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  1. Never been to Montrose so delighted with that draw. Will leave me with 6 of 42 SPFL grounds still to visit - with Arbroath getting ticked off the following week.
  2. Got tickets for 2 group stage matches at Hampden (Fri 19 June & Tues 23 June). If Scotland qualify, will these definitely, probably or possibly be matches involving Scotland?
  3. BBC gossip has us linked with Ben Hall (via paper version of The Sun).
  4. Which side? I think we're needing a right wing-back as competition for Williamson, so if he's able to cover there then that'd be a bonus. Happy with the signing but we still need to add pace to our midfield/attack.
  5. If we're sticking with 3-5-2 then we definitely need another central defender, and probably another right wing-back too. 2 more attacking players needed as well, so 3-4 more signings required IMO.
  6. Thought the defence was fine - the central defenders anyway. Gordon and Mansell were pretty anonymous. Palmer looked decent I thought, Galasso too, although he should’ve buried his header. Their goalkeeper pulled off a few great saves and I thought their #7 was good.
  7. Dorrans v Peterhead. Boab McCulloch hit an absolute screamer of a free kick but I can’t remember who it was against. I mean I know he did it quite a few times but one stands out as an absolute rocket. O’Donnell and Forbes’ goals against Dunfermline in the 5-1.
  8. Will this mean David Beattie will remain as Chairman if, as expected, the takeover goes ahead? Or is this just a temporary measure until Chien Lee puts his people in charge? On the one hand, I'm glad Jacqui Low is no longer Chairman, and on the other hand I'm very nervous, possibly excited, about what's ahead.
  9. It's tremendous. My #1 recommendation to expectant parents.
  10. For those who have Jagzone and watched Caldwell's interview - did he say anything about Gordon's injury?
  11. Likewise. Dana White’s comments after about “anyone scoring it for Santos should never score again” are bemusing - not for the first time. That Masvidal knockout is up there as one of my favourite moments in UFC.
  12. Same. As well as obviously looking forward to the day out on the Saturday, that kickoff time means I’ll need to take a half day.
  13. Still need 6 in my opinion, should Fitzpatrick leave. GK: Fox, Sneddon. Full-backs: Williamson, Penrice, Robson. Centre-backs: O'Ware, McGinty, Saunders. Need 1 more. Central midfielders: Bannigan, Slater, Gordon, Harkins, Wilson. Need 1 more. Wingers/Attacking midfielders: Cardle. Need 3 more. Strikers: Miller, Mansell. Need 1 more.
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