look shaky at the back whatsoever yesterday. It’s not really possible to get through an entire game with no dodgy moments at all though.
  4. Yeah, I remember that - meant once we went to five at the back!
  5. Oaft - they never had a chance, never mind got close to a goal. Allowing a team to play 3 (two of which were huge) against our 2 centre backs would have been far more of a gamble.
  6. Cheers, this saves me replying! They were punting high balls, so if we were outnumbered at the back we would have been fucked as they were completely bypassing our midfield. We soaked up any pressure incredibly well.
  7. I thought it looked like it could have been two reds tbh.
  8. This is nonsense. We comfortably saw out the game. If a team play with three strikers, two of which are huge, you need to be able to mark them. If we only had Muirhead and Bell back there then there was far greater chance of then scoring.
  9. He gave us an option in behind, held the ball up well and showed some really nice touches. Fluffed one chance which was his only mistake all game. Excellent debut, caused County lots of issues. I thought we were very good today and outplayed a team in the league above us. Played some nice football at times but changed things up with a bit of pace in behind - it’s very difficult to play the type of football we do the entire way through a season. We managed the game really well too!
  10. Or Drinnan or 4-4-2 and Kelly?! I don’t like Moffat wide, no idea about Drinnan and I don’t like Kelly wide.
  11. McCall shouldn’t be publicly speaking about signing our players. Kerr, and the club as a whole needs to show that we won’t be run over the top of by McCall. No one mentioned a spat, however calling unacceptable comments out is completely fine and is needed. Would McCall do that with any other manager in the league?! I very much doubt he would.
  12. I don’t mean that. It’s not acceptable for McCall to talk about our players publicly and Kerr needs to look strong, come out and tell him that..
  13. Personally think Mark Kerr needs to be strong on this and come out and tell him where to go. They’re our players and he’s clearly trying to unsettle them in a bid to help push Partick up the league.
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