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  1. Week 1 Hibs Week 2 Falkirk Week 3 - Raith Rovers Week 4 - Cove Rangers Week 5- Dundee Week 6 Dundee United
  2. 0.4 miles. Makes you wonder how they let their club die.
  3. 99/00 Winning the title after being second favourites for relegation at the start of the season, and getting back into the top league after being away for a decade, top scorers in Britain at the early point of the season, etc 87 - Winning the cup beating the UEFA cup finalists in the final 13 - Winning the League Cup 05/06 - Winning the title 16/17 Surviving the drop against all the odds Hopefully 17/18 will make number 4 on my list, but I saw the H*m****y game so I never count my chickens ......
  4. Have the Pars sorted out the shambles at their turnstyles? Tempting to leave work and head straight to the game, but not if there's a 40 minute wait to get in when there's the alternative of watching the game in the pub
  5. Except if the game is on BBC Alba, I'd imagine, and they put scaffolding up to block out a large chunk of it. Out of interest, do season ticket holders get their own seat in that section, and do they get offered a seat in the main stand if there's TV coverage?
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