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  1. Whatever happened to the strip of wrapped Looney Tunes boiled sweets you’d get on holiday? Is that a Mandela Effect because I can’t find an image of them. Hopefully someone knows what I’m on about. Had a packet of these the other day, very nice.
  2. My day-to-day crisp would be Doritos. However, this was my favourite by a mile but I've just learned it's been discontinued. GBNF.
  3. I really miss the Snow Flake and the Wispa Mint. My post in the top fives forum back in 2018 listed: Twirl, Snickers, Galaxy Caramel, Terry’s Chocolate Orange bar, Creme Egg These days I'd probably swap in Wispa Gold and Caramilk for Galaxy Caramel and Terry's Chocolate Orange bar.
  4. Slacker

    Week 2

    Decided to just watch the Bucs-Raiders game on Sky instead of finding a stream for the Dolphins, but once they gave the update that the Dolphins had tied it I had to scramble for one. What a comeback, delighted for Tua. Some crazy stats:
  5. Slacker

    Week 2

    That’s so good from Mahomes. So many adverts when there’s no Neil Reynolds in the studio to go to. Not helping in my fight against sleep.
  6. AFC Division Winners: Bills, Ravens, Chiefs, Titans AFC Wild Cards: Chargers, Bengals, Dolphins NFC Division Winners: Eagles, Vikings, Rams, Buccaneers NFC Wild Cards: Packers, 49ers, Saints SB: Chiefs beat Vikings
  7. Dolphins got the job done but it wasn't a great performance. Offensive line still looks questionable and Tua had a couple of dodgy throws, but we didn't allow any turnovers and made some key plays (4th and 7, lovely stuff), so can't really complain.
  8. Poor throw, it’s getting a little scrappy out there. I’ve just stuck a few quid on Singletary next touchdown.
  9. I’ve got the Bills edging this one. Tremendous match to start the season.
  10. I was on a two-man judging team for a science competition - with the winners sending an experiment to be tested at the International Space Station. The other judge was former NASA astronaut Michael Foale, the first Brit to perform a space walk. I have a standard grade 3 in physics and 5 in chemistry. He was asking loads of intricate, confusing, science questions to the teams presenting their ideas. My sole contribution was to ask the first team when they presented their experiment on worms: “how many worms are you going to take?”. Just said I had no further questions to the other teams. I’ve also been called a fucking dickhead by a former Harlem Globetrotter.
  11. Thought McCall got it spot on changing the shape with Muirhead coming on, he was winning everything in the air which gave us plenty of counter attacking opportunities. Of course they missed a sitter but we had chances too - thought Milne should’ve done better with the one he put over the bar.
  12. Livingston 1-1 Rangers Hearts 2-0 Ross County Kilmarnock 1-0 Dundee United St. Johnstone 1-1 Hibernian St. Mirren 1-3 Motherwell Celtic 2-0 Aberdeen
  13. 1. Dundee 2. Partick Thistle 3. Raith Rovers 4. Inverness CT 5. Ayr United 6. Arbroath 7. Queen’s Park 8. Cove Rangers 9. Hamilton 10. Morton
  14. Golf Monthly reporting this now (you heard it here first ): And, at the BMW International Open in Germany last week, the Spaniard is alleged to have launched into an anti-DP World Tour rant in the locker room, saying how bad the circuit was and that players were making a mistake by sticking with it. Those present are said to have been taken aback by the comments, with one player apparently revealing how he’d lost all respect for Garcia. “They all think they are untouchable and they all think the tours can’t do anything. I think they’re all about to realise they’re wrong,” said one DP World Tour player of the LIV defectors. “It is short sighted to think regulations can’t change and that there isn’t a lot of ill feeling towards them. I think they’ve miscalculated quite dramatically.”
  15. Yeah he was ranting in the locker room apparently, I don't know who to or exactly what was said but along the lines of "this is a shit tour".
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