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  1. Cheers. It's not really about pride, I work out alone and don't lift much. My deadlift form is just shite and I don't really trust myself to fix it, so looking at alternatives to deadlifting rather than continuing with it.
  2. I hurt my lower back doing deadlifts last Thursday. Absolute agony all day Friday. I've been shown proper form before by a personal trainer but I can't help arching my back, so I'm wondering what's the best back-friendly exercise I could swap in for deadlifts? Right now I'm doing: Squats Dumbbell bench press (as I work out alone in the work's gym before work) Deadlifts One-arm dumbbell row Crunches Any advice appreciated.
  3. He’s got a one match league suspension, so needs to sign after County’s match against Hearts on Wednesday to be able to play for us against Arbroath on Saturday.
  4. I turned up in a suit and tie for an interview to be a part-time steward with G4S, held at Ibrox Stadium. Everyone else was in t-shirt and jeans and I felt like such a fanny I just walked out.
  5. Linked with Ayr United left-back Daniel Harvie in the Ayrshire Post. Out of contract at the end of the season. "Thistle boss Ian McCall is also keen on luring Danny Harvie to Firhill."
  6. About 15 years ago I made the final interview stage for an apprenticeship at Hunterston B, after passing a skills test that whittled around 100 applicants down to about a dozen, and was doing brilliantly until I was asked the question: "What is electricity?" I'd love to hear my answer back to find out just what absolute shite I came up with. I spent about a minute cobbling together an answer before one of the interviewers said "good try. but it's actually..." while I kept repeating "well that's you fucked it" over and over again in my head. Got through a couple of other questions before the final one, said by the same guy with a helping smile, "so then, what is electricity?" It was at this point I wanted my mummy.
  7. Not keen on the idea of MacKinnon coming in, but happy with the other names linked.
  8. Flying out to Valencia in February so, all going well, I'll be going to Levante vs. Real Madrid. Just need to keep my eye on their website for when they start selling tickets and hope it doesn't sell out too quickly. Will be my second taste of La Liga, after seeing Valencia thump Villarreal 5-0 back in 2011. Anyone been to Levante's ground?
  9. I think my album of the year is EARTHGANG - Mirrorland. Give that a bash, highlights include: Top Down, UP, Swivel. The Freddie Gibbs/Madlib album 'Bandana' is also great.
  10. I thought we’re definitely playing the semi at home vs Bulgaria/Israel/Romania?
  11. As things stand we're in a play-off route with Serbia, Norway and one of Bulgaria/Israel/Romania, and looking at the remaining fixtures I can't see that changing. I basically see the play-offs as simply as: we should win at home to any of those three teams, and if that was the case and we then get drawn at home in the play-off final then we've got a 50/50 chance. If we're drawn away, we're fucked.
  12. I'd imagine Naismith is included just to get subbed on for his 50th cap.
  13. Palmer was fine but I wouldn't want to experiment with Tierney at CB in a back four, so he comes in at right-back. Not sure about Caulker but also not sure about any of the other CB options. They're all much of a muchness, so it might seem a bit strange to try another new pairing at this stage - but I don't really want Mulgrew involved and at least Caulker has that big match experience. Albeit not at international level. Armstrong just gets the edge over McGregor for me, but if he's still not playing at Southampton by the time these matches come around then I'd maybe make that swap. Also not much between Christie and Forrest, just think he offers something a little different. Keeping the faith with Shankland. Marshall Tierney - Caulker - Findlay - Robertson McGinn - McTominay - Armstrong Fraser - Shankland - Christie McLaughlin, MacGilivray, Palmer, Taylor, McKenna, Jack, Fleck, McGregor, Forrest, Russell, Burke, McBurnie.
  14. Never been to Montrose so delighted with that draw. Will leave me with 6 of 42 SPFL grounds still to visit - with Arbroath getting ticked off the following week.
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