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  1. Sneddon Foster - Brownlie - O'Ware - Penrice Docherty - Bannigan Murray - Glass - Lyons Graham Wright, Williamson, McKenna, Sena, Gordon, Kouider-Aïssa, Rudden. Breen, Cardle. I would say that probably looks like our strongest team.
  2. Slacker


    Saw this earlier tonight. Still thinking about that “including my son?” line. Overall 5/10, did not really enjoy.
  3. My first four gigs were all at the SECC. Say what you want about Kings of Leon now but back then with only Youth & Young Manhood and Aha Shake Heartbreak out, they were class. I was never really into The Offspring but a group of my mates were going so I tagged along. Other two were decent. August 2005: Kings of Leon September 2005: The Offspring November 2005: Franz Ferdinand December 2005: Foo Fighters
  4. Could be trying Tierney as a CB.
  5. I'm approaching 30 and still play video games probably 5-6 hours a week, and my girlfriend gives me the same kind of "what age are you?" patter. I enjoy it though and 95% of the time I'm playing with and talking to my mates, so don't really see why I should stop. The only problem is I have one TV - in the living room - so I suppose it's a pain in the arse for her not to be able to watch anything during that time. Although some nights she could stare at her phone for hours not watching anything and then as soon as I boot up the PS4 I'm suddenly being selfish. Infuriating Things Your Partner Does for this pish.
  6. Been in 10 final rounds, 0 wins. Had my tail grabbed with 3 seconds to go and also mistimed the jump to the crown on Fall Mountain once. Came nowhere near winning the other 8. Good fun though.
  7. Does anyone know where you can get a red pudding in the west of Scotland?
  8. Wouldn’t mind being analysed in the next batch m8.
  9. Slacker


    McGill has seemed very dour this tournament. Is he always like this? Seems very different compared to when I think back to his Crucible debut. Hope he or Wilson wins the championship though.
  10. Probably duos or trios. Find it easier playing with mates too who will communicate and stick together rather than randoms who do their own thing and don't give a f**k.
  11. I got 4 wins in 3 months then went on a run of 4 wins in 4 days. I've now won every type too: solo, duos, trios, quads. Delighted!
  12. I put weight on throughout lockdown that officially gave me an 'obese' BMI reading, through not exercising at all and eating whenever and whatever I wanted. Have been cutting out alcohol and junk food this month (plus I just had a nasty case of cold sores that made it hard to eat for a while) and now I have a BMI of 28.7 - so now back to 'overweight'. Hoping to drop another stone and a half in the next few months. Once I'm committed to losing weight I actually find it quite easy to do, but for some reason finding the motivation to actually do it can be difficult. Good luck to any fellow fatties.
  13. Celtic Rangers Aberdeen Motherwell Hibernian St. Johnstone Dundee United St. Mirren Livingston Ross County Kilmarnock Hamilton
  14. Just started playing golf and hit 114 round Troon Fullarton today, starting 9-9 and 3 putting pretty much every hole. One par. Hope to get under 100 by September...
  15. No I don’t, once you’ve paid up 50% you can hand it back without having to pay any of the outstanding balance.
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