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  1. 1. Dundee 2. Partick Thistle 3. Raith Rovers 4. Inverness CT 5. Ayr United 6. Arbroath 7. Queen’s Park 8. Cove Rangers 9. Hamilton 10. Morton
  2. Golf Monthly reporting this now (you heard it here first ): And, at the BMW International Open in Germany last week, the Spaniard is alleged to have launched into an anti-DP World Tour rant in the locker room, saying how bad the circuit was and that players were making a mistake by sticking with it. Those present are said to have been taken aback by the comments, with one player apparently revealing how he’d lost all respect for Garcia. “They all think they are untouchable and they all think the tours can’t do anything. I think they’re all about to realise they’re wrong,” said one DP World Tour player of the LIV defectors. “It is short sighted to think regulations can’t change and that there isn’t a lot of ill feeling towards them. I think they’ve miscalculated quite dramatically.”
  3. Yeah he was ranting in the locker room apparently, I don't know who to or exactly what was said but along the lines of "this is a shit tour".
  4. It was Sergio Garcia.
  5. Will Lesser Hampden be ready for our visit at the start of January, do you think? Ps. We're linked with a loan move for Cole McKinnon. No idea how good he is, or who he is to be quite honest with you.
  6. I was speaking to an Ayr United fan on Monday who told we were in for Adeloye. Haven't seen any other mention of it until that guy mentioned it on our thread, right enough. I think we're only signing one more midfielder and as has been mentioned it's a loan signing, so most likely Kelly IMO.
  7. Fucking hell. Can’t believe that.
  8. That's fine with me. Most of our 'out of the box' signings do nothing for us - thinking the likes of Austin, Coulibaly, Ntwambe, Nitriansky, German. Doolan and Erskine were out of the box signings by McCall and they became club legends. I tend to think recruitment - at this level - is a strong point of McCall's; in that he gets more right than wrong, not that he doesn't make mistakes.
  9. I loved Muirhead in 2012/13. Not sure how to feel about this 10 years on, but he is only 31 and has been a steady Championship player since he left us - so not the worst squad signing. I reckon he'll be a back-up central defender (behind Holt/Akinola/Brownlie) who can fill in at right-back whenever our still-to-be-signed first choice is unavailable. A sort of replacement for both McKenna and Bell.
  10. Thistle manager Ian McCall said: “It’s that time of the year where tough decisions have to be made as we look to build a squad for next season. With a few players out on loan, and their seasons at an end, I felt it would have been unfair to delay telling them about their futures until our play-off journey had concluded.“
  11. #Heardle #40 ️️️️️ https://heardle.app
  12. @Detective Jimmy McNulty Scheffler in for McNealy. Power in for Migliozzi. I'll keep Rahm as captain. Thank you.
  13. I’m happy with it. It’s a late first round pick (#29) and we still have two first round picks next year. We needed to do something special to give us a chance of making the playoffs.
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