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  1. Aye, there seemed quite a lot in the ground. Commentator said "they've all been tested one way or another"... I thought it was limited to players and necessary officials (as well as directors etc) Ball boys? There is a pitch right behind where the camera was - hence the refs whistle at strange times.
  2. City (Elgin!) to push for promotion next season - with fans in the ground to see it...
  3. Gutted for City (note to commentator - there were two Cities on the pitch) Didn't deserve to go out like like. Good performance from Elgin (City) Pitch nearly unplayable towards the end. Plastic pitches huh?
  4. Am Muilleach earlier - "Acht, I won't bother streaming the game tonight - dull 0-0 written all over it"....
  5. Before bald heads, but clearly after the "bunnet period"..
  6. This. Do it today. Let your club know how you feel.
  7. Strange that the first Elgin City heard of this was when they read it in the press. Great consultation with clubs from the SPFL so far eh? (if it IS them putting these plans forward) And the answer is the same as the last three times they tried this: Get it in the f***ing sea!
  8. I'm pretty certain that is what they mean. But as they haven't even seen what is being proposed - or even told officially anything IS proposed it would be irresponsible for a club to say as much... yet.
  9. I could see how Colt teams would have an even bigger effect on club's finances than already mentioned - at present if one of us "diddies" draws either of the OF in the cup at home, or indeed away, they stand to make a good profit. If fans have been forced to put up with Colts in the league, it could well be when big brother comes calling fans just say "not them again - I won't bother"...
  10. On the Elgin City site this morning. COLT TEAMS - Elgin City FC
  11. I emailed Elgin City this morning. Informed them that if this plan does go through I'll no longer be willing to buy a season ticket. Sad as I've watched Elgin for 29 years, and held a season ticket for 21 of those.
  12. As a wiser man than me said many months ago on the subject of Colts: Get it in the fucking sea!
  13. I hope it is that easy, and sustainable. I have no idea of your funding arrangements but I do remember Mr Mileston of Gretna, and others involved say that the money was safe, even if he became ill - he did, and it wasn't. A horrible situation for a club to end up in after all the promises and dreams. I'm sure QP will be different though.
  14. Two trips to Berwick spring to mind. The deep fried pie that stuck to the plate. And then my next visit for a midweek cup game the wee lad in front of me in the queue asked for a cheeseburger... "No problem" said the lady... and put an uncooked burger onto the grill to cook... a bit of a wait for my pie and bovril that evening! I seem to remember this was from a stall inside the stand.. the deep-fried pie from a stall beside the stand. Elgin pies are good - but no "Scotch" were harmed in the making.. steak or steak mince with us... I do love a good scotch pie. New years day game at Forfar - so looking forward to a bridie - needn't have.. it was awful! And finally. In the Highland League days at Elgin. I asked for a Bovril.. "Sorry none left" "Ok, coffee with milk and two please"... traipsed back to my seat.. sipped my coffee.. to find they DID have bovril left... and I had one with milk and sugar. Yuk!
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