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  1. Semi for a semi huh? Quite right. Good luck.
  2. Sorry, should've typed more... on my phone, lack of sleep, etc etc.. The ball struck his arm, the action of his arm moving towards the ball created this meeting - penalty. However, it wasn't given, it was over twelve hours ago.. not an issue. Move along. Just annoyed at the time we got very few breaks from a TV - struck referee who seemed to crave the limelight. Good luck in the next round. Wrexham sounds a good away trip.. better than Sevco at whatever ground they play at..
  3. Just in the door after a long, cold day... Elgin pretty much shot themselves in the foot losing two really poor goals before they even started. Stone wall penalty - the one advantage of being stuck in that corner is that it was directly in front of us. Clearly hits the upper arm. Omar's tackle was never a red. Yellow possibly, I'm not actually sure he even touched the guy, but when you go down squealing like a pig it puts pressure on the referee. Raith looked like a slightly more powerful version of Elgin - decent enough going forward, but poor defensively. I did like the Elgin chant when Tony Dingwall was warming up in front of us of "Shite Russel Dingwall, you're just a shite Russell Dingwall" Anyway... another cup tie next week..and here's a strange thing - it's at home!
  4. After many seasons of having keepers that couldn't kick, we now have a good one in Thomas McHale. Makes a big difference to a team when you aren't immediately put back under pressure due to a crap kick-out.
  5. Hopefully game still on.. been pishing down all morning.. If on, a horrible game but home win.
  6. About to head into a busy little gig-spell. (for living "oop North and having to travelll) All in November; She Drew the Gun, Catfish, Tosca (Opera dahlink) Ezra Furman and then Idles at beginning of December. Also got Johnathan Pie and a five day car rally to fit in... not much work being done by AM in November!
  7. I was there too. Not especially a fan ,but thought I should go... the guy is 71 after all! Very enjoyable show. The Stranglers were great, as always. MC50 - not my thang. Good gig, despite the pretty awful venue. (P&J Arena)
  8. We need to start actually hitting the target if we are to get anything, from any game. Stats for the last two games are; Shots - 19 Shots on target - 2 You aren't going to win much with an average of one shot on target per game.
  9. I know a picture doesn't tell the whole story, but. At the time I thought red was a bit harsh, having watched the Elgin highlights I think red was probably right.
  10. Fair play to Dundee; £10 seems a sensible price for a diddy cup. I'll be there. Another ground ticked off my list.
  11. From BBC Sport.. Attendances: Fraserburgh v Ross County U21 - 225 Albion Rovers v Hearts U21 - 207 Brora v Aberdeen U21 - 150 Hibs U21 v Elgin - 424 Livi U21 v Formartine - still counting... St Johnstone U21 v Cove - 175 Berwick v Sevco U21 - 303 Kelty v Killie U21 - 509 Queens P v Celtic U21 - 321 St Mirren U21 v EK - 245 Clearly fans inspired by this.. even free Caramel Wafers didn't get them out.
  12. Maybe Shane's contract is a two way street.. make him earn another year, or two if he wants them. Not stuck with a player who doesn't want to play and with a long contract left. Hopefully all the nonsense (from both player and some fans) has passed.
  13. I see Declan Byrne scored again last night for Rovers. Well done young man. Remind me why we never gave him a game (until 10 minutes to go) oh yes - we're overloaded with striking talent!
  14. I really rate him. IF we ever go back to actually playing football again he'll be a real asset. A good finisher. However, if we play as yesterday and keep just lumping the ball skywards I fear he will get frustrated and move on...
  15. Dreadfully lifeless performance not helped by a bumpy, firey pitch. STILL we persist with lumping the ball forward for our two up front to try and win against taller, stronger defenders. On the one occasion we played the ball on the deck (about 80 minutes in!) we cut Rovers open. But they hadn't thought, or been told, to try this earlier. Pretty much impossible to pick a M-o-M but I suppose Bronsky for his last ditch challenge (although that only made up for his mistake for the first goal!) Yet again Darryl covered miles. Great effort from the lad. Kane Hester was furious when subbed for Chris McLeish.. can't say I blame him. We do have some very good players at City, but I think what we also have is a coaching problem, maybe it is the old - not training together enough - something isn't right. I don't think we have bad players (with a couple of exceptions), just poor game management. Surely there must be some player who has played at a higher level who wants to drop down a couple of levels that could add some experience to the squad. I think with some of the young lads coming through we do have a bright future, but they will need help, both on the pitch and coming from the sidelines. Here's to next season (20th time I've said this!)
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