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  1. Not a heads gone, but just noticed pozbaird hasn’t posted since craigkillie tore him a new one. He was all over that coronavirus thread for the first 800 pages as well. I actually feel a wee bit sorry for him if he’s feeling too ashamed to return. Many have bounced back from worse!
  2. Had a go at making my own halloumi fries.
  3. Lamb mince. Vaguely follow this recipe: http://twochubbycubs.com/2015/02/18/doner-kebab/
  4. I’ve done this a few times - personally found the slow cooker version works best. Good luck. I cut the grass yesterday and changed my gas and electricity provider. Exhilarating.
  5. Speaking of cars, I'm on a PCP deal that finishes in September. I won't be driving mine again for a long time now. Would I be able to hand this back now? Or is that a total p***k move?
  6. Nice. Is that available to stream anywhere? (Also, is King of the Hill available anywhere?) Hurricane Neddy was on Channel 4 over the weekend, great episode. Now that everyone is staying at home: what you watching? I've got a one-year-old to look after so it's been tricky to watch as much stuff as I'd like, but I've mapped out my short-term TV bingeing. Currently got Better Call Saul (series 4), Arrested Development (series 5), Stranger Things (series 1) and Hunters (series 1) on the go. Downloaded four films too: Joker, 1917, Jojo Rabbit and The Peanut Butter Falcon. Get the recommendations in.
  7. Father Dougal Maguire Pat Mustard Eoin McLove Father Ted Crilly Father Noel Furlong
  8. Levante 1-0 Real Madrid. Benzema and Hazard missed a few great chances.
  9. Cheers but booking a suitcase costs pretty much the same as my flight, so I thought f**k that and will be turning up to the airport like this. No room for running shoes.
  10. Just finished Week 7 Run 3 (25 minute run) there and kept it going until 33 minutes - so technically I've completed the programme. Could've quite easily kept going too but needed to call time on it. Going to Valencia on Friday for five days and won't be taking my running gear, so I'll make sure I get two or three 5km runs in before that. Delighted to have stuck with the programme though, it's been great. Thinking about signing up to the Great Scottish Run [10k] at the start of October now.
  11. Uncut Gems. 9/10. Had a quick search of this forum to see what other folk thought of it and no one seemed to enjoy it like I did. I thought it was exciting, with a great performance from Sandler. Great pace throughout.
  12. Tickets purchased this morning - buzzing.
  13. I'm pretty much the same as you and started Couch to 5k on January 1st. I'm now on Week 6 Run 1 and really enjoying it. In those first couple of weeks where you're running a minute or 3 at a time, I was blowing out my arse and thought this wasn't for me. But I just ran 20 minutes without stopping yesterday and felt I could've kept going quite easily. You should definitely be able to do 10k by autumn. My plan is to run 5k three times a week in March/April then start aiming towards getting that to 10k for the summer.
  14. Cheers. It's not really about pride, I work out alone and don't lift much. My deadlift form is just shite and I don't really trust myself to fix it, so looking at alternatives to deadlifting rather than continuing with it.
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