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  1. At the request of GroundhopUK they requested no concessions for hoppers attending the matches, which was fine, no complaints from any visitors. Any of our normal attendees at Foresters were charged £5, again no complaints from any of our regular visitors.
  2. What clubs should decide is if they are in the Lowland League to try and win it or are they in it to get the 7.5k handout plus the crowd the B teams sometimes bring? Too many in my opinion vote with their pockets rather than vote with their head.
  3. The B teams situation is a farce, they need to go at the end of the season. We need to promote more from Tier 6, how else can a pyramid system work without proper structured promotion and relegation from below and above.
  4. Great result for the TJ's, missed some great opportunities 1st half but got the deserved 3 points in the end.
  5. Better team first half no question, but without creating too many opportunities. Second half.............could have been five or six, your keeper kept you in the game. Hopefully you guys do get promoted to the LL, best of luck for the rest of the season.
  6. Sugar daddy releases the purse strings to recruit for next season, don't know Scott but Dan was at Tranent a few years ago and was a top lad, two new tracksuits required at Cowden
  7. That's an unfair statement Burnieman, from the outset Tranent voted NOT to accept the B teams into the Lowland League as did another seven teams. Our opinion wont change for next season and beyond either, we would much rather have the likes of Linlithgow and Darvel in the Lowland League going forward.
  8. Cowdenbeat, were really no fussy on what you think or make up, as long as it makes you happy!! We at the TJ's are just enjoying our journey.
  9. Big, strong, athletic are probably his strongest assets. 25 year old with good experience in the Lowland League, a type of player we don't currently have at the TJ's. Hopefully he hits the ground running.
  10. What a bit pompous because a few guys had club ties on and a few had winter club jackets on, cmon guys time to get over the obsession that is Tranent. Sugar daddy, we wish, as I alluded to previously we have a dedicated hard working committee. As for the weanjohnson comment 'will love the smell of karma in the morning when their Disney channel ascent up the pyramid screeches to a halt.......ffs how bad is that, such a poor comment.
  11. Lol, here's me thinking an investor is someone who looks for a return on his investment. I can assure you we have no one that 'bankrolls' Tranent, we have a exceptionally hard working committee who work their balls off to ensure the club is financially sound......FACT
  12. Am pretty sure we didn't lose!!! No one at Tranent expects us to be promoted but we can dream. Hopefully you guys will stay up rather than having local derbies next season v Crossgates, HOB & Swifts. Happy New Year from everyone associated with the TJ's to everyone who continue to support Cowdenbeath during these tough times.
  13. No sugar daddy at Tranent, just a well oiled committee who work their ar*e off to make us competitive on the park. As I said you guys are third bottom of the league for a reason, I would also think that the playing/management budget at Tranent is less than the budget at Cowdenbeath.
  14. The surface isn't exactly conducive to play free flowing football, the worst park we have encountered this season in the Lowland League. Not an excuse for our draw, we were poor first half and slightly better second.
  15. Is a point at home against a poor Tranent team (just quoting from other Cowdenbeath posters) such a good point or is it where you guys are as a club? In all honesty there isn't a player from the current Cowdenbeath team that would be a guaranteed starter in the Tranent team? Unfortunately you are where you are for a reason, Tranent were below our normal standard today, not sure the surface was the best for a team that likes to play football? Onwards and upwards for the TJ's and sincere thanks for the hospitality showed by the Cowdenbeath committee today. 10/10 for the welcoming
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