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  1. I’ve got tickets to one Scotland game so I’ll be devastated if I can’t go. If I had to guess, I reckon they’ll have some games with reduced capacity, some with no crowd, but all played in the stadiums they’re slated to be played in.
  2. Largely because during that initial lockdown we were told the way out of this was an effective vaccine. Now that it seems like we've got this, there's a concern that they're shifting the goalposts. Let's hope not. Obviously it takes time to roll out and they'll need to analyse their data, so maybe I'm panicking too early, but hints of major restrictions being in place this summer/autumn is giving me the fear.
  3. From the BBC: We aim to complete first doses for everyone over 65 years old by the beginning of March, says Ms Sturgeon. She adds: "We aim to reach the whole of the JCVI priority list by early May." Then the rest of the adult population will follow thereafter. Does anyone know if they'll just open a booking system up to everyone else in May and it's a case of first come, first serve? So a healthy 18 year old could get theirs before a healthy 49 year old, for example? Or is it still to be rolled out by age once the priority list is complete?
  4. There really should be a clearer roadmap out of this in terms of what restrictions could/will be lifted once we hit x% of vaccinations. Still feels like we're completely in the dark about the end goal. I don't know if it's a case of politicians being too scared to miss targets/deadlines or more about being unsure about the effectiveness of the vaccine. But with the message last year being all about how we need a vaccine to get out of this mess, I thought now that we have one - more than one - that's now rolling out, that we would have a better understanding of timeframes.
  5. Should I be worried about the three fairly loud bangs/pops I've heard from my kitchen within the last hour? Do you know what could be causing this? I've had a look around and there's nothing obvious. Did a quick Google search and it seems to suggest it's either to do with the water pipes or the fridge freezer. Everything appears to be working fine though...
  6. Going to purchase a pair of running shoes tonight. Where should I be buying? Who are the brands to avoid? etc. Would appreciate any recommendations.
  7. A few years ago I found myself in a similar 'out of my comfort zone' scenario. I work at a college and was asked to be on a two-man panel, grilling groups of S5/S6 school pupils about potential space experiments - with the winning idea actually being sent to the ISS. The panel was me, with a Standard Grade 3 in Physics and 5 in Chemistry, and former NASA astronaut Michael Foale. Michael asked about 20 questions that I didn't understand, turned to me for my input and and my only question to a team pitching an experiment on ants was: "How many ants you going to take up there?" As if that made any fucking difference to anything.
  8. Popped this beauty in the Sub this morning and it's now ready for pouring. Included a Gösser Zwickl keg in this order - anyone had that one and if so, is it decent?
  9. Just make sure you're playing the PS5 version of COD. I think it boots up the PS4 version as default. You probably already know this. Hoping to get one at Christmas or January - I don't have a 4K television so think it's maybe a bit pointless upgrading my console right now. Especially since I'm still enjoying Warzone anyway.
  10. Looks to me like Biden is going to edge WIsconsin and Michigan, meaning he'll need only one of Pennsylvania (unlikely?)/Georgia (quite likely?). Is that fair to say?
  11. I dip in now and again to coronavirus briefings, news etc. and then once I know what I can and cannot do, I go a large period of time avoiding reading too much about it - because it's too depressing. Therefore I have a question that may be daft and may have been answered previously, so apologies for that. But it's about vaccines. Why do we have stories like this Vaccine is 'likely to be imperfect' and 'might not prevent infection', warns head of UK task force one immediately after stories like this Oxford Covid vaccine works in all ages, trials suggest one? Is it because they genuinely don't believe the Oxford vaccine will work as well as reported, or are they just tempering our expectations but it might work as well as reported? The whole way through I've been, probably naively, thinking life will pretty much be normal again once a vaccine is rolled out - which I know will take time. But the general opinion now appears to be that even with a vaccine life is going to still be pretty grim. I just can't work out how that can be.
  12. Correct. Is the left lane correct? I ask because I go on a roundabout everyday and for the exit I'm taking (4th from a possible 7) I always go in the left lane, but seem to always have someone in the right lane cutting across before the exit. If you're at the blue mark - heading to the blue arrow - would you be in the left lane or right lane? I'm never sure if I'm doing it right.
  13. Doubt it's little known to P&B but none of my mates have seen Sling Blade, a film I love.
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